July 06, 2001

City Redistricting Commission Adopts Preliminary Redistricting

Plan Returns to the Eight Council Districts to Hold Public Hearings

The City Redistricting Commission adopted a Preliminary Redistricting Plan on Friday, June 29, 2001. The Plan, notable for its unification of communities that have long been split between two City Council districts, will be filed with the City Clerk on July 6.

In keeping with the Redistricting Commission's commitment to involve the public a series of public hearings will be held from July 9-July 12 and July 16-19, 2001. The public hearings will allow the Commissioners to return to the eight Council Districts to present the Preliminary Redistricting Plan, explain the changes to each City Council District, answer questions from the public, and receive public comments on the Plan. Residents are welcome to attend any of the eight hearings regardless of the Council District where they currently reside.

After the July hearings, the Commission may make changes to the Preliminary Plan or they may adopt it as is. The Final Redistricting Plan, unless challenged by public referendum, will determine new City Council boundaries that will be in effect for the next ten years.

On Friday, July 6, 2001, the Redistricting Commission will meet at 1:00 p.m., at City Hall to draw an alternate plan based on the unification of City Heights, a community that is currently served by City Council Districts 3, 4, and 7. Because City Heights has such a large population of people in protected classes under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, some Commissioners are concerned that failing to unify this community within a single voting district might constitute a Voting Rights Act violation. The Commission asked their consultant Bruce Cain of Cain and Mac Donald, to examine voting patterns in the area to help them determine if there is a need to unite City Heights in one City Council District.

The Redistricting Commission Public Hearing Schedule is:

July 9 Council District 5 - Epicentre Teen Center, 8450 Mira Mesa Blvd.

July 10 Council District 2 - Central Library, 820 E. Street, Downtown San Diego.

July 11 Council District 3 - Mid-City Community Police Bldg., 4310 Landis St.

July 12 Council District 6 - Bayside Settlement House, 2202 Comstock Street.

July 16 Council District 8 - Sherman Heights Community Ctr., 2260 Island Ave. (Spanish translation services available.)

July 17 Council District 7 -Faith Presbyterian Church, 5075 Campanile Drive.

July 18 - Council District 1 - Rancho Peñasquitos Library, 13330 Salmon River Rd.

July 19 Council District 4 - Bayview Church/MLK Center, 6134 Benson Ave.

For more information, visit the Redistricting Commission web page on the City's web site at www.sandiego.gov/redistricting.

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