Volume XXV Number 01 Janaury 5, 2000

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Year 2000 in Review

Pictured, clockwise: In memoriam: Tito Puente; Alfred Rascon, recipient of the Medal of Honor; Logan Elementary students Koury Rivera (left) and Francisco Pulgari were presented their award for their effort, good citizenship, and good grades; el Festival ¡Viva el Mariachi!

The year 2000 was dominated by the Presidential campaigns and, of course, the final, albeit contested outcome. It was civics lesson 101. Gore won the popular vote, but Bush won the all-important Electoral College vote. Census 2000 was of paramount importance in year 2000, in particular for the Hispanic community, an undercount of the Hispanic community would impact the level of services received, as well as redistricting to name a few of the issues. For the Cuban community the story of the year was the Elian Gonzalez saga. For the rest of the Hispanic community the Elian story shined a bright light on the relationships between the Hispanic/Cuban communities.

In Mexico it was all about Vicente Fox, a new president, a new Party. Of course what would a year be without border issues, this year the focus was on Arizona were border farmers reverted to vigilant tactics. And with the proliferation of maquiladoras on the border, labor issues continued to demand more and more attention.

Statewide the year was pretty much dominated by campaigns and leading the way was the controversial school voucher issue. There was also the fight for state senate seats and assembly seats with the future of redistricting hanging in the balance.

In San Diego there were local political campaigns that impacted on the community, some low blows, some victories and some losses. The Padres Taj Mahal was put on hold, while the San Diego Chargers continued to lose on and off the field. School bonds were passed, the San Ysidro border crossing became an issue and it didn't have to do with illegal crossings. Then there was the proposed Brown Field airport that went down in flames. The horrific stories of the year were the killings and beatings of immigrants in San Diego County!

The arts community continued to fester over the Centro Cultural de la Raza, while other arts programs continued to move forward and present Hispanic/Chicano art. Paco Zavala started his weekly columns on the arts presented from across the border and then there was the 19-week art piece "Rainbow Chronicles" presented by inSITE2000 that spanned the border. Last year (1999) we danced to Ricky Martin's `Liven' La Vida Loca', this year Carlos Santana was all the rage.

All of this and much, much more occurred in the year 2000.

Here we will take a look back at the year and refresh our memory as we review some of the headlines that graced the pages of La Prensa San Diego.

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MALDEF Upset With Bush's Nomination of Chavez to the DOL
Her Name Does Not Make Her an Advocate
Washington, D.C. — The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) has serious concerns regarding President Elect George W. Bush's nomination of Linda Chavez (not to be confused with the AFL-CIO's Secretary Treasurer Linda Chavez-Thompson) to head the Department of Labor (DOL).

Critics of Chavez sound off
PROFILE: Bush's choice for labor secretary has strong conservative credentials.
By Tony Pugh
WASHINGTON — Once a liberal Democrat who worked for the American Federation of Teachers, Linda Chavez, President-elect George W. Bush's pick as labor secretary, is now a staunch conservative who supports school vouchers.

Judge Federico Castro to Retire
Superior Court Judge Federico Castro will officially step down from the bench January 8 after 13 years of service in family, juvenile, and criminal courts.

Doce Personas Se Registran Para una Vacante en el Consejo de San Diego
Una Elección Especial Está Dispuesta Para Febrero 27 en el Distrito 8
Doce personas han registrado papeles de nominación para participar en una elección especial en Febrero 27, para el Distrito 8 del Consejo de la Ciudad de San Diego.

Por Pablo Padula
Yupi ya no suena más como una expresión de alegría. Al menos no para cientos de ex-empleados de Yupi.com que acaban de pasar una de las peores navidades de su vida. Los despidieron la semana anterior a las fiestas.


Editorially La Prensa San Diego Spoke Out, During Year 2000, On The Issues That Impacted On Our Community.
The year 2000 was a special time for San Diego, the State, and the Nation. It was a Presidential election year nationally, as well as a time charged with emotional issues for the residents of San Diego and the County. The Editors spoke out in what they perceived was in the best interests of the people of San Diego and of the society in general. A sampling of some of the Editorials are included herein to recall where "La Prensa" stood on the issues of year 2000.

Tezozomoc speaks
Tezozomoc Spoke-Out In Year 2000

As usual our little Aztec Columnist, Tezozomoc Speaks, spoke out in our pages spewing out his sometime witty, political or commonsensical words. Our Editorials were our serious observations on the issues affecting our lives. Our Cartoons, cloaked behind the comical or very pointed animations, stripped the pretensions and pomposity of some of our leaders.

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