July 06, 2001

Tezozomoc Speaks...

Much like "Iztaccihuatl," Tezozomoc has blown his top. No más can Tezzy stand what is being done to our hijitos by the evil Tiatoani who rules over the smoldering Culpulli called San Diego Unified School District. Soon the humble people of our town will be forced to take matters in their own hands. We shall not allow our own Mixtli to be sacrificed on the alter of our modern day Axooxco, Alan Bersin.


The little things that make us wonder about the new Mexican Consul: like having a function for the San Diego Media and only inviting the Union Tribune and their captive enlace.


El Presidente Fox se casó with a very beautiful lady who happens to be divorced... Y qué? Mexican Church mucho upset. Wants both Fox and his new wife to get an annulment. Church Fathers are refusing to allow them to receive Holy Communion till they do... Hijole that takes a decade or more. You know how long it took the church to accept the fact that earth went around the sun... about 500 years. 10 for one that El Papa en Roma will not let the local Priest caciques get away with it. Affairs of State you know.


El Presidente Fox is a FOXY man... Muy MACHO. Heck, he looks like a CHICANO! The new misses Martha Sahagun es a todo dar!


Now you know why local gringo youth flock to Tijuas... They love to marry those gorgeous señoritas.

Getting close to the All Star Games and those Padres still can't make and hold the 500 mark. Fast running out of time guys. Fish or cut bait! It is time to play ball.


Mejor late than never... Good job, Chief Bejarano! You and the San Diego Police Department did a bang up job on controlling the antics of the Bio-protesters. This is an example that proves you don't have to have police riots to control crowds.


Rad-Left getting pretty desperate for issues to scream about. Must be running low on brain fuel. Hey, I know of a lab that is doing some experiments on mice to make humans smarter. Hang around, they might need some real dumb humans to use for their experiments!


4th of July celebrations by all accounts were a dud. Much about firecrackers, little or nothing much about Independence Day. No Veterans, no military parades, no firry speeches, few marching bands, worse of all community celebrations totally devoid of patriotism. 4th of July more about drinking, swimming, picnicking and driving down local streets totally devoid of American flags. Que pastime.


Barrio Luncheon at Community Health Center turned cold shoulder to DURO neighborhood resident's organization that are concerned over real estate speculators buying up property in path of PADRES development. Barrio Luncheon organizers showed their true colors by giving them 10 minutes to say their piece and get out. Chicano Federation gave them less than that. They walked out of their presentation. Federation and Community Health Center created and established by the tough action of local community activists against an oppressive system that was out to destroy them... Et Tu Brutus. You now turn out to be the tools of the system! Who needs you???


DURO marched down the streets to their presentation. Following closely behind them yalking on his cell phone was...! We know who it was. Tezozomoc says: Next time that happens you will be exposed!


RAZA won their Independence in the days of the Movement. We won the right of Freedom of Speech then. We are not going to lose it to a group of VENDIDOS!


Pregunta: How do Raza lose an election? That's easy, have two Latinos run for the same position. Split the Raza vote and make it easy for some one else to win! Are you listening Salas... Padilla????


Thirty madrecitas de Sherman Elementary picketed the school site 2:00-3:30 pm on July 2 to protest against Principal Valerie Voss who is unresponsive to their concerns. Someone (?) called the police. They came, saw a bunch of moms carrying signs and picketing peacefully. They left saying they shouldn't have been called! Parents have a right to voice their concerns. Could it be that the Principal can't speak Spanish and can't communicate with the moms???


Adios gente keep the hot line going!


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