January 5, 2001

Year 2000 in Review

Pictured, clockwise: In memoriam: Tito Puente; Alfred Rascon, recipient of the Medal of Honor; Logan Elementary students Koury Rivera (left) and Francisco Pulgari were presented their award for their effort, good citizenship, and good grades; el Festival ¡Viva el Mariachi!

The year 2000 was dominated by the Presidential campaigns and, of course, the final, albeit contested outcome. It was civics lesson 101. Gore won the popular vote, but Bush won the all-important Electoral College vote. Census 2000 was of paramount importance in year 2000, in particular for the Hispanic community, an undercount of the Hispanic community would impact the level of services received, as well as redistricting to name a few of the issues. For the Cuban community the story of the year was the Elian Gonzalez saga. For the rest of the Hispanic community the Elian story shined a bright light on the relationships between the Hispanic/Cuban communities.

In Mexico it was all about Vicente Fox, a new president, a new Party. Of course what would a year be without border issues, this year the focus was on Arizona were border farmers reverted to vigilant tactics. And with the proliferation of maquiladoras on the border, labor issues continued to demand more and more attention.

Statewide the year was pretty much dominated by campaigns and leading the way was the controversial school voucher issue. There was also the fight for state senate seats and assembly seats with the future of redistricting hanging in the balance.

In San Diego there were local political campaigns that impacted on the community, some low blows, some victories and some losses. The Padres Taj Mahal was put on hold, while the San Diego Chargers continued to lose on and off the field. School bonds were passed, the San Ysidro border crossing became an issue and it didn't have to do with illegal crossings. Then there was the proposed Brown Field airport that went down in flames. The horrific stories of the year were the killings and beatings of immigrants in San Diego County!

The arts community continued to fester over the Centro Cultural de la Raza, while other arts programs continued to move forward and present Hispanic/Chicano art. Paco Zavala started his weekly columns on the arts presented from across the border and then there was the 19-week art piece "Rainbow Chronicles" presented by inSITE2000 that spanned the border. Last year (1999) we danced to Ricky Martin's `Liven' La Vida Loca', this year Carlos Santana was all the rage.

All of this and much, much more occurred in the year 2000.

Here we will take a look back at the year and refresh our memory as we review some of the headlines that graced the pages of La Prensa San Diego.



January marks the beginning of the 25th year of publishing for La Prensa San Diego. It was hard to believe that for 24 straight years, without missing an issue, once a week, we managed to publish La Prensa. We looked back with much pride, at the same time we were looking toward the future trying to determine in which direction to take the paper to help it fulfill its destiny. While not exactly a headline story in La Prensa, rumors were flying that the paper was up for sale. While not totally untrue the reality of the paper being sold was highly unlikely. And so it was we at La Prensa embarked on a new year looking toward the future and continued growth.

President Clinton Appoints California Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante to Serve on U.S. Census Monitoring Board. Census 2000 took center stage the first part of the new year and one of the leaders of this most important count was California's Lt. Governor, Cruz Bustamante. Bustamante was appointed to serve on the U.S. Census Monitoring Board by President Clinton. Bustamante's selection emphasized, to the Hispanic community, the importance of being counted.

The Poisons Next Door - Mixtec Indians Find A Home Near Superfund Site. Malaga, California, Mixtec Indians who have come to live and work in California's Central Valley, discovered they lived alongside a toxic waste dump. Las Trailers are located in a sparsely populated area amid junkyards and a fertilizer plant. Along its southern border is the 7-acre site of the Purity Oil Company, bankrupt, where Chevron and about 150 other companies and government agencies dumped toxic waste, oily liquids and sludge for 40 years.

Governor Davis Approves San Diego Area Public-Private Land Transfer. The City of Chula Vista and the Port District have looked to the bay front with visions of a major tourist attraction with hotels, shops and entertainment. This dream came a step closer to reality when Governor Davis agreed to a land swap between the City, the Port and BFGoodrich. The City and Port gained the land necessary to begin the revitalization and BFGoodrich gained long-term stability for future growth.

Sweetwater School District rings in the new year with two Golden Bell Awards. The Golden Bell recognizes schools and districts through California that have implemented innovative programs to meet students' education needs. Sweetwater won its two awards for a district wide Reading to Learn program and for a joint-use, school/public library partnership at Eastlake High.
From left to right: Area Superintendent-South Don Kemp, board members Jim Cartmill and Bob Griego, Area Superintendent-North Bob Acuña and Eastlake High Principal Stan Canaris celebrate Sweetwater’s two Golden Bell Awards.

The Hispanic Chamber and SBA Team Up to Break Down Barriers. The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Administration entered into a unique community partnership forging a stronger relationship in hope of breaking down the barriers that local Hispanic businessmen face everyday. Spearheaded by the Hispanic Chamber, under the direction of Manny Aguilar, and Martha Knight, co-Chairmen of Business Development committee for the Chamber, this partnership will take access from a governmental edifice to a more local feel.

RNC Sees Historic Opportunity to Bring Latinos Into GOP. Predicting that "Hispanics will be the `Battleground Segment' of the 2000 elections," Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson unveiled a massive new study of Hispanic voters showing that "the Latino community is in play in this election like never before." Nicholson also release the first TV ad in what he promised will be "an unprecedented, multi-million-dollar campaign to compete for the trust of the Hispanic community" by the GOP.

Magic of Mata Ortiz Exhibit to Open at San Diego Museum of Man. The exquisite pottery of Juan Quezada, a legendary, self-taught Mexican artist credited with launching an enduring revival of an ancient art form, was showcased during the Museum's "Magic of Mata Ortiz" exhibit.

Juan Quezada


Central Elementary Doing OK! The recently published API School Ranking Scores got our curiosity so we decided to check out one of the schools. Central Elementary is located in a minority community (mostly Mexican). It is financially under-served, bilingual, and located in an area that can best be described as a `working-class' area. With an API of 593, an SR rating of 5, and an SSR of 8. I was positioned at an average achievement level compared to all schools of the same level and was near the top (8) when compared to similar schools.

Central Elementary 3rd grade students receiving certificates for reading

Alfred Rascon Recipient of the Medal of Honor. There is no higher honor, and nothing says more about a person than to be recognized The Medal of Honor - you are a hero. Alfred Rascon was recognized as a Hero.

Charlene Zettel, Republican Secret Weapon! The 75th Assembly District Incumbent Charlene Zettel represents the Republican Party's new image of compassionate conservative. Assemblywomen Zettel's full name is Charlene Gonzales Zettel, a full blood Mexican American.

Minority-Ownership Rules to Change: Hispanic & Black Leaders Outraged. It was reported that the National Minority Supplier Development Council had outlined changes affecting ownership levels, which identified a minority-owned business. The changes lowered the threshold of ownership from 51% minority ownership to 30% minority ownership. The change was made to create more equity capital accessibility. In response to this change Black and Hispanic business leaders joined forces to denounce this proposal.

Latinos urged to make themselves count in 2000 Census. This Spring Latinos in this country will have the opportunity to participate in an historic event that affects everyone in the United States for the next 10 years.



A Homeboy Salutes Santana - One of "The Essential Ones". Santana is the flavor of the day in this age of rapid product obsolescence. Normally I dispose these digital age icons for what they do and don't do for your youth. Except Santana. He's not vapid because he and I went to San Francisco's Mission High School - my eldest brother Omar went with him. His dad's Mariachi played at my graduation party when I go out of Berkeley. He's Santana. Global legend.

San Ysidro resident part of Cal Poly team that wins a National Title. Cal Poly chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers won a national Academic Olympiad. Representing San Ysidro was José Castro.

Yeghegnadzor, Armenia Celebrates "Peace Corps Day 2000". Last year we waved good-by to Diana Gomez as she headed to Armenia as part of her two-year service with the Peace Corps. This month she reported on `Peace Corps Day 2000' in Armenia and shared with us her experiences in Armenia.

History of Chicano Cinema's Rise Told for First Time by UCLA Scholar Chon Noriega in New Book. The rise of Chicano cinema as a powerful expression of the Chicano civil rights movement - closely linked with television, government regulation, and media reform - is told for the first time in a new book by Chon Noriega.

Directora Maria (Mari) López with members of her folklorico dance group

"To Dance Ballet Folklórico Is To Absorb My Culture". San Ysidro - to visit La Señora María López at her home is to walk into a traditional Mexican home somewhere in Guadalajara or Jalisco. It is a walk into her history and culture. It is that feeling that she brings to the students and performers who are fortunate enough to be in her performing groups or is learning the delicate art of being a folklórico dancer. Folklórico is to enter into the heart and soul of my culture. It is no more or no less than our art, music, language and/or our traditional foods. It all reflects the root of my being. The arts in whatever form speaks to our history and past and reaches into the depth of our heart and soul."

Starving for Dignity. Workers at the Spanish-language Univision station KFTV-21 in Fresno have been on a hunger strike to protest the company's lack of "good faith" in negotiating a labor contract. KFTV reportedly earns more than $8 million annually, has excellent ratings and a constantly growing audience. Yet, the workers say, they are being paid starvation wages.

Doña Aurora Rosas Vda. de Arnaiz to be recognized as Tijuana's Philanthropist of the Year. At a special luncheon Doña Aurora was recognized for her numerous altruistic efforts and contributions to the community of Tijuana.

Nine Latino Baseball Heroes are Enshrined at Cooperstown. Tony Perez was selected to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, bringing the total number of players in the Hall to nine. Of the almost 250 current members in the Hall of Fame, nine are Latinos — seven players and two broadcasters

Ethnic Conflict in Chile: A Time Bomb. Domingo Cayupil, 53 years old lives in a poorly built hut, located in Ercilla, ninth region of Chile; more than 900 km to the south of Santiago. He's a mapuche. One of the few native indian people who still survive in this "jungle" of global integration and development of Chile. "We, the mapuches don't want to keep waiting any longer. The lands (today legally occupied by big lumber companies) belonged to us and they will continue belonging to us. That's what we are fighting for," Cayupil says, as rain continues falling down in southern Chile.



No More "Mexican Wage" - Hunger Strikers Win a Contract at Spanish-Language TV Station. Fresno, CA - After not eating for 43 days, workers at KFTV Channel 21 and their supporters finally swallowed a little fish soup on March 31. Their fasting made language discrimination in television a national issue, and helped them obtain a union contract that would help eradicate discrimination.

Pinochet's Trial and Tribulations in Chile - The Murderer Returns to the Scene of the Crime. Valparaiso, Chile - The murderer returned to the scene of the crime walking - even though the British authorities found him too sick to face trial. Augusto Pinochet arrived on a sunny morning, smiling and saluting his supporters, walking unaided - once again laughing at the world and making a mockery of international law as he did all throughout his 17 year-long dictatorship.

Chicano Park to Celebrate 30th Anniversary with Weekend Festival. Tierra, Liberación y Revolución was the theme for this year's 30th anniversary weekend celebration of Chicano Park Day. Chicano Park, which was taken over and established by Chicano activists on April 22, 1970, has received worldwide recognition as a superior public art site for its commanding mural paintings of the past and present struggle of Mexican and Chicano history.

Chicano Park Celebrates 30th Anniversary. (L to R) Maria Giaroa, Carmen “Kalo” Linares, and Monica Bernal.

Lo Siento Elian
. So much has been written about the unfolding Elian drama, yet so little truth about life in communist Cuba has been revealed. Education in this area is almost non-existent. As an American whose parents came from Cuba, the current hideous Cuban state is an ugly memory not usually brought up in casual conversation. Yet Elian's case has demonstrated what happens when people forget or worse, never knew.

Protesters May Be White With Orange Hair - But Movement's Base Broadens to Immigrants and Youth of Color. Images of young people with outrageously colored hair dominate coverage of the weekend's protests against globalization. But a reporter on the ground finds a striking number of young people of color, immigrants, and others with first-hand knowledge - and strong personal feelings - about what they are protesting.

Vieques Movement Charts New Course In U.S.-Puerto Rico Relations. Over the last century the island of Vieques has represented U.S. colonial policy at its crudest. As part of the Puerto Rican archipelago, Vieques is an emblem of both the struggle for democracy in Puerto Rico and the contradictions of U.S.-Puerto Rico relations. The death of Viequense David Sanes Rodriguez, a civilian base employee killed by an errant bomb dropped by a Navy jet last year, has again brought Puerto Rico's colonial profile into sharp relief.

Top University of California Minority Students Gather at UCSD for Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. More than 70 of the University of California's top minority undergraduates in science, mathematics and engineering gathered recently at UCSD to present their individual research projects for discussion and evaluation before faculty, staff and peers at the annual Statewide Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Veronica Reyes, a chemistry major at UC Santa Barbara with Brian Kolner a faculty member at UC Davis at the CAMP Statewide Undergraduate Research Symposium held at UCSD.

The Miami Myth Machine
. Almost every Mexican American, it seems today, had a grandparent or a great-grandparent who rode with Pancho Villa. Fe knows or admits having ancestors who opposed the Mexican Revolution or supported the dictator Porfirio Diaz. The events surrounding Elian Gonzalez remind me of this tragic page in Mexican American history, and perhaps it holds out hope that in time the Cuban American exiles, like the Mexican exiles of 1913, will outgrow their dangerous infantile.

Judged and Confirmed: The Trials of Judge Richard Paez. Judge Richard Paez is a man of many distinctions. He was the first Mexican-American appointed to the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. And he has the dubious distinction of waiting longer than anyone in the past 100 years to have his appeals court nomination confirmed. After four-years of foot dragging, the United States Senate finally confirmed Paez on March 9, 2000.



Frida and Diego, together again at the Museum of Art. When the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo died in 1954, her husband, muralist Diego Rivera, said that when he died he wanted his body cremated and his ashes mingled with Kahlo's ashes. Rivera died three years later in 1957, and, against his wishes, was buried in the Rotonda de los Hombres Ilustres in Mexico City. Although his wish wasn't fulfilled, there's a place where Rivera and Kahlo are closer than ever, at least through their art: The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection.

500-Year Chicana History Project Underway. Oakland, CA - In an attempt to preserve Chicana women history, the Applied Research Center announced its support for new Scholar in Residence's Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez, monumental task in documenting 500 years of Chicana history.

For English Learners, Road to Proficiency is Longer than Many Believe, Study Finds. Acquisition of English skills by English learners is no quick and easy process: It takes from three to seven years, according to a study prepared for the University of California Linguistic Minority Research at UC Santa Barbara.

Statement by President Bill Clinton On the Opposition of Enrique Moreno as Judge. Senators Gramm and Hutchinson announced that they opposed the confirmation of Enrique Moreno, my nominee for a Texas vacancy on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Their claim that he lacks the necessary experience to serve on the Fifth Circuit is unconscionable. The American Bar Association, which has rated judicial nominees for Republican and Democratic Presidents since the Eisenhower Administration, unanimously gave Morenos their highest rating.

NASSCO and Sweetwater Union High School District Announce "Waterfront Academy". Standing in the shadow of a 950-foot ship Sweetwater students applying to a new Waterfront Academy got a first-hand look at the importance of algebra, calculus and science.

Learning the Trades: NASSCO welder Ramon See talks to students about his job. L-R: Charlotte Black, NASSCO employee adviser, students Rosalva Jimenez, Johanna Guerra, Maria Gutierrez, Manuel Fierro (obscured) and Andres Lopez.

La Colonia Camino Verde en Tijuana Está Progresando.
La colonia Camino Verde, fue fundade hace 15 años por un movimiento de invasión dirigida por Alejandro Herrera Bejarano y un grupo de líderes. El grupo México, que así lo nombraron, tomó su nombre de su líder fundador Alejandro, porque él en sus mocedades había sido boxeador y el apodo que usaba era así: "El Mexico".

Pioneering Hispanic Judge Retires. Superior Court Judge Ernest Borunda, South County's first Hispanic judge closed out 21 years on the bench to pursue his dual loves of education and administration as Dean of the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada.



Mexican Elections - Throwing the Bums Out Is No Guarantee That Democracy Will Follow. After 71 years of paternalistic and authoritarian rule, it looks like Mexico's Institutional Party (PRI) just might lose control of the presidency in the elections on July 2.

Un Monumento a la Posteridad. La Torre de Tijuana o Torre de Agua Caliente fue construída por una idea, una aportación y una conclusión de filantrópico Club de Leones de Tijuana, A.C. que por cierto está cumpliendo 57 años de servicio a la comunidad tijuanense.

In Memoriam: Tito Puente. Ernest Anthony Puente, Jr., better known worldwide as Maestro Tito Puente, passed away earlier this morning (June 1, 2000).

The Rainbow Chronicles, Chapter I, By Jeannine Diego. The Rainbow Chronicles is a sponsored project of inSITE2000, a non-profit arts organization operating in both San Diego and Tijuana. The Chronicles were published in La Prensa San Diego for 19 weeks.

Murder in Arizona, It's Only The Third World! We only remember history, like the tree that falls in the forest, when we hear or read about it. Unfortunately, when we hear about the tree, it is often too late to save it. In a matter of speaking, this is what is happening in southern Arizona where armed vigilante ranchers are brutalizing Mexican migrant workers, while the US Border Patrol is abetting the ranchers' terrorist acts.

Labor's Push For New Amnesty for Immigrants. It may be considered a radical idea, but there is nothing new about the idea of granting amnesty to people who cross the border without papers. What was new was that the AFL-CIO passed an historic resolution calling for an amnesty, and for repeal of employer sanctions - laws that make it illegal for undocumented immigrants to work.

Puerto Rican War Veterans Relinquish Medals. Puerto Rican war veterans have decided to return to President Clinton the medals and other decorations they received for defending the United States to protest the president's decision to authorize the resumption of bombing in Vieques.

Hispanic-Mexican Ballet Celebrates 25 years of Dance with Special Performance. On June 30, 2000, the Hispanic-Mexican Ballet celebrated 25 years as an active dance group in San Diego. It was organized in 1975, by Celia Macias and Teresa Gomez, to promote Mexican music and dance among the local youths.


Contaminación en el Basurero Municipal de Tijuana. Con acceso por la calle que llega al Panteón Municiapal #9, a las colonias Nueva Aurora, Fausto González y Las Carretas, sitios que contienen asentamientos humanos muy importantes, encontramos que estos centros residenciales rodean al basurero municipal un lugar con olores nada recomendables de percibir, con un alto contenido de contaminación ambiental que amenaza constantemente a la población residente tanto de los vecinos inmediatos como de los aledaños.

Contacminación en el Basurero Municipal de Tijuana.

Strikers Beaten at NAFTA-Sponsored Hearing. Tijuana - The Camino Real is a swanky Tijuana establishment full of men in expensive business suits - a modern concrete blockhouse, garishly painted in violently clashing purple and yellow. Its very appearance makes it an appropriate choice for a meeting about labor conflict, and last Friday morning it was the scene of a conflict that suddenly turned immediate and violent.



The New Indian Face of Insurgent Politics in Baja California. The Valley of San Quintin, Baja California - If you think the National Action Party, which won Sunday's national presidential election in Mexico, represents political change, look no further than Baja California, where it has governed for ten years.

Spain At Our Border? Fox's Vision For Mexico. The Cactus Wall that has separated Mexico from the rest of North America is beginning to rot away. Seventy-one years of one-party rule will come to an abrupt end on December 1 when Vicente Fox becomes president. That day will also mark the first peaceful transfer of power between opposing parties in Mexican history. And the day all three parties to NAFTA will be certifiable democracies.

Deaf Student Finds Hope and a Future. Two years ago Veronica Castro of Chula Vista had no job skills, a five-year old child to support and not much hope of finding work because of a congenital hearing loss that has limited her communicating primarily by American Sign Language. Today her life has been turned around, thanks to her hard work and determination.

Veronica Castro, holding her “Outstanding Student Award.”

Mexico's Women Soccer Team on the Upswing. With the world's three best women's soccer teams; the United States, Brazil and China all participating in the 2000 Gold Cup, Mexico knew going into the tournament that its chances of bringing home a trophy were somewhere between slim and none.

Tijuana Celebra Con Grandes Festividades Un Año Más de Pujante Progreso. En este mes de Julio la joven municipalidad de Tijuana, Baja California celebra la fecha de la fundación de esta progresista y pujante ciudad.



Horrific Dragging Death of Mexican Migrant; Four Other Migrants Attacked by Neo-Nazi Skinheads. Mexican migrant farm workers found the battered body of another worker this past Sunday, July 2, 2000, in a ravine near the intersection of Black Mountain and Carmel Valley Roads in northern San Diego County and within the city limits of San Diego. San Diego police detective Dave Cohen confirmed that the undocumented workers was beaten about the head and dragged on his face along the roadway. The yet unidentified victim was approximately 25 years old and was wearing working boots and blue jeans.

Thomas and Pearl Martinez Foundation Rewards Effort and Citizenship. The Thomas and Pearl Martinez Foundation, this month completed their annual program of distributing $50 cash awards to Latino fifth and sixth graders. These awards are made to encourage the students to continue their education and possibly go to college. The students are chose more for their effort and good citizenship than for mere high grades.



Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera Reaches Out To Mexican Americans - Latinos. It was a typical San Diego afternoon. At the entranceway of San Diego Hyatt Regency, on the Bay it was soon apparent that this was not going to be your every day kind of interview. Louis Caldera, Secretary of the United States Army, was not one that would be allowed to travel incognito.


Preuss Model School Expansion Showing Promise for Latino Children. Quietly situated in what appears to be a remote, desolate forest, Preuss Model School lies on UCSD's campus, wrapping up its last week of classes. Perhaps it is the fact that the college student have gone home for the summer, or are merely lying low during their summer sessions, but Preuss lays low as well: subdued it lies, a few scattered bungalows hidden between the trees. Seeing this tranquil view, one mustn't forget the struggles Preuss overcame their first year, creating progress while sharing their limited facilities with everyone from Chargers spring training, to summer camps.

Student intern, Kristian Ziemer, told us the story about Preuss Model School.

Gore and Lieberman Will Fight for America's Working Families.
Al Gore announced Joseph Lieberman, a well-respected two-term senator from Connecticut, as his vice presidential running mate.

Local Artists Selected to Participate in Havana Bienale 2000. The San Diego/Tijuana artists collaborative RevArte (Luz Camacho-Espinoza, Jim Bliesner, Jim Hammond, Ana María Herrera and Irma Sofia Poeter) has been invited to represent the United States and the region at the internationally recognized Havana Bienale 2000.

A Growing Rift Exposed During Shadow Convention Within Democratic Party During "Prosperity and Progress" Day. Former Speaker of the California Assembly and L.A. mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa sharply criticized America's growing economic inequality and the impact of the war on drugs on minority communities.

Dolores Huerta and First Lady Hillary Clinton Rock Democratic National Convention. Longtime farm worker champion Dolores Huerta and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton brought 450 Latino delegates to their feet at the caucus of Hispanic delegates to the first national convention of the Democratic Party in the new millennium.

At 29, Navarro starts his professional boxing career. After 20 years of boxing on an amateur level, Chula Vista's Arturo Navarro will make his professional debut on September 21 at the Irvine Marriott Hotel.

Arturo Navarro

Increase in Test Scores Counters Dire Forecasts for Bilingual Ban. Oceanside - Two years after Californians voted to end bilingual education and force a million Spanish-speaking students to immerse themselves in English as if it were a cold bath, those students are improving in reading and other subjects at often striking rates, according to standardized test scores released this week.



Number of Hispanics Who Vote Up "Sharply". The Census Bureau reports more than one-half million more Hispanics voted in the congressional elections of 1998 than did in 1994, increasing this ethnic group's presence at the polls from 3.5 million to 4.1 million.

New demographics changing everything. Experts examine rise of state's minorities. Long anticipated, California's transformation into a minority-majority state may have arrived with little fanfare, but make no mistake about it - the shift in demographic landscape is expected to ripple through almost every aspect of life.

Sweetwater Summit Focuses on Better Learning. California's First Lady Sharon Davis and the state's Interim Secretary of Education John Mockler helped the Sweetwater District kick off its Sixth Annual Education Summit at Eastlake High.

California’s First Lady Sharon Davis (left), attending Sweetwater’s Sixth Annual Education Summit, listens as Maria Clark discusses special education issues.

Ramiro Corrales, the lone Mexican-American on the US Soccer Team.
Despite the fact that more Hispanic males are playing soccer in the United States than ever before, just one Mexican-American player will represent the U.S.A. on its men's soccer team when the Olympic Games begin in Sidney. Defender, Ramiro Corrales of the New York/New Jersey MetroStars will proudly take his place on a team that will attempt to become the first American men's team ever to advance beyond the first round of the tournament.

Recognition Luncheon Held for La Prensa San Diego. Much to the surprise of our publisher, Daniel Muñoz, his supposed business luncheon at the Imperial House turned out to be a surprise luncheon sponsored by the local Pacific Bell telephone company and Regional President Dave Nichols with Manny Aguilar, Director of External Affairs.

Forces Converge to Address Barrio's Air Toxics Problems. Much needed federal and state attention is coming to the Barrio Logan/Logan Heights communities. At the federal level, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has just designated the area as a Federal Interagency Environmental Justice Demonstration Project; at the state level, The California Air Resources Control Board plans to build upon its existing air monitoring program in Barrio Logan and Program. Both of these actions will focus resources and expertise to analyze cumulative impacts from air toxics on local residents, but the question remains: Will the spotlight move local regulators to take steps to solve these long-standing problems?

Cardinal Mahony blesses new Lady of Guadalupe rose produced by UFW members. At a ceremony in Los Angeles, Cardinal Archbishop Roger Mahony blessed a new rose named for Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is produced outside Bakersfield for the world's largest rose grower by 1,400 members of the Cesar Chavez-founded United Farm Workers.

Moreno honors Muñoz: While trying to help turn the Aztec's season around. It's not an accident that San Diego State's David Moreno wears the number 78 when he lines up as the Aztecs right offensive tackle. "Anthony Muñoz was a big-time role model. He was awesome," says Moreno of the only Mexican-American enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame. To honor Muñoz, Moreno wears the same number 68 that the former Cincinnati Bengal wore throughout his lengthy, All-Pro NFL career.

El Festival ¡Viva el Mariachi! Presentará en San Diego a los Mejores Cinco Mariachis del Mundo. El segundo festival Viva el Mariachi! organizado por la Cámara Hispana de Comercio del Condado de San Diego, presentará a los cinco mejores Mariachis del mundo, el próximo domingo 8 de octubre en el Coors Amphitheater de Chula Vista.

Navy Names New Roll-On/Roll-Off Ship for U.S. Army Hero. Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig has announced that the Navy will honor a U.S. Army soldier awarded the nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor, by naming the seventh in the Bob Hope class of large, medium speed, roll-on/roll-off sealift (LMSR) ships after the soldier. The name Danzig assigned, the USNS Benavidez (T-AKR 306), honors Army Master Sgt. (then Staff Sgt.) Roy Benavidez, born Aug. 5, 1935, in Lindenau, Texas. Benavides distinguished himself in a series of daring and extremely valorous actions while assigned to Detachment B56, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, Republic of Vietnam.



Mounting Bolivian Unrest Targets U.S. War On Drugs. COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA — The U.S. war on drugs is at the very center of one of the worst political crises that has gripped this Andean nation in decades. A nationwide teachers strike has crippled the Bolivian public school system idle during the final weeks of the school year. Blockades of the major national highways have brought virtually all overland travel and commerce to full stop.

President Clinton Orders More Contracting Opportunities For Disadvantaged Businesses. President Clinton ordered all federal agencies to increase opportunities for small disadvantaged businesses in the $200 billion a year government-contracting marketplace. This includes approximately 6,000 companies registered in the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) 8(a) Business Development program.

La Inmigración y La Integración de Inmigrantes en California: Búsqueda de un Nuevo Consenso. Los 34 millones de habitantes de California representan el 12 por ciento de la población de Estados Unidos e incluyen aproximadamente 33% de todos los inmigrantes en el país y 40% de extranjeros sin permiso de estadía. Una cuarta parte de los residentes de California nacieron en el extranjero; otra quinta parte de los residentes nacidos en Estados Unidos tiene por lo menos uno de sus padres que es inmigrante. A partir de 1990, la inmigración ha sido responsable de un tercio del aumento de la población en el estado, una tendencia que podría continuar por tiempo indefinido. Obviamente, la inmigración y la integración de los inmigrantes son una de las cuestiones políticas más importantes que afronta California.

From Dumps to Beauty Salons: Coop Helps Neighbors Build Careers. Sister Teresa Jaramillo is used to taking risks. The Medical Mission Sister went to Nicaragua just 15 days after the 1979 Sandinista revolution to assist the poor who had been displaced during the conflict. So it should come as no surprise that she's chosen to work with some of the most marginalized members of Mexican society; namely with young women who, without her intervention, would likely spend a life picking garbage in Tijuana's municipal dump. To many, her decision to try and help these women, most of them mothers at 12 or 13 and many functionally illiterate, would seem like another risky move.



Growing Latino Political Presence Extends Beyond Presidential Election and Into Congress and State House Contests. Los Angeles — As the first major election of the new millennium approaches, more Latinos than ever have the potential to gain victories in Congressional and state legislative races, according to an analysis conducted by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund. This analysis reveals that Latinos could win as many as four additional seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, one additional seat in State Senates and 13 additional seats in State lower Houses. These increases represent 21% growth in the number of Latino U.S. Representatives (from 19 to 23), 2% growth in the number of Latino State Senators (from 52 to 53) and 9% growth in the number of Latino State Representatives (from 139 to 152). Currently, there are Latinos in 28 state legislatures; after the election that number could grow to 32.

San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Receives Large Hispanic Chamber of the Year Award! The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) selected the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SDCHCC) as the Large Hispanic Chamber of the Year from Region I. An independent panel of judges chose the SDCHCC as the regional winner. Region I is comprised of the Southwest region of the country. The award was presented to the Chamber at the USHCC Annual Hispanic Business Awards, which took place during the Annual Awards Gala in Washington, D.C. The Awards Gala is the culmination of the USHCC's four day Annual Convention & Business Expo, it is deemed the highlight of the Convention's events and activities. The focus of the Convention was the growth & significance of the Hispanic business community in the United States. The award is given to chambers in recognition of their growth, the difference they make in their region's Hispanic business community, and the value added services they provide for their membership.

Linda Vista Student Will Attend APEC Summit in Singapore & Brunei. Students, Educators, from California will accompany Governor Gray Davis and a Trade Mission to take part in the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Forum and CEO Summit in Singapore, Brunei, China, and Japan. Senior Ministers and CEO's of 21 Member Economies in the Pacific Rim will be in attendance. In concert with the Governor, the California Global Classroom (CGC) will be taking a team of representative California students and teachers to attend the Singapore and Brunei portion of the APEC Trade Summit. Among the students traveling with the Governor will be one of our own students: David Madrid, resident of Linda Vista. David, who is 16 years old.

Raza Gains Political Seats. Though it is still not clear just who is going to be the next President, what is quite clear is that there has been an increase in the number of Mexican-American elected to public office. There will be 20 Raza politicians in the State Assembly. This means that we will have added clout in the state. Whether our elected officials work for the benefit and inclusion of our people in the political life of the state and country remains to be seen.

Professor's book looks at 1970s failed Chicano political party and asks, "Why not today?" The U.S. political forces that shut third-party candidates out of this year's televised presidential debates, and helped snuff out a Chicano-led third party nearly two decades ago, may also pave the way for a reawakened Latino political force, University of California, Riverside Ethnic Studies Professor Armando Navarro writes in his latest book.

UFW gives thanks for recent gains as it calls off table grape boycott. In a message timed for Thanksgiving, the United Farm Workers cited recent organizing and contract victories as it called a halt to its 16-year-old boycott of California table grapes.

Grossmont College Students Bring Home Medals From Culinary Olympics. Three Grossmont College students and two instructors in the college's ROP Culinary Arts program brought home Olympic medals - not from Australia, but from Erfurt, Germany, the site of the culinary Olympics, which every four years brings together the best in the world of food. Students Mark Walker, Eddie Chiw and Jerry Flor and instructors Joe Orate and Mial Parker were part of the 10-member California team, which earned a gold, silver and bronze medal for its three entries.



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