July 8, 2005

Notas Politicas...

Another quick look at the Mayoral Elections, La Prensa San Diego, being a weekly, really doesn’t have too much time to dwell on the various candidates, aside from providing you with a capsule glance. Some, we know from past offices they have held. Others, we know through their political activities. And unfortunately, some we never heard of. This Friday we shall take a look at Shawn A. McMillan, Tom Knapp, Ed Kolker, Jeremy Ledford, and Jim Bell

Struggles of the Politically Unknown:

Shawn A. McMillan an Attorney, 38 years old, has been active with Taiwanese, Asian, Chinese, and Mexican Trade businesses. He speaks some Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. His local political experience is not known. But, he does say he knows about bankruptcies! You sound interesting, Mr. McMillan, but unfortunately, we don’t have sufficient knowledge of your knowledge and experiences in running local government.

Tom Knapp, claims he has worked in San Diego all his life. Strangely, he never found his way to the Mexican American Communities. He, unfortunately, shows an appalling lack of knowledge on the issues involving the illegal aliens (his term). With such insensitivity, towards the hundred of thousands of Hispanic, Latinos, Mexican American citizens residing in the City of San Diego, Mr. Knapp may not get a single vote from these residents of the City.

Ed Kolker is a lawyer, former Judge (Iowa), former Chairman of a Public Employment Relations Board (also in Iowa) and who has lived in Rancho Bernardo for over 20 years.

Between, working most of his life in Iowa, and retiring in Rancho Bernardo, Mr. Kolker really has no experience with the ‘real-politick’ of the City of San Diego. Would suggest to the former Judge that he continue to enjoy the serenity of the Rancho!

Jeremy Ledford, wants to repeal the fair wage act. He wants to keep Soledad Memorial where it’s at, and wants to stop the flow of illegal immigration (for our safety he says). (You want to close the Canadian Border????) He claims to come from a non-political background and owes no favors. (Sorry Sir, the current Mayor already laid claim to that nonsense!) See you next time. Try your luck running for a school Board or a Water District and get your feet wet!

Jim Bell, he is right on the Pension Plan fiasco but wrong on the solution. Any solution tied to the manipulation of the stock market is a fantasy. The only winners are the Fat- Cats that manipulate the stock market for their benefit not the workers! Bell suggests that the City create a solid economic foundation by making our city energy, water and food self sufficient. Ok, how??? We need answers not pipe dreams. Sorry Mr. Bell local control, run amuck is what got us into this mess in the first place. But, keep trying they may need you in a Think Tank for the City Council.

For the politically astute, you have probably noticed that we have left Donna Frye, Myke Shelby, and Richard Rider, for next week. We believe that these three have their minds in gear, have studied the issues and seem the most capable to be a strong Mayor! What’s our choice? Read La Prensa San Diego next week!

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