January 7, 2005

Año 2004 ya pasó! As we start Year 2005, Tezzy will take you back to Year 2004 and bring back to your memory the things that most bothered este Indio. Tezozomoc put his two cents in most every week.

March 5, 2004: El Jefito moved La Prensa’s offices from Hillcrest, in San Diego to 101 E, 30th St, Suite A., National City. “Hijole it’s good being near “La Línea.” I can smell the beautiful Mexican odors of enchiladas, tacos and frijoles. It s good to be near La Linea!”

“It was getting a little tough being in Hillcrest. All the Vatos, de Hillcrest, are very busy getting married to each other.” Este Indio prefers being among Gente that at least knows  whether they are Hommies or Rucas!”

(And so, La Prensa San Diego took up residence in National City after spending 28 years in San Diego!

(Can you cry under water?)

March 19, 2004: Tezozomoc became preoccupied with the looming elections. If it were the PRI’istas running against anyone, elections would not bother me. After all, in Mexico we always knew who was going to win!

“Chispas, Mayor Murphy speaks with forked tongue! He promises his administration will  be an open administration NO MORE SECRETS!”

“Orale Aguirre... Your first case is the Mayor!”

“Is there CHOICE in the ELECTIONS? The majority of the Democratic And Republican candidates were blessed to win by the same Corporate Heads, and their Lackeys, that run this country! CORPORATIONS have no allegiance to a country ONLY TO MONEY!”

“This citizen asked for a Computer en Español, to vote, THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY!”

  (If a deaf person has to go to Court, is it still a Hearing?)

April 2, 2004: Tezzy wondered about such things as: How come our people were ignored on César Chávez ‘s celebration, and just how aware was the Governor of our people?

“César Chávez must be turning over in his grave. San Diego, a bastion of Chicano support for César Chávez, in his struggles to bring dignity, respect and a living wage to all the farm workers in California, most of whom were Mexican and Filipino, did not have a single Veterano of  that epic struggle, in a prominent role in the César Chávez Memorial Parade. (Mostly Blacks and Indians from the Casinos).”

“Chispas, I hope the U.S. Army likes what we say in La Prensa San Diego. Army types in Iraq, didn’t like what the Iraq media had to say about the war. Seems the Army forgot about Freedom of the press! They closed the newspaper down!”

“Why was Condoleeza Rice ever appointed by President Bush to be his National Security Advisor? Just what were her credentials? On the one hand, we have as the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces, a President who couldn’t even serve in the National Guard. Now, he has, advising him on National Security (Condoleeza Rice ), on how to wage war against terrorism!”

(How is it that the U.S. could put a man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?)

June 4/2004: Elections Primaries were taking up all our T.V. time and Tezzy having a hard  time figuring out who was lying the most.

“The big Chingones will be: President George Bush running against John Kerry for the Presidency. George is the big Cacique from Tejas and a member of the Republican

Party (The Gringo PRIista party in Gringolandia!) And, Senator John Kerry is a Democrat (Gringo PANista ). all the other candidates are on the ballot just to see their names in the newspapers.”

“En CALIFAS Presidente Bush no tiene bastante support de los votantes Mexican Americans  para ganar el estado!”

“Raza Politicos are predicting 1.9 million Latinos will vote in Califas!”

(How come we choose from just two people, for President, and fifty for Miss America?????)

June 18/2004: More of the same ...It’s an Election year!

“With all respect to former President Regan, “ Ya Basta” with all your false propaganda! We know former President Reagan, and his Right-Wingers carried out policies in Latin America that slaughtered hundreds of Nicaraguan citizens, destroyed the Sandinista government and supported the Contras! We know of this country’s support for the drug dealers. Check out the Congressional hearings in which Senator Kerry exposed all the millions that President Reagan  squandered supporting the drug trade in Latin America.”

(Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever we messed up our life, we could simply press Ctrl Alt Delete and then start all over?)

July 30/2004: Tezzy somehow managed to tear away from the National Elections and checked out the local scene.

“¿Qué pasó? The CDA (Chicano Democratic Association) endorsed a staunch Republican over a Democrat in a local school Board race. Seems Matt Camarillo acted on his own. Local Democrat wondered what the pay off was. CDA endorsed Luis Acle (R) over Ben Hueso (D). Tezzy asked: Who belongs to MAPA or the CDA?”

“With little change, in the Sweetwater School District and its aging plant, questions now arising as to what happened to all the Bond money to build and repair the aging Sweetwater School District. Is it time for a new Superintendent?”

(Brain cells come and Brain cells go. But, fat cells live forever!)

August 13/2004: Republicans seemed determined to use local Hispunics to turn the Mexican American vote away from Democratic Candidates.

   “Sylvia Rios (Republican operative) sent E-mail claiming Senator Edward Kerry and his wife, Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira, Heinz Kerry, are supporting ‘Barrio Warriors,’ supposably a radical Hispanic group, whose primary goal  is to return all of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas to Mexico! My, my. Sylvia, for a person who claims ancient Aztec roots how did you sell that piece of misinformation to your Republican friends?? Better yet, are you tyhe latest incarnation of La Malinche?”

(Once you’re in Heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?)

August 20/2004: Tezzy sniffed around the local scene to see what the locals were doing.

Nick Inzunza who seats on the Tia Juana Water District Board is fighting to keep the Water District alive even though it has no water to deal with. All this Water Board does is suck money from homeowners even though it has no water to control or sell!”

“Ralph Inzunza Sr. is talking about running for Mayor of National City once his son moves on. Nothing like following in your son’s footsteps.”

Henry Guzman Villalobos, (Aztec/Yaqui), President and CEO of the Aztecs of North America,  are seeking recognition as being Native Americans of the United States of America. Once blessed as bonifide Indios, he and his tribe will open a gambling Casino in their ancestral home of OLD TOWN!”

September 2004: In September there was signs of Fiesta in the air. But that inane war in Iraq continued and Tezozomoc couldn’t shake his discontent.

Sept. 10/2004: The war continues and the death toll rose in Iraq.

“El Gabacho Dick Cheney (our so call Republican Vice President) thinks it’s a minor thing that over 1,000 of our troops were slaughtered in Iraq. Easy for him to say. He and his fellow draft dodger, President George Bush isn’t worried. Their children will never see a day in the desert sands of Iraq. They know all the tricks to avoid/avert military service. When you belong to the privileged class, you never have to do any of the heavy lifting.”

(Why do we always have to “put your two cents in”? But only a penny for thoughts? Where does the extra penny go... Texas?????????)

Sept. 24/2004: Even in the midst of a war, we received no “time off” from our eager Raza politicos who had to try and score points no matter what.

Mayor Nick Inzunza, and his motley crew, is at it again. Last time the City Fathers tried to condemn the entire Westside so they could turn it into one big Industrial Park, La Gente stopped them! This time Mayor Inzunza tried to condemn the whole Westside and throw all the families out that live there! They wanted to destroy all the housing, throw out all the Mexican Americans and turn the Westside into an industrial dump!... Mayor Inzunza is only half Raza and half Gringo! Guess that’s why he finds it easier to attack La Gente.

(Why do people pay to go up tall buildings then put money in binoculars to see the things on the ground???)

El Jefito contacted by French Media. Seems they have an interest in how the “Chicano” media view our President Bush and his war on Iraq. We found it strange that the local Gringo Media doesn’t care what we stand for or care about, but the French Media does!

Nov. 11/2004: Neither war nor famine could stop our elections.

“For all Raza that voted for President Bush, he just paid you back! El Presidente has just appointed El Licensiado Alberto Gonzalez de Tejas, as Attorney General, replacing Attorney General John Ashcroft... El Señor Gonzalez was behind the brilliant interpretation that it was OK to waive anti-torture law and international treaties that provided protections to prisoners.”

(How important does a person have to be before they are considered just to be human beings?)

“Que lástima that the rest of nuestra Gente didn’t follow the lead of La Raza de Califas by voting for John Kerry and John Edwards.”

“How about that Donna Frye!”

“Pregunta: How come the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce, who has in its paying membership every major business concern, every year gets hundred of thousands of dollars of Tax Payers funds in yearly Grants... to lobby and fight against public interest issues and for Public office holders campaigns? It’s against the law to use public money for political purposes!!”

(Perhaps the new City Attorney should look into this illegal use of public funds?)

Nov. 24/2004: Thanksgiving came and went and we turned towards Christmas and football games.

“Iraq citizens will be happy. They can look forward to free Elections. Of course it did cost them thousands of lives killed, injured, and/or crippled Of course Free Elections don’t make a Democracy.”

“Jaime Mercado has to be thankful, that after spending 25 thousand dollars he didn’t lose to a candidate who spent only a thousand dollars! He won by 187 votes and won a seat on the Sweetwater School Board!”

“The San Diego Chargers thankful for their last place schedule which they capitalized on and that the AFC West was weak! And they are happy Donna Frye lost the election, she is not too keen on building a new stadium.”

“Pearl Quiñones can be thankful she has a lot of rich friends who live outside the county and contributed to her campaign! (In excess of $150,000).”

“Enrique Morones, is thankful for his House of Mexico in Balboa Park. (Courtesy of the American Taxpayers who gave $50,000 through Councilman Ralph Inzunza, who took the money from his office budget. (Taxpayers funds).”

(Politics are never simple or easy. If it were going to be easy we would have all the answers).

December 2004: We come to the end of the year. Tezozomoc has been very busy all year long. And the world keeps churning on. We had some observations for December, but we prefer to close the year out and not mess up our thoughts about being so grateful to be well and with our Familias. Tezozomoc thoughts for the next year will be forth coming in weekly fashion. It is our hope that individuals step up to the next level and learn to serve their communities in the best way and manner. There is no right or wrong way... Their is only hope that we choose to do what is the best way to live our lives and improve the lives of all humanity.

La Prensa San Diego

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