Volume XXVI Number 02 January 11, 2002

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Salsa - Un Solo Son Style

By Yvette tenBerge

It is just after 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 29 and the dance floor of the Catamaran Hotel's Cannibal Bar on Mission Boulevard is hopping. A spectrum of couples - sleek professional dancers, trendy twenty-something's and even those fresh from their first salsa class - glide, strut and count their way across the parquet floor.  Racial and age differences seem to disappear as the crowd moves to the rhythm of Orquesta Un Solo Son, San Diego's newest salsa band.

Mention their effect to Ivan Torres, the 31 year-old Puerto Rican-born Director and Lead Singer of the band, and his face lights up at the obvious parallel between what happens on the dance floor and the significance of his band's name.

(Left-Right) Alma Gamez, vocalist and Ivan Torres, Director and Lead Vocalist.

"The crowds who come to hear us play are from different places. Our goal is to bring them together. `Son' is the most essential element of salsa music; it's the rhythm," says Mr. Torres, who points out that salsa dancing in California has a big following of Anglos, Filipinos and Asians, as well as of Latinos from an array of countries. "Out of this, we are trying to make `un solo son,' with everyone thinking, dancing and playing into that same goal ­ that same `son.'"

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San Diego School Board Members on the Same Channel?
By Yvette tenBerge
The San Diego school board rang in the new year with one obvious change. A lone television screen positioned outside of the auditorium and two cameramen filming the January 8 meeting served to remind community members that, for the next six months, they could now observe each biweekly meeting from the privacy of their own homes.

Baja Battle — Indigenous Mexicans Fight For Housing
By David Bacon
—Mexican President Vicente Fox won election in part because he promised, in the wake of the Zapatista rebellion, a new era of respect for the rights of indigenous communities. But his own National Action Party, which has governed the Mexican state of Baja California for almost two decades, stands accused of treating indigenous communities as a source of cheap labor for the state's big ranchers and arresting activists when they demand basic housing and government services.

Danger and Grace - Sept. 11 and America's Religious Moment
By Richard Rodriguez
—After the names and the utterances of prime ministers and secretaries of war are forgotten, after the madmen in the desert have been hunted and killed, after the capable youth of today's soldiers has been undermined by the blessing of a long life, history will, I think, remember this time — our lifetime — as a religious moment, both dangerous and capable of great grace.

INS makeover finds few fans on Hill
By August Gribbin
The Immigration and Naturalization Service is trying to remake itself, but its reorganization plan has drawn criticism as it struggles with more far-reaching congressional proposals to reshape or dismantle the agency.

Inequality - And Uncle Sam - At The Root of Argentinean Crisis
By Andrew Reding
Secure in the belief that Argentina's economic collapse will not spill over to the rest of the hemisphere, the Bush administration has chosen to stand aside. That may be a fair assessment of the immediate economic risk to other countries. But there is a lot more to Argentina's free fall than economics.

First Person
By Lisa Marguet
(Editor's Note: Lisa Marguet came to La Prensa San Diego seeking a position as an intern; she wanted to learn how to become a news reporter. After completing one story, we didn't hear from her for a couple of weeks. When we did, Lisa informed us that her brother had been kidnapped! After making sure that her brother was okay, we asked her to share her brother's story with our readers.


Presidente Bush Suscribe Importantes Reformas Educativas Que Beneficiaran A Los Estudiantes Hispanos
El Presidente Bush promulgó la "Ley para que Ningún Niño Se Quede Atrás de 2001", instaurando reformas educativas que responsabilizarán a las escuelas por los resultados, darán a los distritos escolares locales mayor flexibilidad y control, ofrecerán más opciones a los padres, y pondrán énfasis en los métodos de enseñanza efectivos. "Hoy se inicia una nueva era en la educación pública", dijo el Presidente. "A partir de ahora, las escuelas de los Estados Unidos se encuentran en un nuevo camino de reformas y resultados. Nuestras escuelas tendrán expectativas más altas y más recursos para ayudar a los estudiantes a cumplirlas". La ley firmada hoy refleja el compromiso del Presidente a hacer de la educación de todos los niños su primera prioridad, mejorar el rendimiento de los estudiantes y disminuir la disparidad entre los estudiantes ricos y pobres por todo Estados Unidos.

Cuba 40 years later
By Richard Ybarra
Sunday, Dec. 16 marked the first direct trade between Cuba and the United States. The first shipment of 500 tons of U.S. chickens and 24,000 tons of corn arrived as part of what was called a "one-time" cash deal for these products.

Se rinde homenaje a Julio Torri
Por Paco Zavala
Al ilustre escritor mexicano coahuilense Julio Torri se le rinde un merecidísimo homenaje al convocar a todos los escritores mexicanos por nacimiento menores de 35 años para participar en el Premio Nacional de Cuento Joven "Julio Torri 2001".

Tijuana NGOs Build Homes and Children's Emergency Room
Low-Income Housing
In 2001, Tijuana's Fundación Esperanza (the Hope Foundation) supported the building of 40 homes for low-income families. The construction of the 40 homes cost just 1,440,000 pesos (approximately US$157,000) or 36,000 pesos (US$3,900) each, according to technical director Apolonio Rodríguez Barba.

Community Page ~ ~ Pagina de la Gente
LULAC Brightens the Holidays for 250 Families
The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) San Diego Council #2842 members, National Guardsmen and volunteers put their Christmas spirit to work for two days as they assembled food baskets for families of their community. On Friday December 21st Santa’s elves filled baskets with canned good, apples, oranges, celery, bananas, cereal and much more, enough goodies to make Christmas brighter for 250 families.

Por Diego Alvarez
Es hora de dar
Todos estamos seguros de que jamás olvidaremos lo acontecido el 11 de septiembre en Nueva York.

State Farm Insurance Donates 50 Computers to the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was the recipient of fifty Pentium II computers, donated by State Farm Insurance. Ed Reyes, Agency Field Executive with State Farm, was key in getting the computers donated to the SDCHCC.

USC Annenberg's Getty Arts Journalism Fellowships Available
The USC Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship program is accepting applications from mid-career journalists to attend this unique subsidized opportunity to improve arts journalism by bringing together artists, museum curators, theater directors, arts administrators, funders, and journalism colleagues, against a background of investigating Los Angeles's vast and complex cultural life.

$4,500 Scholarships Available for Military Sons and Daughters
Time is running out to apply for the 2002 Cmdr. William S. Stuhr Scholarship Fund for Military Sons and Daughters, according to Joseph LaRiviere, the fund's executive director. These scholarships will be awarded in late May or June to high school seniors of active duty or retired military members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard stationed worldwide.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Nuestra Fe
Un día vino a mi oficina una mujer joven con una gran necesidad de conversar. Se encontraba profundamente afectada por la muerte de su padre. Hablamos sobre el significado de la vida y de la muerte. Y ella quería hablar especialmente sobre la inmortalidad. Me preguntó sobre el paraíso, y cómo podemos tener la seguridad de que existe. ¿Cómo puede una persona disfrutar de una vida feliz, después de su vida terrenal? ¿Qué clase de pecados pueden impedir que una persona disfrute de la bondad y misericordia de Dios? Ahora que un ser muy querido falleció, Marianne necesita saber. Y quiere, más que nunca, ser una persona de fe. Ella quiere creer en una vida más allá de nuestra experiencia terrenal. Pero a veces la esperanza le falla y cae en las dudas que la paralizan. A veces es difícil creer en una realidad que no podemos ver.


State of City Address Holds No Surprises
The State of the City address given by Mayor Dick Murphy this week was underwhelming. Those of us who are long-time city hall watchers or who are required by our professions to cover these yearly performances, have noted how irrelevant the State of the City yearly message has become. Some mayors in the past, knowing how insignificant these yearly gigs are, have at times tried to be entertaining or to use the occasion to make an effort to be visionary, even though they knew it was all hyperbole.

A California Town Without Hispanics???
By Steve Rodriguez
Latino critics of Hollywood have vigorously noted the absence of brown faces on this country's movie and television screens. Any study of feature length films or prime time TV will substantiate this pathetic phenomenon. Based on the minuscule number of Latino stars and themes present on both the big and small screen the typical American movie fan and T.V. couch potato cannot be blamed for possessing the impression that Latinos play no role in American culture. How extensive is this problem? One has to only view one of the recent films released during this latest holiday period—The Majestic— to see that Hollywood will go to great lengths to ensure Latinos remain an invisible people. This movie goes so far as to alter historically valid demographics, effectively choosing to delete the presence of Latinos in California, while at the same time expressing the point of view that a "cinematic" town cannot have any Latino citizens order to possess so-called All-American values.

AB 800 Attempts to Justify English-Only Policy
By Lisa Marguet
I'm sure we agree that language is an expression of culture and national origin. Language is an immutable characteristic. Yet laws, such as the recently chaptered AB 800 Workplace Language Policy, continue to pass. Because Spanish speaking is often necessary and has an apparently permanent status, its elimination in any area of communication (intra-employee or with the public) cannot be termed essential to the efficient operation of a business.

If you have any three-cent postage stamps lying around, you might want to keep them handy
By Tom Mitsoff
Last Sept. 11, the U.S. Postal Service announced it would be increasing postal rates again in 2002, on the heels of the one-cent increase in 2001. That announcement came just minutes before something else that happened that day, and understandably got lost in the shuffle.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
New Outbreak in the Spanish American War
The bitter war between the Official English proponents and the bilingual educators has once again shifted to the workplace over the concept of using broken Spanish as a practical solution to communication barriers.

En Pasando
Two weeks into el Nuevo Year so Wazz-up? Or ¿Qué está pasando? ¿Qué tal gente? The Feast of the Three Kings pasó and no bad mouthing of the three middle Eastern Kings that came to visit el Niño Jesus! Bible is not clear whether they were from Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan or what. Don't forget Gente, HISPANOS and their descendants all have Middle Eastern blood. Remember, Spain was conquered and occupied for 800 years by the Caliphs of the Middle Eastern tribes. Remember "El Cid"?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Mosaico... de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Comenzamos un nuevo año con muchas ilusionesy proyectos, ojalá que todo lo que se desea se haga realidad. Iniciamos un nuevo año con muchas espectativas, para enfrentar los retos, las circunstancias, las determinaciones, las situaciones que poco a poco se vayan presentando y sortear todo esto es un poco severo pero satisfactorio.

Calendar of Events...
Club Ritmo, UCSD's Nightclub Premiers January 12
The Associated Students at the University of California, San Diego presents the second season of UCSD's night/dance club, Club Rítmo. Club Rítmo runs from 8:30 p.m.-midnight, on selected nights. After the first show (in the Ballroom), Club Rítmo will resume at the Stage at Porter's Pub.

Goalie Quinones trying out for WUSA spot on national TV
By John Philip Wyllie
When Mexico squares off against the United States on January 12 in women's soccer, the Tricolores American-born goalie, Linnea Quinones will be playing in one of the most important games of her career. For the 21 year old SDSU student, that is quite a statement. Especially considering that she once played before a packed house in Giants Stadium during the '99 Women's World Cup.

U.S. Women Arrive in Chilly Charleston to Open 2002
The U.S. Women's National Team players arrived in Charleston, S.C. on Tuesday, January 8, in preparation for their match vs. Mexico on Saturday, January 12 at 7 p.m. ET (live on ESPN2) and hit the practice field that night at Blackbaud Stadium, site of Saturday's game, for a 7 p.m. training.

Fox Sports World To Televise FC Gold Cup 2002
Fox Sports World has acquired the English-language telecast rights to the FC Gold Cup 2002 with network telecasts set to commence on Friday, January 18, 2002. The opening match, between Martinique and Costa Rica, will kick-off at 7:00 PM ET, live from Miami's Orange Bowl. The 20-game tournament event sites will alternate between Miami, Florida's Orange Bowl and Pasadena, California's Rose Bowl.


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