January 6, 2006


Lorena Gonzalez for San Diego City Council: District 2

“Lorena Gonzalez and District 2 are a good fit. City Council District 2 encompasses the communities of Little Italy, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Old Town, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, the Park West area of Hill-crest, and La Jolla. District 2 is a highly diverse area with an eclectic mix of residents originating from different ethnic backgrounds. Diverse issues such as the environment, pollution, clean beaches, community bonding, the arts, and the development of sound business ethics are of up-most importance.”

This was our statement in November when we originally endorsed Ms. Gonzalez before the Primary election and we are sticking by this assertion: she is a good fit for this district.

Gonzalez’ opponent, Kevin Faulkner in our opinion is too closely associated with the good old boy network and does not represent what this city needs most - an independent voice on the city council.

This is Faulkner’s second run at this district seat losing to Michael Zucchet in 2002, despite the endorsements from then Mayor Dick Murphy and the Republican establishment. This go around Faulkner has once again received the endorsements of the newly elected mayor, Jerry Sanders and the business community, much of the same community that helped usher in the Pension fund debacle.

What this district and city needs more than anything else are independent voices on the city council. Representatives that will question and demand answers to troubling questions. The district needs a representative that will insist on a transparent government. The district and city needs new voices in local government. Lorena Gonzalez represents those things that the city needs the most.

Lorena Gonzalez is an Environmental Attorney, who attended Stanford University, Georgetown University, and UCLA School of Law. She served on the California State Lands Commission and is an ex-officio on the California Coastal Commission. She is experienced in government having worked as a Senior Policy Advisor, working on issues ranging from education, labor and the budget.

Gonzales is knowledgeable on the issues of the district and as vice-president of the Conservation Club, is well versed in the issues of the environment and the protection of our natural resources.

Lorena Gonzalez is a mother of two and is married to a Highway Patrol officer who gives her intimate understanding to the issues of the working family and public safety.

Lorena Gonzalez will best represent the district and will serve as yet another model of the new Hispanic politician.

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