January 23, 2004

Tribune Publishing to Introduce Hoy in Los Angeles

Tribune Publishing today (1/20/04) announced that it will introduce Hoy in Los Angeles in March, providing daily news and features of interest in Spanish to the nearly 8 million Hispanics in the Los Angeles area.

Hoy debuted in New York in November 1998 and became the No. 1 Spanish-language newspaper in the NY DMA in March 2001; Hoy’s Chicago edition was launched in September 2003. Nationwide, Hoy is the fastest growing Spanish-language daily newspaper.

“Hoy will bring news and information to Los Angeles Hispanics with a focus on their local communities, and also provide them with news from their native countries,” said Louis Sito, Tribune Publishing vice president/Hispanic media and publisher of Hoy. “We look forward to introducing Los Angeles-area readers to the same trusted, high-quality journalism that Hoy readers now enjoy in New York and Chicago.”

Hoy will place an emphasis on credible and impartial journalism with a commitment to local news and features-including coverage of important issues impacting many Hispanic communities throughout the Los Angeles area. Hoy will devote pages each day to news from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Each Friday, readers can follow the latest trends in music, food, movies and local events in Vida Hoy, a weekend supplement highlighting Hispanic culture.

“Tribune Publishing looks forward to bringing Hoy’s valuable content and quality journalism to the nation’s largest Hispanic community,” said Jack Fuller, Tribune Publishing president. “Through its editorial expertise and ability to form a unique, local connection with the community, Hoy has been very successful in New York and Chicago. We believe it will be well-received by Los Angeles Hispanics also.” Available Monday-Friday, Hoy will sell for a quarter throughout the Los Angeles area in vending boxes, at newsstands and in retail outlets.

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