Volume XXV Number 2 January 12, 2001

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Juan Andrade presented with the President's Citizens Medal

The following is part of President Bill Clinton's speech in presenting Juan Andrade with one of the President's Citizens Medal:

One of the greatest honors I have had as President has been the opportunity to recognize and to honor on behalf of the American people the rich and diverse accomplishments of our fellow citizens. This ceremony marks the last time I will honor such a remarkable group at the White House. And I am profoundly grateful for this opportunity.

More than two centuries ago, our founders staked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on a revolutionary proposition — that people of competing ideas, but common ideals, could form a more perfect union. A democracy built solely on the strength of its citizens.

They felt it essential that America honor both the individual and the idea that a free people can accomplish their greatest work only by doing so together, for a common good. Today, we honor citizens whose individual contributions to the common good embody this ideal in its purest essence. We honor them with the President's Citizens Medal.

Among our nation's highest civilian honors, the Citizens Medal is a symbol of our gratitude as a people for those who have, in particular, performed exemplary deeds of service to others.

Now, let me say a few words about each of those who we honor.

As a civics teacher fresh out of college, Juan Andrade showed up for the first day of class eager to teach his students the fundamentals of American democracy. Two days later, he was under arrest. What was his terrible crime? He was teaching his students in his native tongue, Spanish, which was at the time a violation of Texas law.

That early injustice helped to spark Juan's life-long crusade for Hispanic American civil rights, including the founding of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute and nearly a thousand registration drives that have enfranchised over 1 million new voters. Today, we honor Juan Andrade for his courage, his commitment to both democracy and diversity; and for giving so many more Americans a voice in their own destiny.

Chavez's withdrawal spares Hispanics difficult choice
By Darlene Superville
— Linda Chavez's decision to step aside as the nominee for labor secretary saved Hispanic groups from a difficult decision: to oppose one of their own.

Horse Race for District 8 Underway
"The 8th District cannot continue to operate in the 21st Century with another ceremonial leader!" Kevin Hancock
By: D. L. Munoz
No sooner had the bad after taste from the interminable recounts, court hearings, and protests ceased from Florida, than the voting citizens of San Diego's District 8 have become involved in another political campaign. Rather than appointing someone to complete the term of former District 8 Councilman, Juan Vargas, the city council voted to hold an election.

Noticias de México...
Desobedesen recomendaciones de protección civil
Retan a la tormenta
Alberto Contreras, residente de la colonia México Lindo, refuerza un puente para no quedar aislado en caso de inundaciones.


Acknowledge MLK Day,
Acknowledge A Movement

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Corporate executives offer a regular litany of excuses when asked why they don't give their workers a day off on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday - or even acknowledge the day with a ceremony.

Dr. King - Rebel Leader
By Dr. Art Salzberg
The life and living legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which permeates America and the world, is a journey of our finest Rebel leader. The 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, which Dr. King led, set the stage. His jailings and written letters to world leaders while in jail attest to his inner strength. However, almost none of the literature on Dr. King mentions the book he read that led him to such supreme acts of faith: Albert Camus' The Rebel, his sole book (aside from the bible and the writings of Mohandas K. Gandhi) during those trying times which tempered him and African-Americans to break the last chains of bondage.

Marisa Rivera-Albert Paves The Path to Success for Latinas Seeking
Leadership Roles

Arlington, VA — A natural-born leader, Marisa Rivera-Albert was in elementary school when she began honing her leadership skills.

Marisa Rivera-Albert Prepara a Latinas en Búsqueda de Posiciones de Liderazgo
Arlington, VA — Marisa Rivera-Albert empezó a ejercer sus habilidades de liderazgo desde su niñez.

Hernandez Appointed As Riverside County Superior Court Judge
Sacramento — Governor Gray Davis announced the appointment of Supervising Deputy District Attorney Helios "Joe" Hernandez as a judge of the Riverside County Superior Court.

Governor Davis Launches my.ca.gov Your Online Link to California
Sacramento — Governor Gray Davis announced the launch of a one-stop California Web Portal that will offer access to an expanded array of online information and state services, such as the ability to make DMV appointments, obtain fishing licenses, or buy state park passes online. Governor Davis made the announcement as he delivered his State of the State address at the California State Capitol last night. The new "My California" web portal is located at my.ca.gov or www.ca.gov.

Making Homeownership More Affordable
HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo says that "A mortgage is the key that unlocks the door to homeownership and a secure financial future," and we agree. We also agree when he adds: "Too many minority families are renters who see their rents go up year after year without any financial benefit."

Enough Sore Losers: Aas Decision Good For All Homebuyers
The Aas v. Superior Court decision is GOOD for all homebuyers. It's good because builders might start building condos again. It's good because insurance providers may start insuring condos again. It's good because renters may be able to start buying condos again. Condos are needed for Smart Growth. Condos are needed to limit sprawl/protect the environment.

Former Congressman Packard Helps Secure Federal Appropriation for Cal State
San Marcos Latino Research Center
As Representative Ron Packard planned his retirement after 18 years in Congress, he wanted to send a final nod of support to California State University San Marcos. Packard's efforts resulted in a $553,000 federal appropriation for Cal State San Marcos' National Latino Research Center (NLRC) as part of the 2001-2002 budget passed by the 106th Congress before it adjourned in December. The funding will aid the Center's operations in its early years until it becomes self-supporting through contracts and grants.

SWC's SBDITC/CMTAC To Offer First Time Ever ABCs of Exporting Seminar
in Spanish
Southwestern College's Small Business and International Trade Development Center (SBDITC) and California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center (CMTAC) is pleased to announce the offering of its ABCs of Exporting Seminar, all in Spanish, on January 25, 2001. This seminar will be given at Southwestern College, 900 Otay Lakes Road, Building 1600, Chula Vista, California, 91910. Tel: (619) 482-6382. This is a free seminar and is open to all those interested in International Trade.

Kmart Donates 200 Computers to LULAC Technology Centers in Hispanic
Communities Across the Country
Washington, D.C.. — The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) announced a partnership with Kmart that will place 200 Gateway computers in Hispanic communities across the country. As part of LULAC's Empower the Community with Technology Project, the computers will be sent to LULAC technology centers where they will be accessible to local members of the community.

Education/Scholarship Opportunities:
Scholarship Deadline Approaching For Area High School Seniors
The Kaiser Media Fellowships in Health For 2001
An internship program for young minority journalists interested in specializing in urban public health reporting
Heineken and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Conduct Search for Student Journalists
Heineken y la Asociación Nacional de Periodístas Hispanos Realizan Una Búsqueda de Periodístas Estudiantes
Congressman Bob Filner Seeks Nominees for College Corps
Applications for New Class at UCSD's Preuss School Now Being Accepted

Community Notes:
NCCJ's 13th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "All People's Breakfast"
On Monday, Jan 15, 2001, San Diegans representing all races, cultures and religions will come together to honor and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. at the 13th Annual Martin Luther King Jr.. All People's Breakfast. Sponsored by the National Conference for Community and Justice, the breakfast will take place from 7:30 to 9 am. at the San Diego Concourse's Golden Hall.

Former Vista resident and Vista High graduate starts Albuquerque's first
Hispanic-owned public relations company
Albuquerque — Former magazine editor and Vista High School graduate Patrick J. Rodriguez today announced the start of Southwestern Media & Promotions, a full service public relations firms, owned and operated by Rodriguez and his wife, Alisa L. Rodriguez, in New Mexico's largest city.

National Council of La Raza Honored for Partnership with UAW, GM and the
National Safe Kids Campaign
As part of a ceremony honoring the International Union UAW (United Auto Workers), General Motors (GM) and the National SAFE KIDS Campaign (NSKC) for working to reduce the number of child fatalities and injuries in automobile crashes, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) received special acknowledgment from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for its participation in helping Hispanic families keep their children safe in motor vehicles.

Latino Volunteers Featured in the Peace Corps' New Recruitment Campaign Video
and Catalogue Launch at January 4 Events Nationwide
Washington, D.C. — The Peace Corps is launching a new national marketing campaign at recruiting events in 27 cities throughout the United States today. The new campaign, designed to recruit a new generation of Peace Corps volunteers as the agency prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary in March, features six people of color, including two Hispanic Americans.

The Food Page:
Score a Victory with your Game Day Fiesta
The game day countdown begins with great taste, so why not plan a party that offers a fiesta of flavor with your favorite Mexican-style appetizers? These popular, hearty snacks are both simple to prepare and provide fun "finger food" for all ages. Plus, the zesty flavors help keep the energy level high and put cheering fans on their toes!


Chavez' Republican Ideology Destroys Her
Linda Chavez lived by the sword of Republican ideology and politically died by that sword. A serious flaw in the Republican ideology was laid bare for all to see, Linda Chavez was incapable of distinguishing the differences between the particular and the general. She was able to comprehend individual instances of kindness and was willing to extend that kindness but her ideology made it impossible for her to understand the needs of the general population at large.

The Case Against Ashcroft

The perception that he's racially insensitive is reason enough to sink his nomination.
By Albert R. Hunt
There is a simple formulation for deciding whether opposition to a new president's cabinet choices is justified: If the situation were exactly reversed—the other guy won and tapped the polar opposite for a post—would opposition seem reasonable?

A Confederate in the Cabinet
Opposition: Should the Attorney General be someone who doubts that the preservation of slavery was a "perverted agenda"?
By Norman Solomon
More than 18 decades after Robert E. surrendered at Appomattox, the U.S. Senate is getting ready to confirm as attorney general someone who has voiced fervent admiration for the Confederacy. It's an almost unbelievable situation. Yet many news outlets —and the vast majority of senators— are perpetuating a state of denial.

Tezozomoc Speaks
Second week of 2001. ¿Y qué pasó? Whats new in Year 2001?

El Foro Publico ... The Public Forum
NAFTA for the Americas going forward unchallenged
In the seven years since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), it has proven itself to a failed experiment, with real wages declining even as workers' productivity rises, environmental and public health conditions slipping in the border region, the transformation of our trade surplus with Mexico to a trade deficit for the first time ever, and our federal regulations being dismantled at taxpayer expense thanks to "investor-to-state" provisions that allow corporations to sue our government directly. Yet I hear nothing from the media or in political debates about the ongoing neotiations for its expansion under the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). This "NAFTA for the Americas," if allowed to go forward unchallenged, will only extend this disastrous legacy throughout the western hemisphere!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

"Living the Tradition" at Cannon Gallery: Contemporary Hispanic Crafts Reflect
Cultural Ties
The Taylor Museum's collection of Hispanic traditional arts is one of the most comprehensive collections of American Southwestern Hispanic crafts in the world, with extensive holdings of Santos (Catholic folk images), textiles, needlework, straw appliqué and tin decorative arts. Building upon this unique collection, at times called the "first" American folk art, the Taylor Museum has collected works by contemporary artists using traditional methods and materials.

Tyler Blik Design Contributes to the International Arts Community
inSITE 2000, one of the world's largest binational contemporary arts events has signed on Tyler Blik Design to help convey to the public the variety of art projects unfolding throughout Tijuana and San Diego between October and February. Tyler Blik Design will create all printed materials necessary to drive the event's message, said Tyler Blik, principal.

Hector Echavarria Makes His American Film Debut in Extreme Force
With a huge international following, Hector Echavarria comes to the American film arena destined to become the first breakthrough Latino action star. Idolized by millions in Mexico, Central and South America, and a legendary Martial Arts champion, Hector Echavarria brings to the screen a background of film experience, martial arts expertise, and a marketing machine that defies comparison.

En Escenarios
Por Arnoldo Varona
Aun cuando producciones cinematográficas como "Traffic" y "Cast away" han acaparado en las últimas semanas la atención de la crítica y posibles premios de la industria, todavia no se ha comenzado a hablar del filme "Save The Last Dance" una producción de la Paramount dirigida por el cineasta norteamericano Thomas Carter, conocido anteriormente como realizador de "Swing Kids" (1993) una película tambien de polémicos contornos.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
International Dance Festiva
The San Diego Dance Alliance is proud to announce its 8th annual celebration of Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival, scheduled to run January 12-14 and January 19-21 at the Spreckels Theatre, located at 121 Broadway, downtown San Diego. The 14 companies selected will present over 175 dancers and musicians from 12 different cultures, including groups from Arabia, Ghana, India, Ireland, Scotland, England, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain and many more.

Final Step to Super Bowl! Conference Championships This Sunday: Vikings at
Giants, Ravens at Raiders

One away from the Bay!

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