January 20, 2006

National City Spotlight:

The Politico Flu Season hits National City

By Ted Godshalk

A computer’s spell check is not always to be trusted. For example, “tired for the offense,” may be allowed when “tried for the offense” was truly meant. Sometimes you must dictionaire the words in a piece of writing. One of my recent articles was run through a spell check and out popped “influenza” for “Inzunza.” No, I told the computer, the man’s name is spelled correctly. This computer spell check misinterpretation, however, did make me think for a moment about the flu. The Bird Flu, in particular. This extremely dangerous illness has been in the news lately; it is poised to run rampant across the Earth. As epidemics go, this one appears to be a very serious one. Less serious to the global population but of concern here at home, is the epidemic in the National City Mayor’s office. Nick Inzunza is certainly having a reaction to the news about his derelict properties. Inzunza has the Politico Flu.

The news came across my desk last week that Inzunza has withdrawn from, not one but two, political races for this year. He has given up his desire to be in the State Assembly, and likewise, has announced he will not seek reelection to the National City mayor’s position. He remains in office for the rest of the year, and in that he does not take some community members’ advice to resign. The rental property exposé has struck Inzunza down and for this there is no known antidote.

You know, this disorder could have started up when the mayor-to-be-no-more tried to pad his own municipal retirement back in 2004. The signs were there, we just didn’t know how serious it was.

Even without a cure, there is one thing that can be done for the Politico Flu, and that is to get a lot of rest and drink lots of fluids. I hope Inzunza doesn’t start drinking, but I am very glad to see he recognizes the need for rest. Holding political office just doesn’t agree with this man. Once out of office, his system may be cleansed of the toxins.

Fatigue has set in with Inzunza, and perhaps he had a bad fever when he chastised the Union-Tribune and the reporter who wrote the lengthy story about his rental properties and the mistreatment of the tenants. When he claimed at a City Council meeting that people are “always picking on National City,” Inzunza was afflicted. When he claimed he was taking care of the maintenance issues, and then it was pointed out that the tenants were still waiting for repairs, he was infected. When he told us how he was going to cover up ownership under his wife’s name, he was ill.

It is doubtful that Nick Inzunza will ever recover from the Politico Flu. He may show signs that he is in remission, but everyone will have to keep a close eye on him. If you notice that he is showing signs of renewed interest in campaign fundraising, meeting with high-rise developers, and setting up groups like the Friends of Increased Sales and Property Taxes then call the doctor – or the newspaper. Once this flu gets in a person’s system it cannot really be cured, only monitored.

Ted Godshalk can be reached at paradisecreek@mac.com

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