January 14, 2005


Reply to Mayor’s State of The City Address

With heightened anticipation, I listened to San Diego Mayor, Dick Murphy, deliver his 2005 State of the City Address. Most readers of the weekly La Prensa San Diego are acutely aware that the Publisher and Editors have been highly critical of the Mayor Dick Murphy’s performance during his term of office.

In our analysis of his performance, we have found him sorely lacking in political acumen, leadership, and in his personification of the role as the leader of the largest City in the County of San Diego and certainly one of the most important cities in the State of California.

San Diego, with its large Hispanic/Mexican American/Latino populations, was and is a vital element in the lives of our people. Their survival as well as success in America is, to a large extent, dependent on the successful integration of our community into the fabric and life of all the other racial and social groups that define the City of San Diego, the County, State and Nation. We, the Mexican, Latino, and Hispanics, who were born and raised in America, have for far too long, been excluded by our fellow countryman, basically the European settlers that sailed across the Atlantic to join with the large Hispanic/Mestizos population who preceded the European settlers by 300-400 years to the American Continent.

In our opinion, we have found, throughout the history of our existence in the U.S., that the Anglo/European leadership has failed to work toward integrating, assimilating, and incorporating this large segment of Americas society into the fabric of American life.

Mayor Dick Murphy epitomizes the very essence of this failure of leadership in his stewardship of the City of San Diego. He claimed in his speech “there were divergent paths to take. We can complain, or we can commit. We can confront, or we can cooperate. We can wring our hands, or we can join hands. To all my colleagues and to all the citizens of San Diego: Tonight, I extend my hands to join together with yours. I pledge my determined commitment to lead a community of effort, and to do so in an open and transparent way.”  

Mr. Mayor, the remainder of your crafted speech is irrelevant, if in fact you cannot, by your example and leadership, forge together the elements necessary to bring in over a million of your constituents (Mexican Americans, Latinos, Hispanics) to forge common bounds with you and your fellow Anglo/European citizens to set aside 400 years of racism, discrimination and exclusionary policies.

Your example of the past four years, as Mayor, leaves little hope that any of your “State of the City Address” will ever come about.

The City is wallowing in a sea of debt, fostered by you and your colleagues in the City Council and the Carpet-Beggars that have attached themselves to the money spigots of the City. There has been no evidence or proof that you, as the Mayor, have severed their connection to the City and cast them adrift.

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