January 7, 2005

The SuperShow

The Voz Alta Project presents the “SuperShow” a collaboration between local artist and teacher James Watts, the El Nido Project and the San Diego Children’s Museum School, with an opening reception Saturday, January 8th 2- 9:00 p.m. The exhibition runs January 8 – February 12th.

Clearly evident in metropolitan San Diego are the people/bodies that transverse the local landscape. Many find it too difficult to maintain a decent standard of living here and relocate to other areas. Many use San Diego as a rest stop bound in different directions North/South of the U.S./Mexico border. Too often, this transient population faces the difficulties of relocating, of finding their niche in a new area and establishing relationships with others in similar conditions. These obstacles lead to a further and further atomized population. Communal ties that were apparent even thirty years ago, no longer exist. The “SuperShow” establishes these ties while documenting the experiences of youth in the area.

Local artist James Watts has works as a teacher with both the El Nido Project and the Children’s Museum he brings a collection of child-ren’s work that create an urban landscape of young voices in dialogue with his own work of sculptures and wall panels of “Human-morphic collages”. The “SuperShow” presents young artists in a greater communal group exhibiting and reaffirming their experiences.

James Watts on being an art teacher: “I began their workshops by establishing how their experiences constituted an important part of the cities history, of the more local community’s fiber. I then realized that these students in essence hold the makings of the modern mythological heroes. Their pieces thus, attempt to propose a collage of experiences that document their young lives within the context of urban space and changing dynamics of the new century. These are dynamics that include the gentrification of working class communities, the struggles of families encountering displacement and the positioning of these young artists within these transitional and oppositional spaces.

The opening reception will be a community family event and will begin at 2:00 with activities, music and food.

The El Nido Project is a transitional living program for homeless victims of domestic violence and their families sponsored by the Interfaith Network Project. The San Diego Children’s Museum School is a charter school that began in September 1998 using the collections, exhibitions, programs, and facilities of the Children’s Museum and its relationships with other San Diego cultural institutions to create a hands-on, integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum to teach basic, meaningful life skills. Voz Alta Project is a contemporary Chicana/o nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting community empowerment and social change through cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary art forms.

Voz Alta Project is located at 1544 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92104.

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