Volume XXVII Number 27 July 3, 2003

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Why we celebrate the Fourth of July

On June 23, 2003, Alva Monsalvo won the Second Annual Essay Competition, sponsored by the Immigration Museum of New Americans. All 33 essays entered in this competition reflected the hopes and dreams of families coming to the United States. Immigrants from all over the world see America as the land of the free and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

For many American citizens we have come to take for granted our rights and freedoms and have come to enjoy the Fourth of July weekend as a weekend of fireworks and barbecues. In Alva Monsalvo’s essay we are reminded of the struggle and courage it takes to achieve freedom, and the hope and promise that America holds for its people. It also reminds us of why we celebrate the Fourth of July.

Family History Essay

By Alva Monsalvo
Ninth Grader, Preuss Charter School, UCSD

If I am alive and breathing today, it is because of Hope. The following story may sound like a fairy tale to you. Perhaps it is because of its “Once upon a time” beginning and its happy ending but I can assure you that the events that happened were very real. There’s no easy way for me to tell you what my grandmother went through immigrating to the U.S. but I will begin by telling you that my grandmother’s real name was Maria. Her life was just like any ordinary life with its waves of difficulties and happiness. She lived in Guadalajara Jalisco with Christina (her mother), Diego (her father) and her older sister Laura. Diego owned a small farm in the outskirts of Guadalajara. Everyday Maria and Laura would go through their daily routine of feeding the noisy chickens, milking the gentle cows, fixing the golden haystacks and occasionally helping their father with the corn crops. Diego didn’t like them to go into the stalks because he was terrified that they would get lost in a labyrinthine of tall corn. This happened once with Maria when she was eight years old. She was lost in the corn stalks from the brisk morning until evening because she was looking for their sheep dog “Travieso” who happened to be hiding under a stack of hay all along. Even though Maria insisted that they should be allowed to help their father out in the stalks since they couldn’t go to school, Diego preferred to keep the girls out of his work. Maria and Laura could only dream about school in secret. If they ever told their parents that they wanted to go to school, their parents would simply tell them to stop bothering them. One time when Maria and Laura were going to sleep, Maria decided to ask her father on the other side of the extremely thin wall to let her go to school. She had everything thought out from her beginning statement to her last argument. Around midnight while silently coaching herself to remain calm, she worked up the bit of courage she had in her to ask; her father was just getting into bed. “Daddy?” she whispered. “Eh?” he answered annoyed. “Why don’t you pay for me and Laura to go to school and when we get a career we’ll pay you back every dime you give us?” Her palms were sweaty underneath the warm cotton covers. She strained her ears to listen closely to whether her father was considering her idea. All that she got in return was a tired and raspy voice yelling at her “Stop bothering me you annoying child and go to sleep!” That was the end of their discussion. Underneath the covers Laura nudged her little sister and whispered in her ear, “Stop bugging people about going to school. You know that we weren’t meant for it! We are never going to go because we’re not smart enough.” Maria turned her back to her sister and stared at the moonlight pouring through the small cracks in their wooden bedroom. She cried silently to herself replaying the words of Laura and Diego in her head. After that day, she never asked about going to school ever again but she had hope that someday her dream would come true if she wished hard enough. Maria’s parents couldn’t understand why she wanted to go to school so badly and they knew that it was something they could never afford.

For the rest of this story, please follow this link:

Survivor of 1982 Guatemala Massacre Takes Astonishing Journey Home In P.O.V.’s ‘Discovering Dominga’
Woman’s Return to Her Native Guatemala Sparks Painful Personal and Political Awakening in New Film Airing on PBS, July 8
Three years ago Iowa housewife Denese Becker set out on a remarkable journey to her native Guatemala. Orphaned as a child when her parents were killed in a massacre, 27-year-old Denese dreamed of rediscovering lost relatives and the life she had left behind.

Se Vierten Expresiones Sobre el Quehacer Educativo en Tijuana y en la República Mexicana
Por: Paco Zavala
En la República Mexicana la instrucción escolar no está siendo aprovechada en todo el potencial como debería serlo.

Candidatos A La Fuerza
Por Jorge Mújica
El partido Fuerza Ciudadana existe legalmente gracias a que la corte dijo que si existe. En vez de hacer el trámite simple de cualquier partido, presentar sus listas de membresía ante el Instituto Federal Electoral y demostrar en asambleas que sus miembros son de a deveras y no de trapo, tuvo que demandar para ser registrado.

El Partido de Fútbol, ChoicePoint y “Yo No Soy Empleado de Fox”
Por Lourdes Davis
Aquí se presenta sólo parte de la entrevista que dio el Lic. Macedo de la Concha después del partido de fútbol entre empleados de la Procuraduría y empleados de la Embajada de los E.U. en el D.F.

On Latino Minds — Opportunity Knocks With Davis Recall Drive
By Pilar Marrero
Sen. Gil Cedillo, a stalwart Latino Democrat from Los Angeles, knows an opportunity when he sees it.


Fourth of July Independence Celebration & Fireworks
— The 40th Annual Escondido July 4th celebration will be held on Friday July 4, 2003 in Grape Day Park and The Center campus. The American Legion Post 149, The California Center for the Arts, Escondido, the City of Escondido and the Escondido Historical Society has organized the event cooperatively. The media sponsor is the North County Times. This event is generously supported by the Linden Root Dickinson Foundation.

Invitan a Participar en el Concurso Literario Nacional Abigail Bohórquez en el Género de Ensayo 2003
Por: Paco Zavala
Los concursos en la República Mexicana se realizan continuamente, en cualquier sitio, por alguna causa noble, para impulsar las corrientes artísticas, culturales, de belleza, literarias y en fin por una y mil razones.

La Prensa Persa
9th July 2003 (18-Tir 1382): Iran Stands Up!
By Kathy Hadizadeh
I am sure that nowadays you hear “Iran” a lot in the news. Mostly they talk about the threat of nuclear power activities of Iran but what is happening in Iran is much more shocking.

General Motors Hace una Contribución de US$2,5 Millones al National Council of La Raza
Los Fondos Se Destinarán a la Construcción de la Sede Nacional de NCLR y de Organizaciones Hispanas Asociadas
El National Council of La Raza (NCLR) y General Motors (GM) anunciaron hoy, en forma conjunta, que GM ha hecho una contribución de US$2,5 millones a la “Empowering an American Community Campaign” (Campaña pro Habilitar a una Comunidad Estadounidense) organizada por el National Council of La Raza. Los fondos están específicamente destinados a la compra de un edificio céntrico en Washington, D.C. que sirva como sede de la organización. NCLR tratará de alojar también en el mismo edificio a algunas organizaciones hispanas asociadas, entre ellas las afiliadas al Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility.

Health Net of California is the First Health Plan in the Nation to Accept The Mexican Matricula Consular as a Form of ID
Health Net of California, one of the largest health plans in the state, is collaborating with the Mexican Consulate to accept its Matricula Consular as a form of identification. This cooperation will increase access to private health insurance among California’s Latino community. Health Net will begin accepting the Matricula Consular as a form of identification on June 25, 2003.

Por German Velasco C.
De la vida y las oportunidades
Quizá no exista fórmula para estar siempre en el lugar correcto en el momento oportuno, pero existe una forma de vivir la vida que nos acerca más a esa oportunidad que cambie nuestro camino para mejorar.

Latina Girl Scout Receives Top Honors
National City resident Bertha Tapia recently earned the prestigious Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouting. She was among 40 Girl Scouts from San Diego and Imperial counties honored during a special Gold Award Ceremony held at the Hyatt Islandia.


Fourth of July – a time to celebrate freedom
In years past we generally celebrated the Fourth of July as an opportunity to enjoy the long weekend, the joy of barbecuing, and of course, the fireworks, with a glancing acknowledgement of the meaning of the Fourth of July.

The Need For A National Hispanic American Agenda Summit
By Peter Fontanes
There is a great deal of anticipation among political pundits throughout the country with the announcement by the United States Census Department that Hispanic Americans are now officially the largest ethnic minority group in the nation. At 33 million strong, it is now clear that this decade should belong to Hispanic Americans as far as political empowerment is concerned. Yet the voter turnout among eligible Hispanic Americans in national elections remains dismal and, except for volatile local issues, which stir the voters to act, there does not seem much of a cohesive effort to push a national agenda, which would demonstrate the true strength of the sleeping behemoth that lurks in the “Barrios”.

Nuevo Medicare: Los Hechos Hablan Más Claro que Mil Palabras
Por la Congresista Hilda L. Solis
En 1965, el partido Demócrata luchó por establecer el programa de Medicare-o Atención Médica para el cuidado de salud de los ancianos Americanos. Cuando firmó como ley el programa de Medicare-o Atención Médica, el Presidente Johnson declaró que: “No se le negará el milagro de la medicina moderna a ningún anciano”. Y así, hemos mantenido ese compromiso para todos los ciudadanos por casi 40 años.

Haley Hinda Seif of the University of California, Davis wrote to La Prensa San Diego to correct the following factual inaccuracies in an article (“The drivers license debate: Identity vs. Security?” published June 13, 2003, Vol 27 No. 24) on the struggle to expand driver’s license access to more of California’s immigrants. This article was based on a seminar that she delivered at the Colegio de La Frontera Norte in Tijuana on June 6:

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Necesita un Consejero, Lea “Bajo el Arbol Amigo” de Frederic Solergibert
Por: Paco Zavala
Frederic Solergibert, el autor de esta edición de: “Bajo el Arbol Amigo”, es un re-conocido psicoterapeuta, especializado en sistemas de aprendizaje y en nuevas tecnologías para el cambio de hábitos de conducta. También es un conferencista prolífico, sus cursos y seminarios sobre la expansión de la inteligencia, el pensamiento creativo y el desarrollo espiritual son seguidos por cientos de personas.

Trazando la silueta de Brad Pitt
Animadores latinos destacan en Sinbad
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Al acecho de los enemigos, Simbad se desliza entre las redes de su galeón y cae en la borda para pelear a espada con sus enemigos, que amenazan a Marina, la prometida de su mejor amigo Proteus y el objeto de su cariño. Todo esto comandado por la Diosa Eris, quien vigila todos los movimientos de Simbad desde los cielos.

Pop Acción
Arnold juega con su imagen cinematográfica en Terminator
Por Jose Daniel Bort
“Terminator 3: The rise of the machines” entrega lo que promete: impresionantes efectos especiales, humor al estilo “¡Hasta la vista, baby!” entre las persecuciones al volante y mucha destrucción de todo lo que se ponga por delante, con una impresionante primera secuencia y un insatisfactorio clímax.

Macuilxochitl's Kiva
Much seems to be in motion this summer. Join Macuilxochitl on a short venture around the current happenings in the world of music...

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Este mes de julio, es un mes nutrido de actividades para las familias mexicanas en todo el país, en gran mayoría, los que pueden y tienen dinero, salen de vacaciones a visitar sitios en el interior del país, los que gozan de mejor posición económica, viajan al exterior del país, otros se desplazan a distancias cortas a visitar familiares o amigos y los más amolados permanecen en sus casas mirando TV, leyendo, reparando la casa o haciendo reparaciones al automóvil, etc., etc.

Ivan Díaz tells us his “Historias”
The debut album of the young singer-composer Iván Díaz is a good example of grupero music’s versatility
By Pablo De Sainz
In the 1990s, there was a huge radio movement that gave exposure to grupero music, that is, Mexican music that included a wide range of rhythms, from banda and norteño. Only the really strong bands survive from that era.

Fútbol femenil: una jugada a ganar
Por Mariana Martinez
6 segundos restantes en el cuarto periodo del encuentro y la ofensiva se encuentra abajo 4 puntos con el ovoide dentro la yarda 40, la ofensiva saca una formación con tres receptores abiertos del mismo lado y Hike! #7 cae para pase…la línea se empuja y parece una guerra, le dan tiempo a #7 y tira el balazo al fondo a #80 que esta entre dos defensores…es un pase largo….#80 acelera hacia el balón y…lo atrapa dejando atrás dos defensores, ahora esta en persecución..en la 20, cambia de dirección, esta en la 15, 10 se quita a un defensor, la 5 y ¡Touchdown!

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