January 19, 2001

Meet District Eight Candidate - Richard Babcock

By Daniel Munoz

Describing himself as a community member who happens to have a great deal of civic experience, Richard Babcock announced his candidacy to represent the residents of District Eight.

District 8 which has had a history of appointed and anointed representation, has a unique opportunity to select a candidate who represents the needs of the community, who has a first hand, working knowledge of the community, and a candidate who is not looking at district eight as the first step on the way to a higher office.

Richard Babcock

Whether or not Babcock is that candidate is yet to be determined, but he does enter the race with distinct qualifications.

Living in the area all his life Babcock attended Oak Park Elementary, Horace Mann Middle, and Crawford High School. He received his Bachelor's degree and his Master's Degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University.

From 1985 through 1991 he worked for three City Council members and as a special assistant to City Manager John Lockwood. He has served as an Economic Development Specialist with the Southeast Economic Development Commission and has served as a Program Director with a Construction Training School.

One of Babcock's strong points in understanding the issues of the Barrio Logan area of District Eight is that he can always turn to his uncle Mike Amador who has owned and operated Amador's Market and is one of the stalwart community leaders of the Barrio, for insight and advice.

He has volunteered his time to serve on the San Diego County Taxpayer's Association; Served as an Officer with the Rotary Club; Member of the San Diego Waste Management Advisory Board; and a Member of the Economic Development Task Force, San Diego County.

At present he is owner of Profile Research and Marketing, a demographic research firm.

In his literature Babcock declares that the needs of District have been ignored for the past seven years and needs more hands-on representation. Some of the issues that have provoked to run for office are issues such as the proposed needle exchange program; the fact that City hall spends more time and money of downtown libraries, ballparks, and ticket guarantees than on neighborhood streets, libraries and parks and; the importance of stopping the expansion of Brown Field.

The four main issues of his campaign are:

1. Electricity, Natural Gas and Gasoline cost;

2. Traffic - he will push for the completion of Routes 125 and 905;

3. Neighborhood neglect; and

4. San Diego kids - he supports program, such as the "Six to Six" program.

Babcock promises that he will reestablish the neighborhoods as his first priority and that he will work for the community and special interest. His goal is to see that the people can live and earn a living in the 8th District!

(The Babcock campaign can be reached at: (619) 429-1045 or 232-2981, email rbabcock@pacbell.net. Address: 303 A Street, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101.)

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