July 2, 1999

Tezozomoc Speaks...

Pregunta: How many puntos do you think that dingy Governor Davis is making by putting down Lt. Governor Bustamante??? Way to go Viejo. Wonder how many Mexican voters you're going to drive into George Bush Champaign??


La bola de Chicano legislators better wise up... alone `son nada'... Together you can start to shake the system up! Pero son tan viejas that I wonder if there are any real Chicanos in Sacramento... Even Villaraigosa seems to have lost his cajones when he moved north of Los Angeles.


President George W. Bush came to San Diego on his first campaign trip. The man went to the Fair in Del Mar... said "buenos dias," to the two or three Mexicans hanging around the Mexican stage. GW smiled at a young señorita, who melted, and acclaimed to the press "he was awesome." Don't know how many votes he is going to get with one 20 second stop to visit 1 child and ignore the other 650,000 Raza in the county!


(For a laugh check out George Bush parody site on http/www.gwbush.com. But hurry, George is using some of his millions to sue and close the site down. They don't believe in freedom of speech in Texas... you know.)


OK Tezzy will play fair

Being as you are surfiando the Net, checkout http/www.bore2000.com being equal opportunity Mexicans... get a laugh at Al Gore... he isn't suing to close it down...yet!)


Juanito Vargas, flipping Juan, is checking out lay of the land in the 79th assembly district. Went up north seeking support... Democrats were kind-of-cool, to him since he has been playing footsies with the Republicans. PUES JUAN change from a small d to a large R. Tell every one you're from Tejas and run for the 79th .


¿Cómo? How do you achieve success? Pos its easy Vato. Be corrupted, be investigated by the FBI, get caught snorting coquina, be a former Assemblyman and a Los Angeles City Councilman and then former Assemblyman now Senate leader John Burton (D-San Francisco) will appoint you to a $100,000 a year job on the State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board!! Just ask Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alatorre. Oh Diosito, protect us from the políticos!


QUOTE BEST FORGOTTEN: (Pete Wilson) has been a very successful governor. I look forward to visiting with him at some time in the future. He said he would seek Wilson's endorsement... "I'd love it," he said. "He's a very important man in California."



Pssssssssst George Baby... Be sure and check with California's Chicanos on PIPA WILSON'S CREDENTIALS when you get around to it.


Headlines in passing:

"Teachers, Administrators, Principals will be judged on student performance."


"Stanford Basic Skills Exam show incredible jump in student Achievement."

"Ron Unz says His Program works."

Texas Testing Company admits embarrassing Testing Blunder."

Fired Principals at San Diego Unified demanding to know what was the criteria that Superintendent Alan Berstein used to judge them before he demoted or fired them!

(What's good for the kids should be good for the teachers.)

Whats Happening? A demonstration will be held July 8, 1999, at 9:00 a.m. at the Hall of Justice calling on the District Attorney to order a full investigation into Mayor Susan Golding's actions as noted in the Grand Jury report of June 4, 1999.

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