July 3, 2003


Haley Hinda Seif of the University of California, Davis wrote to La Prensa San Diego to correct the following factual inaccuracies in an article (“The drivers license debate: Identity vs. Security?” published June 13, 2003, Vol 27 No. 24) on the struggle to expand driver’s license access to more of California’s immigrants. This article was based on a seminar that she delivered at the Colegio de La Frontera Norte in Tijuana on June 6:

1) The bill to extend driver’s license access to more immigrants authored by state legislator Gil Cedillo in 1999 was AB (Assembly Bill) 1463.

2) If the current driver’s license access bill, SB (Senate Bill) 60, is passed by the Legislature and is not vetoed by the Governor by October 12, it will go into effect in January 2004.

3) Governor Davis has vetoed bills to extend driver’s license access twice, in 2000 and 2002.

4) The struggle to expand driver’s license access in California is a matter of immigrant incorporation policy, or what to do with immigrants who already live in California. All immigration policy, or the regulation of people who wish to emigrate from other countries into the United States, may only be formulated at the federal level of US government.

We regret the errors.

Daniel H. Muñoz

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