January 17, 2003

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We Don’t Need Anymore Cafeteria Democrats.

Another Centrist, Democrat Joe Lieberman, has come out claiming “I’m different”! The last time a different kind of Democrat was elected President, we DEMOS had controlled both Houses for nearly a half century. In two years former President Bill Clinton and his wife, now Senator, turned both over to the REPUBS.

Lieberman reaffirms his support for President George W. Bush and his war with Iraq along with his support with school vouchers. Lieberman also promises bipartisanship. How many times, did I as Chair of the local Democratic Party, hear that the art of politics is bipartisanship. What that meant was to compromise compomrise, and more compromise. Seems to me that Senator Joe Lieberman is more Republican than many other REPUBS.

We the Party of all the people do not need anymore CAFETERIA  DEMOCRATS leading us down the primrose path  to oblivion. What we need is to get back to practiving the principles that made us successful in the past!

Tom LaVaut
Former Chair of the San Diego County Democrtic  Party

Terrific Article

I read your article (“Día de Carreras y Fiesta familiar del Programa Escolar ELLI en Oceanside”) in the December 13, 2002, La Prensa San Diego.  Thank you so much for the terrific article!  I would love to get 10 copies to distribute it to the people who were mentioned! The Family Fiesta and Career Day was a great success!  We ended up giving out 155 backpacks filled with books, school supplies and t-shirts - one to every child who was able to walk up to the table!

Our program is moving right along. Over the Christmas holidays, we took 22 students with perfect attendance to Boomers Family Fun Center. They had a blast!  We are visiting the CSU-San Marcos campus this month, and the Museum of Making Music in February. 

Our state-library grant runs out on June 30, 2003, so we have no plans at this time to have our program after that. We have all been delighted with the success and popularity of ELLI, so we are presently looking for additional funding so we can keep it going.  But, these are tough times!

Again, thank you for coming to our event, and reporting about it so glowingly!

Laura Kohl
Coordinator, English Language Literacy Intensive
City of Oceanside Public Library

Format changes draws mixed reviews

Well, the consensus is in and you are out. Why you ask? Because you changed the head of your newspaper. The size is okay but the new presentation is terrible.

Go back to your old heading!

Delta Collins


I congratulate you on your outstanding newspaper. The “New Look” also improves the appearance, although I thought the “Old Look” was fine.

Thank you for bringing me many current items of interest and the many articles on history which we do not see in the other newspapers. Information and communication has been missing for too long in the Mexican American community.

As the Commander of the Kansas City Metro chapter of the American GI Forum, I take my copies of “La Prensa”  to our monthly meetings for our members to take home and distribute.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

Rudy Padilla
Overland Park, KS.

(Editor’s note: These are just a sampling of the letters we have received in regards to our format change. This is a work in progress so we ask our readers to hang in there and we will get it right)

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