January 16, 2004


Governor Schwarzenegger’s ”Final Solution” on State Budget Would Sacrifice the Working Class, Minorities, the Poor!

The Governor’s Budget proposal, rather than being innovative, puts forth the same old solutions that have been championed by ruling despots, i.e. “sacrifice the poor, the under classes,” the economic dispossessed, and oppressed! Of course this solution comes as no surprise, fanatical DESPOTS, since time immemorial have been very willing to sacrifice those who have very little means to defend themselves.

The lions share of the savings that the governor is proposing, lies to the Health and Human services, cutting or limiting the Medi-Cal Program, cutting funds for Public Health, CalWorks, and other Health and Human services, totaling $2.7 billion. This means that the poor, i.e. Hispanics, the African americans, the unwanted minorities, the despised poor etc., who make up the majority of the Medi-Cal beneficiaries, will make an already bad system even worse. For example, just this past week, two hospitals, one in La Jolla and one in Encinitas, gave notice that they will stop accepting Medi-Cal Patients. This means that poor patients will now have to travel out of their way to receive medical attention, and this is just the beginning. More hospitals and even more doctors will refuse to see Medi-Cal Patients. The health care cuts called for will impact severely on pre-natal health programs. Young children will be denied healthy first programs, dental programs, and basic health care coverage.

In a recent report released by the Latino Issues Forum it states: The proposed changes to the Healthy Families Program will deny health coverage to more than 300,000 children seeking basic health coverage. In the first year alone, it is estimated that 113,800 children who otherwise would qualify, including those already diagnosed with asthma and diabetes, would be denied health coverage. Latino children, in the Healthy Families Program, account for almost 66 percent of all beneficiaries, making the program a major resource of basic health coverage for Latino families.

Latinos are already the largest uninsured group in the state and this budget proposal will push even more Latinos into the abyss of the uninsured!

Education will have their funding trimmed by another $2.73 million from the budget as tuition and other related fees continue to climb. There will be a reduction in freshman enrollment; Community College Fees will increase, as will UC and CSU fees, and there will be elimination of Outreach Funding for UC and CSU programs. This is an attack on the poor and minority communities. More than any other community, the poor need access to educational opportunity so that they can break the vicious cycle of poverty that they find themselves in. But with the cost of education, in particular community college education, rising every year, it makes it next to impossible for the poor, and we are talking the Hispanic community here, to rise from the depths of poverty. Not only are they making it more and more expensive to go to college, but this budget is also cutting off the outreach programs that seek to assist the poor and underprivileged to give them a hand up.

What the Governor did not say was how the rich in the state, the corporate giants, and big business were going to pitch in and help with this budget deficit. He did not come up with a plan on how he was going to cut the outrageous gas and electric bills that we face every month. He did not share with us a forceful plan of action to get the casinos on board to help with the budget deficit. But he did tell us about how he was going to form a commission, which will form other commissions, to study how the government can rid itself of duplicity. Seems kind of redundant, with more waste, this type of commission has been done before, it was virtually ignored in the past.

The Terminator i.e. Schwarzeneger will do battle with the weakest segment of society in a vain effort to impress the billionaires of America. Don’t forget to wear your Brown Shirt least some forget your origins.

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