Volume XXVI Number 04 January 25, 2002

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Flying Sams Celebrate a Year of Success

By Lisa Marguet

The Flying Sams landed in Ensenada a little over a year ago, bringing a free clinic to a community that, up to that time, had depended on home remedies and curanderos to cure what ailed them.

Flying Sams, short for Flying Samaritans, is a voluntary group of pre-med students out of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), who devised and organized the free clinic. "I was stunned by the dramatic difference our group made," stated Elizabeth Stephens, a UCSD student. "I gave this old man his very first pair of glasses. To think that I was able to help him see after all these years was very gratifying."

Dr. Patel keeps busy with patients.

Opening the doors to the clinic took a great deal of work from students, including two years of negotiations with the Mexican government (with the support of the DIF - Mexico's welfare system), and the renovation of a rundown, concrete building into a fully stocked, functional clinic. All that was left was to recruit doctors to volunteer their weekends in Ensenada.

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Vietnam Specter Haunts Philippines As U.S. Troops Settle In
By Maurice Malanes
MANILA, Philippines
—Top Philippine officials are defending the presence of hundreds of newly arrived U.S troops, but critics from both the left and the right are raising legal and constitutional questions and warn about local backlash. Some fear another Vietnam in the making.

State Board of Education Takes Historic Action to Integrate Instruction For California's 1.2 Million K-8
English Learners
Sacramento — For the first time in California history, the State Board of Education has adopted regular classroom textbooks that include strategies to meet the instructional needs of the more than 1 million English learners in California's K-8 public schools.

New Tuition Exemption Would Make UC More Affordable For Some Students
As a measure to further expand access to a University of California education, the UC Board of Regents today (Jan. 17) conditionally approved by a 17-5 vote a new tuition exemption program that will allow certain nonresident students to pay in-state fees if they have attended at least three years at and graduated from a California high school.


Small-Time Inventors Take Super Show By Storm
By Yvette tenBerge
Jean-Guy Raymond, a 70-year-old retired firefighter from Montreal, Canada, stands next to a display that consists of a pumpkin-sized, black ball fitted into a heavy, polished wood base. Although his casual attire and stance project calm, his eyes are intent on passersby who stop to watch a video playing on a monitor to his right. Observers exchange puzzled looks as they view footage of Mr. Raymond, or members of his family, partially lying on the floor and rolling their stomachs over the Abdomax, an invention that Mr. Raymond believes will take fitness-crazy America by storm.

N.A.C.H.: New Federal Medicaid Rules Threaten State Health Coverage For Low-Income And Disabled
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Ignoring state budget crises across the country and bipartisan congressional opposition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today (January 17, 2002) announced new rules that will substantially cut federal funding for state Medicaid programs, which finance the health care of millions of children of low-income families as well as children with disabilities, according to the National Association of Children's Hospitals.

Paige Announces Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions to Get
More Than $350 Million
U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige announced that President George W. Bush's budget request for the Education Department will include more than $350 million for programs that will strengthen Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Historically Black Graduate Institutions (HBGIs) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs)-an increase of more than $12 million over current funding levels.

Researchers Question Reported Links Between English Immersion Programs and Rise in English Learner
Test Scores
.—Claims that an overall rise in the Stanford-9 test scores of California's limited English proficient (LEP) students is due largely to the implementation of English immersion programs are not supported by the California Department of Education's Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) data, according to an article published Friday in the Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA), an on-line peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the Education Policy Studies Laboratory at Arizona State University.

Bolstering the Public's Trust Begins with Offering SmallPox Vaccinations
Doctors at Front Line Need Training, Can't Heal What They Can't Diagnose
By Dr. Elen Rios
- Just when Americans adjusted their lives to the threat of anthrax, smallpox - a deadlier and more contagious bioterrorism horror - looms heavily over the nation.

Para Aumentar La Confianza del Público Debe Comenzarse por Ofrecer La Vacuna Contra La Viruela
Los Médicos en El Camp de Acción Necesitan Entrenamiento, Ya Que No Pueden Curar Los Que No
Pueden Diagnosticar
Por Dra. Elena Ríos
- Ahora que los estadounidenses han hecho cambios en sus vidas ante la amenaza del ántrax, la viruela - una amenaza bioterrorista más mortífera y contagiosa - ha surgido en el país.

Home Ownership Gets a Little Easier
Partnership Between County, Local Cities Helps Renters Buy Their Own Homes
A new program sponsored by the County of San Diego and 15 local cities will help families make the jump from renting to home ownership, even if they are short on cash for a down payment or have less than stellar credit.

26 Housing and Community Development Groups Form Community Homeownership Credit Coalition
— Twenty-six housing and community development groups have come together to form the Community Homeownership Credit Coalition to push for the enactment of a homeownership tax credit proposed by the Bush administration that would help increase the supply of affordable homes for sale.

Water Authority's New Insurance Program Aids Small Businesses
The San Diego County Water Authority is offering a new insurance program that will open the door for more small businesses to participate in contracted work. The service was designed to make it easier for contractors to meet the insurance requirements of the Water Authority by providing a cost-saving alternative to the rates offered by most insurance companies.

Por Diego Alvarez
No convierta el sueño de tener vivienda en una pesadilla
Para la mayoría de hispanos, adquirir una casa propia es un sueño hecho realidad a base de esfuerzos, ahorros durante toda una vida y mucha paciencia. La felicidad y sobre todo, la tranquilidad que produce llegar a tu propia casa, es algo que sólo se vive una vez.

New York The Capital of the World and the Final Destination
By R.M. Medina
AFTER the horrible tragedy of September 11 in New York, the city is getting back to normal life...

Cox Kids donates $10,000 to SMMS
The Cox communications Kids Foundation provided a grant to the San Marcos Middle School (SMMS) and the Palomar College GEAR UP program for $10,000. The grant was part of a competitive process sought by middle schools from around San Diego County. The SMMS proposal, titled "School-wide Literacy Through Accelerated Reader", is to support a computerized student self-guided reading progress program. The software, already installed on school computers, is called Accelerated Reader.

"Do You Know Mr. California? Or Friends of Carrillo (Leo) Ranch
Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotarian, Tom Freese, Community Director, presented a check to Gene Chartier, board member of the Friends of (Leo) Carrillo Ranch, for $1,000.00. The money will help them in their innovative teaching of "Art & California History," to all the students in Carlsbad's fourth grades.

Bronze Triangle CDC Teams Up With Members of the San Diego Police Department and Owner of Lew's
Market to Improve Their Community
For many years now, school children and neighbors who passed by Lew's Market on the corner of 33rd and Imperial saw vivid images of drugs and gangs depicted in a life-size mural painted on the side of the market. Created from ideas generated by students at a neighborhood elementary school in the early 1990's, the fifteen-foot high and fifty-foot long mural portrayed a vision of how the students saw their community - as a struggle between good and evil. One of the most notable images depicted was a person injecting himself with an over-sized hypodermic needle.

Martina Peinado Named Southwestern College Employee of the Quarter
Martina Peinado says, "I was hatched here," as a way to illustrate the scope of her connection to Southwestern College. Each year since 1997, in her capacity as CalWORKS program technician, Martina has assisted more than 700 CalWORKS students transition from welfare to work. However, her Southwestern College history began in 1986 when she became a student worker assigned to the Division of Engineering and Technical Studies. Later, as an hourly worker, she worked for Business and Operations, Admissions, ROP, Customized Training, and the Women's Resource Center. Along the way she has worked in almost every area of the campus. Among her most rewarding accomplishments was setting up "well-oiled" systems for new start-up programs such as the Border Environmental Commerce Resource Center, and CalWORKS.

South Bay Forum To Hold Candidate's Forum
Chula Vista Mayoral & Council Seat Candidates Invited
Chula Vista — South Bay Forum, a non-partisan political action committee, invites Chula Vista voters to attend a Candidate Forum on Thursday, January 31, 2002. The forum, for Mayoral and Council Seat candidates, will be held at the Chula Vista Public Library Auditorium, 4th & F St., at 6:00 p.m.

Community Notes:
Grant Funds Available for Performing & Visual Arts
Application forms are now available from the Chula Vista Office of Cultural Arts for Performing & Visual Arts Fund grants. Eligible projects may include dance, design arts, media arts, music, photography, theatre, traditional/folk arts and visual arts, or interdisciplinary expressions involving more than one of these fields.

Openings on the Law Library Board of Trustees
The San Diego County Public Law Library has two openings for an attorney member of its Board of Trustees. The Law Library Board consists of three attorneys and four judges.

Mexico: La Pelota Prehispánica Sobrevive
Por Diego Cevallos
(IPS) - Arqueólogos de México hallaron en la capital y en los estados de Chiapas y Durango nuevas canchas prehispánicas en las que se practicaba un juego de pelota cuyo significado aún se discute.


Padres' Owner Becomes Switch Hitter and Strikes Out
Whatever else they may be, PADRES fans are not stupid. Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics and African Americans recognize a switch when they see it. John Moores is the owner of the San Diego Padres who spent a lot of money and time getting the Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics and African Americans into the ball park, but he has switched teams in the middle of the game.

Governor Davis Balances State Budget On Our Backs
James Santiago Grisolía, MD
Our economic recession is anticipated to cause over 12 billion dollars in shortfall in the California state budget. Governor Davis proposes a budget that tries to close the gap with smoke and mirrors, hoping to avoid responsibility for more obvious cuts or tax increases that would damage his chances for re-election.

Chismes de mi gallinero:
A Glance Backwards at a Very Strange 2001
By Julio C. Calderón
We just got back from a week of recharging batteries in El Valle del Yaqui, the Sonora Desert, at the foot of the Superstition Mountain in Arizona. The desert is mystical on its own, no need for magic mushrooms. Of course, there is no need for enhancements either to recognize the fact that we have gone through a very strange year.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Se Rinde Homenaje a los Caídos el 11 de Septiembre Con un Corrido
Por Paco Zavala
No hay una explicación creíble ni humana que justifique hechos muy lamentables, esto ha ocurrido a través del tiempo, la historia narra desde antes de los tiempos bíblicos si hemos de hacer referencia a algún dato, creo que este se ha perdido en el transcurso de la vida, la cual está plagada y llena de estos hechos, nada más que el ser humano parece tener muy mala memoria.

Se Buscan Músicos Tradicionalístas Mexicanos
Por: Paco Zavala
México, es un país en el que la música es un ingrediente de vital importancia para desarrollar sus actividades en todos sus contornos y vertientes. México, es un país de una naturaleza romántica por excelencia, con esta se mezcla fervientemente adherida la música en todas sus concepciones, el trabajo no es la excepción. En México, hasta en el rincón más pequeñito poblacional se manifiesta en sus costumbres, leyendas y tradiciones la necesidad de amenizar con música sus celebraciones, en fin, en todo siempre está presente la corriente musical.

Mosaico... de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
La veleidosa vida nada perdona y dentro de sus vaivenes intrépidos y dsconcertantes encontramos que incluye tanto los valores que corresponden únicamente al género humano, también lo que al mismo incumbe desarrollar y encontrar por medio de su desarrollo su derrotero definido y sensibilizarlo de tal manera que se convierta en un vrdadero ser humano, como una efigie deidificada, poseedor de esas formas y definiciones que no sean desvirtuadas nunca, por nada ni por nadie.

Showtime to Premiere "Fidel," First Film to Primarily Explore Life of Fidel Castro
Two-Part Miniseries Chronicles Life and rise to Power of Cuba's Leader
The controversial life and rise to power of Fidel Castro are the subjects of the Show-time Original Miniseries FIDEL. The first film to primarily explore the life of Fidel Castro, FIDEL, premieres exclusively on Sunday, January 27 at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT) and Monday, January 28 at 8:00 p.m.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Tall Ships Arriving
The exotic square riggers Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain returns to San Diego January 24 as their final stop of their West Coast educational tour. They will call at 16 ports between San Francisco and here docking at the Maritime Museum January 24 thru February 3.

The Official Word On Vargas-De La Hoya Press Scuffle - And Who Really Got Hurt
The Golden Boy, when he finished his photo shoot Thursday in Los Angeles, did some quick shadow-boxing, flashed his left jab and told his handlers "....I know exactly right where to hit Vargas, right on his glass chin."

Chacon Rallies to Retain, Tapia Returns with a Knockout
By Dave Hicks
With rumors abounding that Johnny Tapia's final fight with Showtime would come earlier this evening, and that then the four-time world champion would jump ship to HBO in order to set up a mega-payday against Prince Naseem Hamed, Showtime did have one bargaining chip. While they couldn't produce someone with the crossover appeal of the Prince, they could provide Tapia with the WBO featherweight champion, who also fought tonight from London, England, giving him a shot to gain that fifth world title he craves.

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