Volume XXVIII Number 3 January 23, 2004

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The Trials of One Chicana’s Write-In Campaign for San Diego School Board

By Perlita R. Dicochea

From now until elections on March 2nd, Guadalupe Corona and her team of volunteers are walking the democratic precincts of District D, which includes City Heights and Mid-City neighborhoods, and asking voters to write-in “Lupe Corona” for San Diego School Board.

Guadalupe Corona, director of the United Front Multicultural Center at the University of San Diego, has made her vested interest in democratic processes a career. Corona is president of the Latina Latino & Indigenous Peoples Unity Coalition and a member of the San Diego Mayor’s Advisory Board. She was recently appointed as a parent representative on the Language Academy’s School Site Council. Corona also manages to keep on top of her dissertation work in the Department of Education at USD.

Guadalupe Corona (right) stops for a photo while walking through neighborhoods gathering signatutres for her write-in campaign. She is accompanied by her street team: (from left, clockwise) Venus Molina, Zulema Lialson, and her son Endo Rosales.

I asked Corona what she would do if elected to School Board. She listed the following goals:

1. Re-establish the Mexican-American Advisory Committee

2. Create an advisory committee of teachers, parents, students, workers and community members to the School Board for feedback and suggestions.

3. Create a personal advisory committee of teachers, parents, students, workers and community members for feedback and suggestions.

4. Ensure that the Superintendent provides the kind of leadership that will earn the trust and respect of teachers, parents, students, workers, and community members.

5. Continue coalition-building efforts throughout San Diego County.

Campaign Challenges and Legal Mix-ups

Corona must gather 200 signatures by February 17th from registered voters in District D in order to qualify as a write-in candidate on the March ballot. She must also pay a filing fee of $200. Primary elections are held on March 2nd. This election will narrow down the election to two candidates for School Board. In November, voters throughout the County will determine the candidate who will be the newest member of the San Diego School Board.

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State Assembly Elections, District 78
By Raymond R. Beltrán
On March 2, the Primary Elections will include five candidates running for State Assembly District 78, which includes a wide variety of areas across San Diego County, many of which have been added in 2002.

The War Over Health Care
By David Bacon
LOS ANGELES — Today Mark Norton is one of 70,000 workers forced on strike, or locked out, in southern California. Soon he may be one of hundreds of thousands more facing the same difficult predicament.

Long Lines, Red Tape Threaten Bush Immigration Plan
By Pilar Marrero
Beyond the political posturing on all sides about President Bush’s proposed immigration reform, the long lines and anguished waiting of would-be immigrants in the system shows that the process of granting documentation to newcomers has ground to a virtual halt.



Adam Chavarria appointed as Executive Director of the Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Bush recently announced the appointment of Adam Chavarria as executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans at the United States Department of Education.

Most San Diegans Wary of Tijuana
January KPBS/CERC Poll Tests Local Opinions on Southern Neighbor
The latest KPBS/Competitive Edge Research Poll shows that San Diegans are cautious of their Mexican neighbor to the south. By well over a 2 to 1 margin residents seek tighter restrictions at the border, as opposed to a more open barrier between the two countries. However, public opinion remains open to the possibility of closer civic ties between San Diego and Tijuana.

Tribune Publishing to Introduce Hoy in Los Angeles
Tribune Publishing today (1/20/04) announced that it will introduce Hoy in Los Angeles in March, providing daily news and features of interest in Spanish to the nearly 8 million Hispanics in the Los Angeles area.

My Tattoo
My struggle and rationale behind becoming a member of a sub-culture
By Maria de Lourdes Pelaez
It took years of thought; weighing out the different options, the pros and cons. Could I really live with this for the rest of my life? Was I absolutely certain I wouldn’t change my mind within the next couple of days, weeks, months, years? Was I sure I wanted it on that particular spot? Would I and should I really care if people saw it or not, and would their opinions of it matter if they did catch a glimpse of it? After deciding that I really wanted it and having figured out that my lower back was the best spot, because I could show it and hide it at will, came the next grueling task – figuring out what tattoo design I wanted to put there.

Por Karina Hurley Flores

Nuestros Ojos, Espejos del Alma
Muchos nos referimos a ellos como los espejos del alma. Y es que nuestros ojos reflejan todo aquello que existe en el mundo exterior. Sin embargo, son muy pocas las veces que nos fijamos en su salud. Los ojos, al igual que cualquier otro órgano esencial de nuestro cuerpo, necesitan de nuestro cuidado para mantenerse siempre sanos. ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que te hiciste un examen de la vista? Si no puedes recordar la fecha, quizás sea tiempo de que visites a tu oculista.

Cardiovascular concerns and the ephedra ban affect dieting techniques
By Joseph Peña
With the Food and Drug Administration’s December ban on the dietary supplement ephedra, linked to 155 deaths and more than a dozen strokes and heart attacks, dieting isn’t as simple as consuming supplements. The ban, effective after a written notice is issued to retailers, will force Americans to consider new dieting techniques.

New Health Care Disgrace: How Do You Say ‘Pass the Buck’ in 300 Languages?
By Hilary Abramson
Editor’s Note: Few immigrants know they have a right to a free professional medical interpreter when they see a doctor. Many legal and healthcare advocates charge that the Bush administration wants to keep it that way.

Southwestern College Selling Campus Trees
“Garden of Giving” Campaign to Benefit Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Students
Chula Vista—Interested in a White Alder, Torrey Pine, or Carolina Cherry tree? Southwestern College (SWC) has these and many other varieties for sale. And, for $1,000, you can own your very own tree at SWC. Well, not really.

Community Notes:
Scholarship opportunites

Millions Qualify for Free Online Tax Filing
Web Services Make Tax Filing Easier and Refunds Faster
More than 6 million of the state’s 14 tax filers qualify to use NetFile, California’s free e-file service, or other free tax filing services provided by private companies, according to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).


By Nativo Vigil Lopez
Thirty years ago, Bert Corona, considered the father and architect of the amnesty immigration law of 1986, drafted what many would later call the Bill of Rights for the Immigrant Worker. His concept was to propose a minimum and maximum program – the immediate and the ideal.

Border Angels: A Politics of Humanitarianism
By Perlita R. Dicochea
In the face of the Bush Administration’s immigration proposal which would make undocumented immigrant workers legally exploitable for intervals of three years, thirty Border Angel volunteers, led by Enrique Morones, founder of the non-profit organization, caravanned from downtown San Diego to East County’s rocky desert hills to set up stations of water, food, and clothing.

México del Norte
¡Bienvenidos! (por tres años nomás)
Por Jorge Mújica
Send me your poor, your sick, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free - Mándenme sus pobres, sus enfermos, sus contingentes de masas que suspiran por la libertad. Desde hace una semana, a este poema al pie de la Estatua de la Libertad en Nueva York, George Bush le agregó: ¡...Y yo se los regreso a todos cada tres años!

Colaterales de la Inseguridad
Por: Paco Zavala
Después de aquel fatídico 11 de septiembre la comunidad mundial cambió, todo mundo actúa con reservas, ya no son tan abiertas, espontáneas y francas las cosas, no, ahora se cubren y se encubren con lo que esté al alcance de la mano.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Regia Presentación Artística del Dueto “Besos y Abrazos”
Por: Paco Zavala
Ya se acerca el mes de febrero y con él se avecina la celebración del “Día de la Amistad y el Amor”, evento que acontece el 14 del mes de referencia; por lo tanto, los enamorados sobre todo, echan la casa por la ventana en algunas ocasiones y tam-bién los que no están enamo-rados, celebran este día tan memorable.

Romántica e Histórica la Novela
Por: Paco Zavala
Al leer un libro siempre queda un buen recuerdo; en ocasiones éste se conserva por mucho tiempo o por toda la vida, al que suscribe le ha sucedido innumerables veces.

Hip Hop Hoodíos To Make San Diego Debut
By Francisco H. Ciriza
The east coast based act Hip Hop Hoodíos will make its San Diego debut on January 30th at Canes Bar and Grill in Mission Beach. The quartet, comprised entirely of bilingual musicians from Jewish/Latino backgrounds, has played numerous well-attended concerts primarily on the east coast with only a few select appearances in California. The band will unleash its brand of rock and rap “en Español” to local fans at a show scheduled to be opened by San Diego’s own, Emaue.

La vida es una tómbola
Ashton Kutcher juega con las probabilidades en “The Butterfly Effect”
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Mientras veía desenvolverse “el efecto mariposa” en la pantalla, mi mente no podía dejar de escuchar aquella canción de los 60 en donde Mirla Castellanos reclamaba su amor entre luces y color. El efecto me impedía parar de reir, hasta el punto que mi compañero de sala (un crítico de cine mucho más joven de lo que aparenta y con cara de pocos amigos) me miraba para darme la clave de que ya era suficiente con la risita.

Queriendo comer (en, a) Hollywood
Enrique Sapene da pasos seguros en “El alma herida”
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Para muchos artistas, el sueño dorado de Hollywood se mantiene fresco en sus ambiciones. Legiones de actores latinos de México, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia y España (países donde existen industrias exitosas de televisión en Hispanoamérica) se han mudado a esta parte de la geografía a perseguir el cofre de oro al final del arco iris. Todos han subido al letrero de “Hollywood” y conjurado a Dios o a su contraparte para que el valle de Los Angeles caiga rendido a sus pies, mientras ensayan la lista de gracias que brindarán efusivamente en la entrega del Oscar. La gran mayoría no dura más de tres años.

VOY Pictures Announces New Home for Latino Film, Talent
Los Angeles - VOY, the leading multi-media entertainment company targeting the English-language Hispanic market, announced the launch of its feature film division, VOY Pictures, LLC. In partnership with top Latino talent, VOY will produce twelve to fifteen films over the next three years, establishing VOY as the hub for Latino film in Hollywood.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
La actividad artística y cultural en la comunidad, durante el presente año apenas inicia, todos los centros que se dedican a desarrollarlas, comienzan a poner en práctica los planes establecidos para el presente año.

Calendar of Events....
By Berenice Cisneros
**La Maestra Community Health Centers is celebrating the opening of a new satellite clinic in El Cajon. Today there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 12:30 p.m. The new clinic will provide comprehensive pediatric and adult medicine services to the surrounding community. La Maestra Community Health Centers also offer pharmacy services, outreach and eligibility assistance, translation services, community education, health promotion and social services. Today, it has expanded to include two dental clinics in City Heights, along with this new medical clinic in El Cajon.

Hilltop Ends Barons 22 Year Undefeated Streak with 1-0 Victory
By John Phillip Wyllie
Hilltop High School junior, Giselle Ibanez, struggled to describe her feelings after scoring last week what was the most important goal of her soccer career. Ibanez’s goal, scored about a minute before halftime in the Lancer’s January 14 1-0 victory over Bonita Vista High had enormous implications. Since 1982, Hilltop and every other school in the Metro Conference had been trying to defeat the Lady Barons, but for a national record 298 consecutive league games, no team was able to do it. Ibanez and her Lancer teammates came into this game determined and confident that they could at last turn the tables on the perennial league champs.

Under the Helmet: Bruno Junqueira
Bruno Junqueira put together a run to start the 2003 Bridgestone Presents The Champ Car World Series Powered by Ford season that would make most drivers in any series green with envy as the 27-year-old Brazilian stormed to 10 top-five finishes in the first 11 races, finishes that saw him climb the podium after seven of those events.

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