July 1, 2005

Notas Politicas

De España a strange request came to have an interview with “El Jefito”. They wanted an Entrevista. “Entrevista Mundo Hispano, Radio City FM 97.5”, based in Spain made the call. Really, Gente, all La Prensa asked was: “Can’t the Spanish King have a confab with the Arab Caliphs and see if they can’t stop the “Martyrs for Islam”? After all there isn’t a single Spaniard that doesn’t have some Arabic blood after over 800 years of occupation by the Arab Caliphs.! Though they did want to know what “our mission was and our Objectives. We told them!

Francine Busby sent La Prensa San Diego a statement on Rep. Cunningham and his manipulation of the sale of his home to a “friendly Government contractor. “Rep. Randy Cunningham did not answer important questions about his relationship with defense contractor Mitchell Wade and changed his original story…Cunningham did not release the comparables he used to determine the price of his home, the financial records relating to his residence aboard Wade’s yacht, or explain his relationship with the SURE Foundation.” Of course, we do have the Congressman’s assurance that he doesn’t smoke marijuana! Maybe the Hommies doing business know whether he really does or doesn’t smoke the weed!

Pregunta: Something sure smells in the GOP (The Grand Old Party). It doesn’t seem to live up to its promises any more. Something is rotten not only locally but State wide as well in the Nations Capitol. Que Paso?????

Pues, the City of San Diego will hold its Special Municipal Election on Tuesday July 26, 2005! It will be noted for having its first ever “Strong Mayor Election! It appears that most of us have agreed that we haven’t had any strong Mayors just weak ones. There will be 11 supposed strong Mayor Contenders and one who is not quite sure he/she is a strong one his/her name is Write-In! In addition there will be Two Propositions (Thank

The Voters get a break this time around.. Don’t get confused by all the “Paid for” mailers you’re getting for the Statewide election coming up later towards the end of the year. Some folks just can’t wait to place their Mugs on a campaign cardboard. Mark my words their will be Voters that will want to Vote for State wide officials or National Candidates. (You have your chance to kick Schwarzenegger out of the Governors Mansion in November! He is not a “write in Candidate!)

Profiles of Courage: Mayor Candidate Pat Shea helped restructure Orange County in their recent financial crisis. Pat Shea had the brains to marry Diann Shipone, who stood up against the Pension Board. Unfortunately, Pat Shea is Chairman of the San Diego Convention Center, who continues to live on taxpayers financing to survive, and the Padre’s Ballpark Task force that approved the taxpayers build the new stadium

All at taxpayers expense. We need a strong Mayor who will have the strength to stop the “Good Ole Boys from raiding the City Treasury! Sorry Pat, La Prensa San Diego will have to pass on your candidacy.

Profiles of Courage: Mayor Candidate Steve Francis, Businessman. He claims to have the experience (Owns a business), knowledge (Fails to mention educational background), and toughness (What does that mean?). Promises he won’t raise taxes (On the rich?), Promises not to declare bankruptcy (Why? If that is what it takes?), Will cut pay and perks of anyone who created this crisis (That’s half the City and how about the Corporate –Business Leaders …Don’t they share in the blame? Sorry Steve, La Prensa San Diego will pass on you this time around. Suggest you come around our Barrios and find out what it takes to turn this City around.

Profiles of Courage: Mayoral Candidate Jerry Sanders, former Police Chief. Ex-Chief promises a detailed Financial Recovery Plan yet fails to give any specifics. He notes the pension shortfall of over $1.3 billion…Yet, fails to state what he is going to do about it. Since Police and Fireman are involved in this massive rip off, he still claims that he will cut bureaucracy. We ask, are you tough enough to fire Policemen and Firemen? He doesn’t say. Jerry, we need more information on just how you re going to bring this change around. And of course, as a Mexican American, I insist on more details how all this is going to play off on the hard pressed Barrios of San Diego.

(Candidate Reviews Continued next week. Endorsements July 22)

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