Volume XXV Number 3 January 19, 2001

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In Memoriam

Bert Corona

Born: May 29, 1918
El Paso Texas
Died: January 15, 2001
Los Angeles, Ca.


"A Successful Leader must respect himself and set an example for others.

God help us in our long struggle"

Bert Corona

One of our great warriors Bert Corona has finally gone to his final resting place in AZTLAN CALIFAS. He brought to a close his life as only a true warrior of the Chicano movement could `fighting to the last moment to survive'.

Bert was visiting his ancestral homeland in Leon Guanajuato when he suffered an acute gall bladder attack January 6, 2001. He was operated on and had his gall bladder removed. His kidney then began to fail. He suffered another emergency operation, but his weaken body was now in dire straights. He suffered renal failure and serious infections. His heart became weak and his pacemaker was replaced. Sensing that he was dying, he was transported to Los Angeles where he was attended to by his personal physician. He never regained consciousness and died, in the ancient land of our people... Aztlan.

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Our President - Embracing the Middle Class at the Expense of the Poor
By Richard Rodriguez
Bill Clinton came from the trailer-park American South, from people that genteel southerners like to call "trash." But however often late-night comics scorned him as "Bubba," William Jefferson Clinton transformed himself into the president of America's middle class — that was his triumph and his limitation.

Illegal but fighting for rights
No longer cowering in the shadows, America's undocumented workers are taking their
grievances to court and even joining unions
By Margot Roosevelt
January 15, 2001
- At first glance, the news seems routine. Four hundred delivery-men in Manhattan join a labor union and win $3 million in back pay. What's unusual is that the workers, predominantly from West Africa, are all undocumented. And, even more remarkable, these illegal immigrants, given lax immigration enforcement, have little reason to fear deportation. Indeed, one of them, Siaka Diakite, an Ivory Coast native, is now pictured in a widely distributed color brochure put out by the AFL-CIO. Says Charles Batchli, a plaintiff from the Congo: "It didn't matter who we were. We are human beings first. The question was, Were we taken advantage of?"

Can states give drivers tests only in English?
U.S. Supreme Court will decide if English-only driving license test is discriminatory
By Warren Richey
, January 16, 2001 — A dispute over an Alabama English-only law has become an important forum to determine the scope of US civil rights laws.

Don't Put The Utilities Back In Charge

By David Bacon
- California's experiment with deregulating electricity is on its last legs. "Deregulation is dead," declares Public Utilities Commissioner Carl Wood. And from the governor to the PUC to the legislature, almost everyone expects the state's electrical system to be regulated once again.

Utilities Engineered Their Own Troubles - Let Them Reap The Costs
By Peter Asmus
It's beginning to look like the fix is in once again — consumers are being asked to bail out two electric utilities that are the real culprits behind today's energy supply fiasco. Before we get too scared by the threat of blackouts — which will occur, by the way, whatever happens to these two utilities — it helps to put their latest plea for help in proper context.

Meet District Eight Candidate - Richard Babcock
By Daniel Munoz
Describing himself as a community member who happens to have a great deal of civic experience, Richard Babcock announced his candidacy to represent the residents of District Eight.

Noticias de México...
México: Gobernador de Chihuahua sufre atentado contra su vida
Patricio Martínez, Gobernador del estado mexicano de Chihuahua, sufrió un atentado contra su vida, por parte de una mujer ex-agente de la Policía Judicial del Estado. Martínez recibió un disparo en la parte posterior de la cabeza. Su estado es muy delicado.


El Presidente Mexicano Vicente Fox Inauguró Reunión del Grupo Salinas
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO — El presidente Vicente Fox habló de las perspectivas económicas de México a 500 líderes de empresas, finanzas y medios el miércoles pasado, en la sesión inaugural de una reunión de dos días de la alta gerencia de las compañías del Grupo Salinas, anunció Ricardo Salinas, presidente de la junta directiva y director ejecutivo del Grupo Salinas.

Innovador informe examina perspectiva latina única en liderazgo
Familia y comunidad, cualidades importantes "Las cuatro C" definen el liderazgo
WASHINGTON, DC — La National Community for Latino Leadership, Inc. (NCLL), un comité asesor de liderazgo y un centro de intercambio de información, dió a conocer las conclusiones del estudio empírico más grande y exhaustivo sobre liderazgo latino. Las conclusiones de más de 3,000 encuestados latinos reflejan aunque también divergen del punto de vista de las corrientes dominantes no latinas sobre liderazgo. Los latinos tienen un punto de vista único sobre el liderazgo que hace énfasis en el servicio a la comunidad y la compasión. El informe es importante particularmente en el clima político y económico de hoy en día en el que líderes nacionales tratan con gran empuje de ganarse el voto de los distritos electorales y mercados latinos.

Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation Opens Its 4th Annual Search For the
Nation's Top Hispanic Youth
Washington, D.C. — The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation has begun its annual search for America's top Hispanic youth and is inviting high school students from all over San Diego to submit applications for any of their seven areas of accomplishments. The due date for submitting the applications is February 9, 2001. This year, over four hundred thousand dollars will be awarded. The National Winners of the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards 2001 will be recognized at the Kennedy Center during the annual "Hispanic Heritage Awards" Ceremony in the fall.

The Food Page:
One Easy Recipe, Two Distinctive Super Bowl Party Menus
Mike Ditka's Chef provides game plan for the perfect game day meal
Football fanatics and fair weather fans agree - Super Bowl Sunday is an ideal time to gather with friends and family. If you've been drafted to quarterback the Super Bowl XXXV festivities, put a twist on traditional game day fare with a distinctive Super Bowl dinner. work with one delicious main dish and serve it as it best suits your party and your guests: consider treating your guests to a Super Bowl "dinner party" or keep things casual with scrumptious hero sandwiches. Either way you go, the menu line-up can still be a snap to prepare.


Ricky Martin Doesn't Represent Latinos
by Sheila Maldonado
As Ricky Martin goes, so goes the perception of Latinos.

Rosa Parks 45 Years Later
by Barbara Ransby
On Dec. 1, 1955, the courageous actions of one middle-aged black woman in Montgomery, Ala., marked a turning point for the civil-rights movement in the United States. On that day, Rosa Parks defiantly refused to comply with the city's racist policy of segregated seating on public buses. As a result she was thrown in jail, a move that sparked a year-long protest and had a ripple effect throughout the country.

Argentina's Addiction to IMF Money
by L. Jacobo Rodriguez
The International Monetary Fund played Santa Claus over the holidays and orga-nized a rescue package for Argentina worth $40 billion, which was officially approved on Jan. 12. The deal allows Argentina to avoid defaulting on its $125 billion in foreign debt. That's as good as the news gets, however. A close look at the agreement shows that it has little chance of solving Argentina's problems in the long term or putting its economy on a robust growth path in the near future.

La muerte de la justicia
Por Pablo Padula
Nadie podrá avisarle a Frank Lee Smith que ya comprobaron su inocencia. El FBI anunció que una prueba de ADN demostró que él no fue quien mató a una mujer de la Florida 15 años atrás, delito que lo llevó a estar a tres días de ser ejecutado en la silla electrica. Pero nadie podrá avisarle. Porque Smith murió de cáncer en un hospital 11 meses antes de que se dieran a conocer los resultados. Murió odiando a la justicia que nunca le creyó.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

En Escenarios
Por Arnoldo Varona
Entre las aspiraciones de la estrella pop estadounidense Britney Spears están el estudiar leyes y convertirse en abogado, lo que planea hacer el próximo verano con cursos de estudios en Nueva York, sin embargo algo imprevisto pudiera suceder que cambiaría radicalmente los planes de la antigua cantante y actriz del "Mickey Mouse Club" de Disney. El sensacionalista "Star" de Londres informó que la joven artista y su novio Justin Timberlake, del grupo `N Sync', acaban de adquirír una lujosa residencia en Los Angeles por la que han pagado 3 millones de dólares, lo que deja ver planes muy diferentes y quizás una boda cercana.

Oscar Gallardo, Voz y Presencia
Por Paco Zavala
Oscar Fernando Gallardo Espinoza, es el nombre de este joven cantante y lo simplifica aceptando que se le nombre como Oscar Gallardo simplemente, mismo que es su nombre artístico.

Signs of the Imperial Valley: Sand Spikes From Mount Signal
Los Signos del Valle de Mexicali: Las Puntas de Arena del Cerro del Centinela
An inSITE2000 Project by Allan McCollum
Dinosaur tracks in the roofs of Utah coal mines, fulgurites (a fulgurite is a glass-like tube produced by the fusion of loose sand or rock by lightning), from central Florida, a dog's form captured in the hardened ash of Pompeii —all have been subjects of Allan McCollum's work, and vehicles for his investigation of the phenomenon by which objects, including artworks, acquire meaning.

La Casa de la Cultura da la Bienvenida al Nuevo Ciclo Con Muchas Actividades
Por Paco Zavala
La Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana, como siempre activa, dinámica, demostrando que fue creada para impulsar el arte y la cultura en todos sus conceptos y contornos, cumple tácitamente con su cometido, atacando el nuevo año, siglo y milenio con la organización de diversas actividades que a continuación narramos.

Calendar of Events...
Free Performance
The Chula Vista Children's Choir will gather to sing their favorite songs on Jan 20, at 2 p.m. The performance will be held in the Rosemary Lane Galeria of the South Chula Vista Public Library, located at 389 Orange Avenue. Admission is free. The 21 singers range in age from 6 to 13. For more information, please call 585-5755.

Garcia may be just the player the national soccer team is looking for
By John Philip Wyllie
While the millions of Hispanic children living in America often learn to play soccer almost as quickly as they learn to walk, very few have ever found their way on to the national soccer team. Nick Garcia, the Kansas City Wizards stellar right back, hopes to reverse that trend. Still only 21, Garcia plays with a veterans savvy, reads the game extremely well and has experienced nothing but success wherever he has played.

Finalists For Hall of Fame Election
Twelve former NFL players, two coaches and a team owner, make up the 15-man list of finalists who will be considered for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as members of the Class of 2001. Three finalists, wide receiver Art Monk, offensive tackle Jackie Slater, and coach Bill Parcells are first-year eligible finalists. Joining the three first-year nominees are eleven other modern-era candidates and the recommended candidate of the Hall of Fame's Seniors Committee.

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