January 23, 2004

VOY Pictures Announces New Home for Latino Film, Talent

Los Angeles - VOY, the leading multi-media entertainment company targeting the English-language Hispanic market, announced the launch of its feature film division, VOY Pictures, LLC. In partnership with top Latino talent, VOY will produce twelve to fifteen films over the next three years, establishing VOY as the hub for Latino film in Hollywood.

VOY’s projects will be in the three to five million dollar range; VOY also will co-produce projects in the ten million dollar range and above.

“English-language Latin films are an emerging genre that is severely underrepre-sented in the Hollywood system. While there is a richness of Latin talent, the lack of sophisticated and commercial vehicles targeting this market creates an opportunity to develop a new voice in film. VOY Pictures fills the market void created by the explosion of the Latin community in the U.S. with its demand for relevant films, and the increasing appetite for Latin culture throughout the American mainstream and across the world,” said Fernando Espuelas, CEO of VOY.

“We have built a creative and business home where Latin talent can merge artistic brilliance with the richness of our culture to develop and produce top quality feature films. These movies will reflect the fusion of our heritage fused with the emerging voice of the New Latino generation while creating significant commercial opportunities for VOY and our partners,” said Emilio Diez Barroso, President of VOY. “Our mission is not to create Latin films; our mission is to create great films with Latin components. We are proud to bring these and future projects into the market under the VOY brand,” he added.

VOY Pictures has assembled an initial slate of projects and talent for 2004 that represent some of the finest writers, producers, directors and actors.

 Freddie Prinze Jr. (Scooby-Doo, She’s All That) will produce and star in Rave Train, a film he co-wrote with Conrad Jackson. “Our generation is looking for new kinds of films — films that represent us, films that show the richness, humor and variety of life. VOY is a new way to make great films that connect with both Latinos and the mainstream,” said Prinze Jr.

 Venezuelan writer, producer and director Fina Torres (Woman on Top) will develop and direct Hip Hop Cinderella.

 VOY Pictures is developing two projects with acclaimed actress Michelle Rodriguez (Girlfight, SWAT and The Fast and Furious.) Celebrated Argentine television and film writer/director Daniel Barone, (Alma Mía, El día que me Amen, Vulnerables) will also develop two projects for VOY Pictures.

 As part of its strategy to target the Latin baby boom market, VOY Pictures will also develop animated films based upon the widely known Latino comic-strip, Los Kitos.

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