January 5, 2001

Tezozomoc Spoke-Out In Year 2000

As usual our little Aztec Columnist, Tezozomoc Speaks, spoke out in our pages spewing out his sometime witty, political or commonsensical words. Our Editorials were our serious observations on the issues affecting our lives. Our Cartoons, cloaked behind the comical or very pointed animations, stripped the pretensions and pomposity of some of our leaders.

Tezozomoc spoke masking his words and intentions in Indian/Chicano, Gringo speak. The arrows shot, more often than not, hit their mark. The combination of the three stylistic manners of speaking helped our readers make sense out of a world that oftentimes hides behind mirrors and smoke screens.



"Lets do lonche." Elections is the time to fatten up on the politicos.


"Chicanos, Filipinos, Chinos, Gays get on the `rubber chicken, tacos, frijoles, chop fooey lunch-a-bunch circuit."


"Cinco de Mayo" breakfast for Gov. George Bush. 1000 people showed up: 989 Gringos, 6 paid Mariachis & 5 local Hispanic Republicans!"


"Gov. Davis has turned into a `saca moco' when he endorsed PROP 21... It is our chamacos that are sent to la pinta! Chale con ese Maricon!"


"Lydia Camarillo, the Democratic Chief Executive for the Democratic Convention came to the City by the Polluted Bay to confab with el Jefito."


El Jefito is going out on a limb and say the next President will end up being George W. Bush. (11/22/2000). The count is not going Al Gore's way. Hope he has his regular day job available.


"Memo to V/P Gore you made a big mistake in not using President Bill Clinton in your campaign (11/22/00)."


City Scene

"Remember the Maine. Remember the $300 million for a ball park-as the Homeless sink to the depth of despire."


"Are you sleeping well Señora Golding now that you squandered $6.7 million on worthless Charger tickets?"


"Are there any council persons that hasn't been corrupted by the PADRE DONS?"


La Alcaldesa and Council are getting sued for giving themselves a generous pension increase... This is mordida!


Pobre de Juan Vargas, el nuevo chivo de la asamblea. Hasn't been sworn in and las Rucas del South Bay already are trying to pull him down! How dare Juan call them nobodies!"


La Raza

"Quien is declaring a `Holy Jihad' against El Centro Cultural?"


"Why are los artistas so punked out over El Centro Culural? It is claimed Pajaritos y Marimachos are in control."


Hijole! "Forget it guys, the days of the Pachucos are over! You can't win the war with fileros or cuetes. Try using your brains. No sean bueyes!"


"What are the Gringos trying to do with the AZTEC Logo at State? Not even the Hidalgos could do away with the Aztecs! What a bunch of ojetes!"


Politicians in General

"If you drink don't drive... Specially at 2:30am! Lame Duck legislator (Ducheny) didn't have much palanca with La Placa de Saco!"


"Sage Advice: I refuse to have a battle with an unarmed politician."


"Texas has a high pregnancy rate", said Texas Health Commissioner Dr. Reyn Archer. "It's because Hispanics are culturally resistant that getting pregnant is a bad thing!"


"A Governor, (Gov. Davis), boldly going nowhere."


Senator Steve Peace should break out his "Peace" pipe and have a pow-wow with San Diego settlers. They shouldn't have to pay big wampum to his friends (Utilities) to make it up to them for the many shiny beads they gave him for his campaign war chest."


"Send your utility bills to Senator Steve Peace. Tell SDG&E Steve Baby is going to pay them!"



(U.S. Navy): "Lay off Vie-ques Island... Practice on the "Bay Of Pigs" or "Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!" Better yet, practice lobbying shells at China!"

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