Volume XXIV Number 27~ July 7, 2000

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Mexico Ha Logrado El Cambio

Por Paco Zavala

Jorge Castillo Inzunza. Maestro de Ingles y Activista.

Mauricio Velazquez Gonzalez, comerciante.

Juan Aguilar Lopez, vendedor ambulante de frutas frescas picadas al menudeo.


Adriana Martinez Davila Empleada.


El pueblo de México se volcó en incontenible torrente a las urnas electorales para participar de su derecho constitucional y hacerlo efectivo al ejercerlo y por medio del sufragio lograr lo que en la historia del país jamás se había logrado.

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The New Indian Face of Insurgent Politics in Baja California
By David Bacon
THE VALLEY OF SAN QUINTIN, BAJA CALIFORNIA (7/3/00) - If you think the National Action Party, which won Sunday's national presidential election in Mexico, represents political change, look no further than Baja California, where it has governed for ten years.

Spain At Our Border? Fox's Vision For Mexico
By Andrew Reding
The Cactus Wall that has separated Mexico from the rest of North America is beginning to rot away. Seventy-one years of one-party rule will come to an abrupt end on December 1 when Vicente Fox becomes president. That day will also mark the first peaceful transfer of power between opposing parties in Mexican history. And the day all three parties to NAFTA will be certifiable democracies.

Two Different Polls on Hispanic Voters and the Presidential Race.
Poll finds a shifting Hispanic electorate
WASHINGTON June 30 — The nation's estimated 5.5 million Hispanic voters this year are far different from those who cast ballots in 1990, says a national poll released Tuesday, but the vast majority remain loyal to the Democratic Party.

En Español
Gore con Ventaja entre los Hispanos, según Encuesta

Noticias de México...
Protestan PRI y PAN en el Distrito 01
Impugnan elección
El PRI y el PAN presentaron recursos de protesta por el resultado de escrutinio y cómputo en 257 casillas de la elección a diputado federal por el Distrito 01, la cual perdió el "tricolor" con una diferencia de mil 90 votos ante la Alianza por el Cambio.


Deaf Student Finds Hope and a Future
By Barry Garron
Two years ago Veronica Castro of Chula Vista had no job skills, a five-year old child to support and not much hope of finding work because of a congenital hearing loss that has limited her to communicating primarily by American Sign Language.

SOLOELLA.com y MANA, una organización latina nacional, lanzan primera
encuesta presidencial en línea para latinas

Elección presidencial virtual para captar la opinión del género femenino latino para elección 2000 SOLOELLA.com y MANA, una organización latina nacional, anunciaron hoy el lanzamiento de una encuesta de elección presidencial virtual, una herramienta desarrollada exclusivamente para mujeres latinas de habla inglesa e hispana, que desean hacer conocer su opinión en este año de elecciones presidenciales en Estados Unidos.

Productora de NBC Nueva Presidenta de NAHJ
Hispánica Press
La productora de NBC News, Cecilia Alvear, ha sido elegida presidenta de la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas Hispanos (NAHJ, por sus siglas en inglés), durante la décimoctava convencional anual de esa organización celebrada en Houston, Texas, a finales de junio.

Small Papers Seek Hispanic Readers
Newnan, Ga. — Greeting readers with the headline, "Hola Coweta," the Times-Herald in Coweta County has become the latest newspaper attempting to attract the state's growing Hispanic population by printing news in English and Spanish.

AACN, Hispanic Organizations Join in Pact to Boost Nursing Education
In a new collaborative agreement, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has joined with two major national associations to provide Hispanic students with expanded access to nursing education opportunities.

El primer paso para mantener sanos a los niños es la prevención
Por Vivian Perez
Cuando se trata de mantener sanos a sus niños, la mejor medicina es la prevención. La forma más efectiva de combatir los problemas de salud es tomando medidas preventivas antes de que se vuelvan serios. Como padre, es fundamental que usted asuma un papel activo con respecto a la salud de sus niños. Esto significa tomar decisiones positivas que afectarán las vidas de sus niños y les ofrecerán un futuro más sano.

LULAC Elects National Officers
Washington, D.C. — In a strong show of confidence by its members, the General Assembly of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), elected its entire slate of National Officers to a new one-year term at their 71st Annual National Convention in Washington, D.C.

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney
Las Palabras y la Política
Amedida que la retórica política aumenta, en este año de elecciones, los candidatos y sus colaboradores componen mensajes para persuadirnos que votemos por ellos.


Words Are Not Enough
Circus Maximas has departed... The three-ring circus put on by Raul Yzaquirre has left town. The townspeople were entertained, wined and dinned. Though Monsieur Bush and Gore were in the main ring, the ringmaster, Yzaquirre failed to convince anyone that this circus was anything but an orchestrated performance. It was designed to make the presidential candidates believe that he spoke for the millions of Mexican Americans and Latinos of this state.

How Else Can We Teach Them A Lesson
Capital Punishment

By Rodolfo F. Acuna
Back in the 1960s, when debate about capital punishment was popular, comedian Mort Saul quipped that sure he was for capital punishment, how else could you teach the executed person a lesson. Since that decade the discussion of the morality of capital punishment has been left to the religious.

Janitors Sweep Up Union Victories
by Saul Sarabia
All across the country, janitors have been demanding better wages and working conditions. And, with the support of their communities, they are winning.

New Budget Provides Tax Relief, Transportation Funds, Juvenile Facilities
State Senator Dede Alpert
With the State's decade-long recession finally behind us and an unprecedented surplus in available budgetary funds, the State Legislature last month approved the state's $100 billion spending plan for fiscal year 2000-01.

It is four months before the November election and this Indio is already up to-you-know-where in political propaganda.

El Foro Público... ....The Public Forum
If you are a Hispanic you can't own this home...
According to racial restrictive covenants, if you're a Hispanic you can't own or rent certain properties. These covenants are neighborhood agreements against selling or renting housing to Hispanic's and other racial or ethnic minorities.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Chapter VI
By Jeannine Diego

He took slow, deliberate sips, as one might do with an unsavory medicinal solution. The Foldgers in Sal's cup was lukewarm and bitter and he was sure that he could remember his first taste of coffee.

Poet's Corner
By C.F. Kelly
"Drink up your tequila, vaquero,
con un poco de sal y limón
and tip your sun-bleached sombrero
to the lady en ese rincón,
la señorita
who's staring at you
above the guitarra she's strumming.

3er Encuentro Internacional de Poesía, Visual, Sonora y Experimental
Vortice Argentina invita a participar al 3er Encuentro Internacional de Poesía Visual, Sonora y Experimental a realizarse el 26 de Agosto en la Barraca Vorticista.

Solemne Clausura de Talleres de Casa de Culturas de Playas, Cortijo San Jose
Por Paco Zavala
El pasado día 26 de Junio en solemne ceremonia se llevó a cabo la clausura de talleres correspondiente al ciclo 1999-2000, misma que se celebró con una serie de presentaciones artísticas y exposición de los mismos talleres.

Vacaciones de Teatro, Video y Cuentos Para Niños y Jóvenes en Casa de la
Cultura de Tijuana-Centro
Por Paco Zavala
Tijuana — Unas divertidas vacaciones para los niños y jóvenes, se ofrecen en los Talleres de Verano en la Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana; especialmente los novedosos cursos de actuación: Jugando a ser Actor, ¡A Escena! y Un Ratito de Lectura, que darán inicio este próximo 10 de julio y culminarán el 11 de Agosto.

Por Lucero Luna Campos
"Yo Siempre Luché Para Triunfar y Que Me Aplaudieran, No Para Quedarme Fracasada en mi Casa, y Mirar Las Paredes": OG

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Starlight Offers Discounts
Starlight Theatre is proud to announce that it will provide 250 seats, to each of 24 performances this summer, for children and their families who would otherwise be unable to attend a professional musical. The group must fax a letter to 619-544-0496 indicating the name of the group, when they want to go, why they think they are deserving and how they hope their group will benefit from this experience.

Artistas Capturan la Vibrante Cultura Latina y el Aventurero Espíritu Jeep en el
Quinto Concurso Anual de Arte de Jeep
¿Qué pasa cuando la intensidad, color y forma de la cultura hispana contemporánea baila un tango con el aventurero espíritu de Jeep? ¡Arte!

Artists Paint Vibrant Latino Culture and Adventurous Jeep Spirit in Fifth-Annual
Jeep National Art Competition
Paint a picture of the vibrant Latino culture, fuse it with the adventurous and energetic spirit of the Jeep brand, and create the essence of winning art in the Jeep national art competition now under way. "El Arte Que Nos Mueve" (The Art That Moves Us").

Connors, McEnroe, Cash, Gomez Headline $325,000 Quality Challenge
By J. Fred Sidhu
John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors faced each other for the first time in the 1977 Wimbledon semifinals. It was only the beginning of a long and storied rivalry between these two Americans.

Mexico's Women Soccer Team on the Upswing
By John Philip Wyllie
With the world's three best women's soccer teams; the United States, Brazil and China all participating in the 2000 Gold Cup, Mexico knew going into the tournament that its chances of bringing home a trophy were somewhere between slim and none.

Las Chivas Debutaran En La Copa Merconorte El Proxiimo 11 Julio
GUADALAJARA (NOTIAMERICA) - El próximo 11 de Julio es día clave para el equipo de las Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, ya que en esa fecha debutarán en la Copa Merconorte y en donde se podrá vislumbrar lo que será el equipo para el próximo torneo.

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