Volume XXV Number 27 July 6, 2001

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Renters Crying Foul Ball Over Proposed Ballpark

Genoveva Aguilar, a resident of Sherman Heights: "The march drew attention to the human cost of our city's inner-city redevelopment plan. We are demanding a more equitable plan for developing our communities that includes fair housing practices, and economically balanced neighborhoods. This city depends upon the cheap labor that many people in these neighborhoods provide, but where do they expect us to live?"

Over 100 community members and organizers took to the streets on Saturday, June 30, to raise awareness of a housing crisis which has already rendered many Sherman Heights and Logan Heights families homeless.

People of all ages carried boldly painted cardboard signs and shouted slogans like "The barrio united will never be divided," along the mile-long march, which began and ended at the Sherman Heights Community Center on Island Avenue and 22nd Street.

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Bravery of Memory: A Few Defy Authority to Unearth Guatemala's Past
By Mary Jo McConahay
EDITOR'S NOTE: The President of Guatemala, Alfonso Portillo met with President Bush in Washington on July 5. He represents a country that has been marked by a tragic civil war, a tragedy some Guatemalans are trying to reveal fully so that the nation can reach some kind of peace.
RABINAL, GUATEMALA — Like a field planted with hidden mines, memories of violence lie just below the surface of daily life in this country where 200,000 were killed in a war that lasted 36 years.

Noticias de México...
"Trabajan" impunemente Regresan "polleros" a Central Camionera
La impunidad regresó el Miércoles a la Central de Autobuses de Mexicali al reiniciar labores los "egan-chadores" de aspirantes a indocumentados.


City Redistricting Commission Adopts Preliminary Redistricting
Plan Returns to the Eight Council Districts to Hold Public Hearings
The City Redistricting Commission adopted a Preliminary Redistricting Plan on Friday, June 29, 2001. The Plan, notable for its unification of communities that have long been split between two City Council districts, will be filed with the City Clerk on July 6.

Feria de Salud en San Ysidro.
Por Paco Zavala
El pasado Sábado 30 de Junio del año en curso se llevó a efecto "La Feria de Salud" evento que fue promovido y patrocinado por: San Ysidro Health Center, Inc., San Diego Migrant Education Program, Region IX, WIC, Comunity Health Group y Blue Cross.

Major Segment of Olympic Parkway, Fire Station Opened June 23
Hundreds of Chula Vista residents participated in official ribbon-cutting ceremonies and a festive fun walk/run/bike which opened Phase I of Olympic Parkway/Paseo Ranchero and Fire Station #3 on June 23.

Reviven Comunidades Gracias a Trabajadores Agrícolas Inmigrantes
SANTA BARBARA - (UC)- Muchas comunidades agrícolas, lejos de ser campos de trabajo empobrecidos donde hay pocas posibilidades de prosperar, en realidad son dinámicos centros de desarrollo económico y político gracias a la perseverancia de sus inmigrantes en hacerse de un hogar. Lugares como el pueblo de McFarland, en el condado de Kern y Guadalupe, en el de Santa Barbara son excelentes ejemplos de la transformación que está ocurriendo en muchas comunidades en el Valle Central de California.

Sempra Energy Earns Top-Five Ranking on Fortune's Diversity List for Fourth
Consecutive Year
Fortune announced this week that Sempra Energy, the parent company of eight principal subsidiaries, including Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), has earned the No. 5 spot on the magazine's annual list of "America's 50 Best Companies for Minorities." This marks the company's fourth consecutive year among the top five of the list, published in the July 9, 2001, issue of Fortune.

Medi-Cal Fraud Harms Everyone
By Diana M. Bontá, R.N., Dr.P.H.
Medi-Cal fraud harms everyone: providers, beneficiaries and taxpayers. While the majority of providers are honest, hard working and reputable, a minority of unscrupulous providers, and individuals masquerading as providers, are billing Medi-Cal, for millions of dollars they are not entitled to receive.

Por Diego Alvarez
El Fútbol, Pasión que Mueve Masas en América Latina
De todos es sabido que el fútbol, o balompié, o soccer; como quieran llamarlo, es una pasión que mueve masas en América Latina. Y fue en esta ocasión, en que a Colombia le correspondió la oportunidad de meter un gol con los últimos sucesos relacionados con la Copa América. Evento que se celebra cada dos años y muestra lo mejor del fútbol suramericano.

Super Conferencia en Los Angeles sobre el Mercado Hispano en EE.UU.
Nuevos datos sobre los mercados hispanos extraídos del Censo 2000 serán reve-lados durante la conferencia del Strategic Research Institute que se celebrará los días 19 y 20 de julio en The Omni Los Angeles Hotel. Entre las empresas participantes se cuentan GlaxoSmithKline, Verizon, Frito-Lay, Guinness, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Verizon Communications.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Lo Que Lola Quiere
Entrevistar a Lola Falana en el programa televisivo de Los Christophers no fue la experiencia que esperaba. Después de todo, era conocida como "La Primera Dama de Las Vegas" con la fama de una artista excepcional.

La Indiferencia es un Estado de Pensamiento
Por Sergio Nogues
La indiferencia es un estado de pensamiento de la persona en el cual no se siente ni rechazo ni atracción por algo, es algo similar a ser un pedazo de madera sin vida. Si visitamos un centro de producción, gran parte del personal que trabaja piensa que no le pagan lo correcto y por esa razón no tienen el menor interés de realizar su trabajo de la mejor forma posible.

Community Notes
San Ysidro Superintendent Search
The Governing Board of the San Ysidro School District is conducting a search for a new superintendent to replace retiring Superintendent Grace A. Kojima, Dr. Rudy M. Castruita, consultant for the Board, has been asked to seek input from parents and community members regarding the desirable characteristics the Board should consider in choosing a new superintendent.


City's Tactics to Finance PADRES Are Questioned
Ever since former Mayor Susan Golding and a former City Manager (now a PADRES management employee) crafted the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the PADRES organization, it has been mired in one lawsuit after another. From the very beginning, this secretly negotiated MOU has bothered citizens who believe that public officials are charged with protecting - not squandering - the public purse. There is no legal or constitutional right that allows for the use of public funds to finance private, for-profit enterprises.

Our Inner-cities Must Demand Development without Displacement
By Fredi Avalos
The choices the City of San Diego makes reflects its values. So far, it seems clear that this city values a ballpark, and helping a ballpark owner, more than it values the families that will be impacted by its construction. As a city, we can no longer ignore the fact that the ballpark redevelopment project has negatively affected the lives of many people who live in the surrounding neighborhoods of Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, and Golden Hills.

Chismes de Mi Gallinero *:
Trying to Figure Out What a Quarter-Penny Tax Means
By Julio C. Calderón
Math and I have been mortal enemies since childhood. This is why I lean toward writing instead of accounting. And I believe that our representatives in government count on my ignorance of math by arguing tax issues in fractions. Really, what does a quarter of a penny mean to most of us?

Fidel Se Desmaya, El Exilio Suspira
Por Pablo Padula
Fidel Castro demostró, por primera vez en muchísimos años, que es un ser humano. Cuando el hombre más odiado de Miami se desmayó durante uno de sus maratónicos discursos, los miles de exiliados, que desean verlo muerto más que nada en el mundo, observaron, boquiabiertos, que el hombre tiene reacciónes humanas de debilidad, algo inaudito e invisible hasta ese momento. Además, dicen que se le escuchó incoherente y desorganizado durante su discurso.

Tezozomoc Speaks...
Much like "Iztaccihuatl," Tezozomoc has blown his top. No más can Tezzy stand what is being done to our hijitos by the evil Tiatoani who rules over the smoldering Culpulli called San Diego Unified School District. Soon the humble people of our town will be forced to take matters in their own hands. We shall not allow our own Mixtli to be sacrificed on the alter of our modern day Axooxco, Alan Bersin.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

El Conjunto Sueño Norteño Promueve " Quebrando el Hielo"
Por: Paco Zavala
El conjunto musical "Sueño Norteño" fue fundado hace aproximádamente seis años, teniendo más o menos cuatro años de haberse iniciado profesionalmente.

Poesias y Poetas, a National Association of Latino Poets presents:
Noche de Poesias
Sabado Julio 21, 2001 San Diego California

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Joe Jackson Exhibit
The San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum announced today their newest exhibit, featuring a remembrance of baseball legend "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. This exhibit which will be on loan to the Hall of Champions for three weeks only, from July 2 - 23, will feature numerous items including, what has been called the "Holy Grail" of baseball memorabilia, Joe's famous "Black Betsy" bat.

Oceguera dropped as Spirit battles Power to 1-1 draw
By John Philip Wyllie
While the critical 1-0 July 1 victory over the U.S. offered a ray of hope for Mexico's struggling national soccer team in their bid to gain entry to the 2002 World Cup, the news received by one of the players on Mexico's women's national team was anything but good.

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood
Alfredo Gutierrez Gored, But Returns to Triumph in Tijuana
Although suffering two gorings from his first bull, Alfredo Gutierrez abandoned the infirmary to return to the ring and win the ears of his second bull, last Sunday in Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana.

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