January 20, 2006

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Why wait ten months?

Why is it that National City Mayor Inzunza needs to wait ten months to end his political career? He is already finished and should resign immediately. The mayor has hurt the poorest of the poor for his financial gain. People of National City do not want this type of individual representing our city and families. I cannot believe that for one minute he did not know the conditions of his properties. He was able to brag about his fortune that he built buying real estate. If he was aware of his finances then I am sure he was aware of the condition in which his tenants lived in. I am sure that every time he and his lawyers went to court over the poor conditions of his rentals, he was made aware. Every time he was able to rid himself of tenants who “complained” about poor living conditions, he knew the conditions of his properties. How can he blame his wife for him being a “slum lord”? Mr. Inzunza, would you allow your children to live in these conditions? Would you even spend one night in your rentals? (Other than your Coronado property.) Why did he transfer all of his broken down properties to his wife with the exception of his Coronado home? Is this not a rental property also? I would like to know how a Mayor who runs a city and properties, with all the money he claims he has made, is able to get a non profit organization to fix up his personal properties? My house is in need of work, can I get the phone number to the MAAC Project? Mr. Inzunza, please resign now and save us the embarrassment of having you for our Mayor for the next ten months.

Mrs. Deane Salinas
National City

Hispanic Politicans are Weak

RE: editorial of Jan. 13, 2006... “City council races send strong signals of an emerging political awareness amongst Hispanic candidates”

When you refer to the “Hispanic community,” just who are you referring to? I am Hispanic but have never felt the need, nor would I want only Hispanic politicians representing me. I consider such Hispanics as weak and unable to cope with the American process. Also, I am not part of your “sleeping giant” theory, I have been aware of the political arena since I was old enough to vote. Either I am not Hispanic or you are referring to a specific group of Hispanics, thus my question..who are you referring to when you say “Hispanic community.” I have been quite successful wirh or without politicians from varied racial groups and find your comments offensive to Hispanics not of your persuasion..

I do not support your tones of separtism and threats as I am first and foremost an American and seek good representation for all Americans. My Hispanicism comes second. In future perhaps it would be best if you referred to your idea of Hispanics as “some in the Hispanic community,” not “the Hispanic community.”

Fred A. Flores
via email

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