July 8, 2005

The Illfonix show: Breaking down barriers through the airwaves

By Luis Alonso Pérez

Every Wednesday night at 11 pm turn your radio to Jazz 88.3 FM, because The Illfonix Show takes command over the airwaves, from LA to TJ. Filling your ears and expanding your conscious mind through a mix of music, poetry and spoken word.

“A descendant of mother Jazz, spilling into genres of Soul, Hip Hop, House and Spoken Word. The Illfonix Show is the place to be, where Jazz legends cross paths with Hip Hop Scribes!” According to the man behind the turntables: Eddie Hernandez, better known as DJ Sachamo… Sachboogie, that is.

Eddie is the creator, producer and DJ in charge of the show. A young, hard working Mexican-American trying to make it big in the music realm. “I’m trying to show the world that Mexicanos have mucho soul and know what’s up.”

Sachamo is a man on a mission: he wants to reach any and everybody willing to listen. According to the creator of the show, “The objective is to entertain, create, cultivate, educate and simply let people know there’s much more out there than what commercial radio is broadcasting.” And when he talks about commercial radio, he knows what he’s talking about, because he used to work in such companies, doing live mixing with things such as the “Drive at 5 Mixx” and “Friday Night Flava.”

“These are such places where intense money making corporations tell you exactly what to play, when to play it and how many times to play commercial songs. So I guess you can say that experience was kinda wack! The event of commercial radio is un-creative, un- thought processing, and for the most part simply un-fun; for me!” said Sachamo.

The idea of creating the show came about 10 years ago, with the dream of doing a mix radio show, “where there were no boundaries, no borders, no limits on music and culture. These ideas were the beginnings of Illfonix,” but the show did not get its start until mid August of 2001 on KSDS San Diego Jazz 88

Eddie moved to San Diego 5 years ago, after graduating from college and desperately wanted to get on Jazz 88. “The credibility and up most respect of Jazz 88’s reputation of being on of America’s top traditional Jazz and Blues radio stations was enough for me to propose the “Illfonix” radio show to Program Director Joe Kockerhans. It was the open mind ness and distinct belief in what I wanted to create live on air IS true Jazz music! Thank you Joe!”

But the Illfonix show isn’t only about the music; poetry and spoken word are a very important part to it. “It is a form of MC’ing, it is freedom of speech, freedom of thought. It’s the voice of culture! I’ve always used these aspects in my mixx tapes and live club mixing, so why should the “Illfonix” radio show break my style?” said Sachamo.

Eddie grew up in the Hip Hop B-Boy realm, but his roots come from Jazz and Soul, so determining what to play was easy for him. But breaking down barriers is not an easy task. “In the beginning of the show things were a little hectic, because I was trying something brand new on Jazz 88. Some did not like the show, until they started to Believe What They Heard, and started to understand the direction I wanted to lead “Illfonix.”

Hip Hop is everything for Sachamo; he loves every aspect of the Hip Hop culture. “The music, the dancing, the artwork, the originality and creativity. Hip Hop provides outlets in music, dancing, art, fashion, etc. Hip Hop is for the community,” said the DJ, who is concerned about the negative consequences of “Gangsta” and commercial rap. “We need more Latino artists doing positive work to better influence our children.”

After five years of struggle, things are looking good. Every Wednesday the show evolves and progresses, with outstanding guests and blistering live mixes by visiting DJs or Sachboogie himself. Every week the Illfonix Crew is growing and getting stronger, spreading the word, and providing an outlet for music that should be played on commercial radio. “There is so much good Rap music out there, people just need an opportunity to hear it” said the show’s creator.

Now people all over the world can listen to the message though jazz 88’s web site, streaming live for all hip hop and jazz lovers on line. “The plans for the “Illfonix” show are to be heard globally. To produce and perform the best show we can possibly do. Always striving to get better,” said DJ Sachamo.

When someone puts his heart into a struggle, then the struggle becomes a blessing. For Sachamo, the most gratifying part of doing the show is when people from all over get a hold of him and say how much they love the show. They have actually thanked him for being in San Diego and doing a groundbreaking show with no money for promotions. “The word of mouth factor is amazing –said Sachamo– People are Believing What They Hear from T.J. to L.A. and enjoying the show. Thank you everybody. Peace!”

Listen to the Illfonix Show every Wednesday night at 11 pm. On KSDS Jazz 88.3 fm. Or listen On-Line at www.jazz88online.org.

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