January 6, 2006

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Ghost of the past

In our house we had Grandparents telling wonderful stories about our ancestors and our American Indian culture. One of the stories that have come to mind recently is one about the first immigrants. In fact one can argue that the first immigrants our native people saw were considered illegal immigrants. The English Pilgrims that came here in 1620 came to this land and took the native people’s land and set up their own government and eventually their 13 colonies. In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase was signed and gave away more native land. Who sold this land? It was not the Native Indians. In North Dakota, fifty-eight or more native tribes lived there when Lewis and Clark carried the message that the United States not England or France owned our land and it was going to expand from coast to coast. Who gave these people our land? Who sold them this land? Their expedition allowed the U.S. government to make a claim on Oregon, Montana and Idaho and they became part of the United States in 1846. The explorers and the United States stole our land. No one gave these illegal immigrants the right to come here and take our native land away and make it theirs.

The colonists wanted to be independent from England but yet our official language is still English. How many U.S. citizens are actually from British decent? Didn’t the Spaniards come here first? My ancestors were here first? My ancestors were here all the time and my grandparents would say that we had our own language, and many of my family members spoke many different languages. One of the things we were asked to learn as a child were these many native languages. The Natives of Mexico are also Indians. These include the Olmecas, the Mayans, and the Aztecs. But now when referring to a person from Mexico we refer to them as Mestizo. They are mixed with Spanish, French, Chinese and others. So who are the illegal immigrants. In 1846 to 1848 Mexico and America went to war and Mexico ends up losing a large part of its territory. The Mexican government was paid $10 per acre for this land. Was this the like eminent domain? Who sold this land that belonged to the Mexican People? Under what circunstances was it stolen from the people? If there were a push by Mexico to get their land back, would they win? In 1836 when many U.S. citizens settle in a Mexican area that today we call Texas, how can they be considered Americans at the time? My grandparents believed that the Mexican people had and have a right to this land. They were here before the Americans and they are simply coming back to their land. Some believe that they lost the land in the war., if this is the case will Iraq become our 51st state? Why didnt Japan become a state or colony? What we must do to protect this country is to check that if you are not Native American or Mexican then you are a foreigner. How many of your families were illegal immigrants? The government and lawmakers should check all the instigators that make political trouble in this country. The citizens of this country are the ones causing most of the problems they are this country’s worst terrorists.

President Fox needs to stop blaming the U.S. for the past. Not one Mexican President has worked to help his own people. Open some land along the border from California to Texas so your people can buy some land to build a house to come home to. I support President Bush’s temporary worker programs. If both countries can work together, this will help stop the illegal immigration. Many of my family members have fought in wars to keep this country free for all of us. Now we have our Grandkids in Iraq and if Washington does not know what to do with 11 million undocumented people in our country. I say you give them some of their land back. They have come here to work hard. Put it in a ballot and let the voters decide.

May god bless your country and mine.

Diane Salinas
National City

Ernie McCray Read This

First of all you’re an awesome writer. Thank God. Why not write him and tell him how you feel first, maybe he does regret what he did.

In response to your article, What Did The Terminator Teach Our Children. His name is Arnold not Terminator. Governor Arnold, who needs our prayers. Arnold stood up for our children recently against tremendous opposition by defending Proposition 93, a law which would give parents the right to know if their child is going to have an abortion of their Grandchild. I hope they put this right to know law up again. Arnold’s mother even went into the hospital during election time, possible stress added to her illness. I know you can handle this or I would not write this in the paper, and if I am wrong please forgive me.

I would like to add, I wish I would of notified my Mom or Dad when I had an abortion. I think my child of 10 weeks old, would be alive today if I would of spoken to my mom or dad or profile counselor. I name him James and I am truly Sorry.

True, Arnold made a mistake, by not defending Tookie, and true we as a society of people need to say “were sorry’ for whatever wrong we have inflicted on another person- any human being as distinguished from an animal or thing, especially the most unprotected and most indefensible human being. We all have to learn and grow, and saying we are sorry is a beginning and any deed to restore, or set right is truly the answer to the mess we are in, as a world striving for peace. John the Baptist knew this ages ago, when the word of the Lord came to him. He was the one who as a child in the womb of Elizabeth jumped for Joy at the sound of Mary’s voice, Jesus’s Mom.

Caren BJ Morre
San Diego

Chula Vista City Council in violation of the Brown Act?

There needs to be an investigation on the Chavez appointment to the Chula Vista City Council. If the council collided on the appointment, it is a violation of the Brown Act. The Brown Act is the California law that prohibits elected officials from talking to each other on a item they will be voting on. If they did discuss Chavez directly or indirectly before their vote, they are in violation of the Brown Act and their action, or appointment in this case, is void. Let those involved produce their phone records and calendars. Let’s find out who was talking to whom. Let’s clear the air in Chula Vista.

Gus Chavez
Chula Vista

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