January 24, 2003


Trail of Tears for 30 Years (Confessions of a Pro Life Activist)

By: Sylvia Sullivan

Admit it, we know you hate us. We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, ages and faiths. Still, you wish we would disappear. You wonder if we have real lives or do we totally spend them on the streets and sidewalks. Actually, we are your neighbors, your co-workers and your friends, the real face of compassionate America. We stand and speak out for the babies who cannot speak. We show you a reality of abortion.

The huge pictures of bloody, ripped aborted babies’ bodies are very graphic, gruesome and disturbing. We agree. We are a nation sick in numbed denial that must be shocked into feeling such revulsion that it cries out - enough! The killing must stop.

The little secret is that pro lifers also hate the pictures and we hurt as we view them. More importantly, however, these pictures have saved hundreds of lives, as mothers were shown the truth of abortion and chose life for their babies. We wish it weren’t necessary to show the pictures of dismembered aborted children. For now the pre-born babies’ silent screams haunt us, so we must show the truth.

Before you dismiss us as obsessed fanatics, try to look a little closer to understand what 30 years of Roe v Wade has meant to us as a nation. Another minute, another baby’s life is snuffed out and another mother is scarred for life. Under the banner of choice, a staggering 42 million plus abortions have taken place in the U.S. We can hardly comprehend the magnitude of the genocide, the holocaust, of the war against pre-born babies and ultimately the human race.

A woman’s right to choose has been fiercely held as a Constitutional right; it is not. Ironically, pro lifers know it is a lie and very cruel joke on women. Too often we are told by abortion minded women that it is the MEN in their lives that push for the abortion. Dig deep for the reason women aborted and you’ll discover time and again that abortion was not their first choice. They desperately wanted their baby and the love and support of the baby’s father. Abortion is a way to absolve men of their fatherly responsibilities.

Our message, on the other hand, is one of help, information, solutions and yes, warning to mothers considering abortion. Beyond the death of an innocent baby, abortion often brings serious emotional and physical consequences to the mothers. The latest concern is the very under-reported connection between abortion and breast cancer. So far, 13 of 15 studies in the U.S. and 28 of 37 studies worldwide confirm the link. Our compassion also extends to post abortive mothers, letting them know that there is hope and healing from the pain of abortion through counseling, workshops and literature.

In the past, many wished that those voices raised against slavery and segregation would shut up and go away. Thankfully, they did not, until the job was done and justice prevailed. By God’s grace, we too, will not quit until respect for life is restored. So when you see us on the street, please don’t curse or throw something at us. Instead, say a prayer for the moms, the babies and our nation.

Lastly, realize that small, frail, yet powerful Mother Teresa was right when she said, “The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching the people to love but to use any violence to get what they want.”

(Sylvia Sera Sullivan, Cubana, residing in La Mesa, Ca., is a Pro Life, Pro Family activist since 1984, currently serves on the Board of the California Life Coalition. She is fluent in Spanish and is focused on reaching the Hispanic Women. She is President of the East County CRA and recently was elected to the San Diego County Republican Party Central Committee. Sullivan may be reached at sylvias@usa.net).

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