Volume XXVIII Number 2 January 16, 2004

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Five Candidates for Chula Vista City Council Seat 4

By Raymond R. Beltrán

On March 2, the City of Chula Vista will have to vote on who will succeed City Council Seat 4, currently being held by Mary Salas. There are currently five candidates, Rudy Ramirez, Dan Hom, Robert Solomon, Steve Castaneda, and John L. Nezozzi. If a candidate receives over 50% they will win the seat outright in March. Short of that the top two vote getters will face off in the General Election.

Rudy Ramirez, current Chula Vista City Council Candidate, stands next to a map of the Green Belt Plan he hopes to bring into fruition if he’s elected on March 2.

Councilwoman Salas was originally elected in 1996, and was re-elected in 2000. This year, she is ineligible to run for the seat again. A council member can only serve a maximum of two terms, which Salas has done for the past eight years.

Jerry Rindone, who holds Chula Vista City Council Seat 3, is the only candidate running for the position he currently occupies. Seat 3 became available to interested candidates on November 10, nearly two months ago. Although, when the nomination period closed on December 5 last month without any candidates, it was evident that Rindone was secure in his campaign for re-election.

The Chula Vista City Council, having various legislative powers, governs the City of Chula Vista, and, in its mission statement, “is committed to build and nurture a progressive and cohesive community which values our diversity, respects our citizens, honors our legacy, and embraces the opportunities of the future.” It works as a “council-manager” process, which means that among the five seats available, the city hires a manager, or a chief administrator, to execute policies decided on by the council. The council is comprised of five members, four council members and the mayor. Currently holding seats are Patty Davis, John McCann, Jerry Rindone, up for re-election, Mary Salas, finishing her last term, and Mayor Stephen C. Padilla.

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Cinco Candidatos Para el Asiento 4 del Ayuntamiento de la Ciudad de Chula Vista
Por Raymond R. Beltrán
El día 2 de marzo, la ciudad de Chula Vista tendrá que votar por quien sucederá el Asiento 4 del Ayuntamiento, actualmente cubierto por Mary Salas. Al presente hay cinco candidatos: Rudy Ramirez, Dan Hom, Robert Solomon, Steve Castaneda y John L. Nezozzi. Si un candidato recibe más del 50%, ellos ganarán al momento el puesto en marzo. Y asi los dos que reciban la mayoría de votos se enfrentarán en la Elección General.

Juggling a country’s past with its present
By: Katia Lopez-Hodoyan
Once plagued with the torment and fear that accompanies a brutal dictatorship, the Republic of Chile is shedding its painful past by looming into a more economically stable and progressive country. Fourteen years after the fall of Augusto Pinochet’s self-appointed rule, Chile experiences an ongoing transition to reach true democracy through the evolution and implementation of its laws. A positive step largely attributed to the country’s current president Ricardo Lagos. As a symbol of his efforts in achieving the latter, on the ninth of January, UCSD’s Institute of the Americas presented president Lagos with its highest honor: The Democracy and Peace Award.

La Opinión/Lozano Family And CPK Media Announce Creation Of First National Latino Newspaper Company
La Opinión’s owners, the Lozano Family, and CPK Media have announced they are combining forces to form the first ever national Spanish-language newspaper company in the United States targeting the growing Hispanic population. The new company, Impremedia LLC, brings together La Opinión and El Diario/La Prensa, the leading Spanish-language daily newspapers in Los Angeles and New York, the two largest Latino markets in the country.

American Library Association Belpre Award
By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan
As immigrants in the United States find it increasingly important to preserve the language and tradition instilled in their culture, libraries throughout the nation face the challenge of representing different cultures through the distribution of books. Members of the American Library Association gathered in San Diego’s convention center last week to underline the importance of culturally diverse readings for children. One of the highlights used to introduce this concept was the Pura Belpre Award given to both illustrators and authors that best reflect and honor the Latino culture. This year’s winners were Yuyi Morales from “Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book,” as well as Julia Alvarez who authored “Before We Were Free.”

Importante muestra de José Guadalupe Posada, uno de los artistas más influyentes de México
José Guadalupe Posada: Mi México 24 de enero – 4 de abril, 2004
A partir del 24 de enero del 2004, el San Diego Museum of Art presentará un gran conjunto de dramáticas impresiones por José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913), el artista gráfico más famoso de México. Las obras en la exposición, intitulada José Guadalupe Posada: Mi México, forman parte del extenso acervo de la Colección de Jean Charlot de la University of Hawaii en Manoa, la cual es comparable a las mejores colecciones de la obra de Posada en México.



Water Transfer Not Enough, Water Conservation is the Key
By Perlita R. Dicochea
The recent Water Transfer Agreement between the Imperial Irrigation District (IID), the State of California and the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) as well as other southern California water agencies has constituents on both sides of the California/Baja California border deeply concerned about possible environmental and economic impacts. To be certain, there are many unknowns regarding the agreement’s economic outcomes for the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys. In addition, state and local authorities and environmental activists insist that conservation measures undergo further implementation throughout San Diego County.

Release Of “First-Ever” Report on The State of Latinas in California as Collected by Hispanas Organized for Political Equality, January 27, 2004
LOS ANGELES — Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring political and economic parity for Latinas, will unveil a report on January 27, 2004, containing the most recent data collected specifically on Latinas in California and five critical regions: Fresno, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.

Crossin’ Borders, Keep On Crossin’ Celebrates One Year Anniversary
By Raymond R. Beltrán
As borders are erected along the southwest United States, we, living along the walls, become blinded by the 2000 mile barricade when trying to define the meaning of the word ‘border.’ To us, it’s a fence that separates those without paper documents, identifying people as legal, or illegal. We define the word in terms of what protects us, of what keeps the iniquitous from what we think of as our very pristine, American lifestyle. We militarize and guard our borders as if they were the key to the greatness, if we can be so arrogant in using that word, of our culture.

Por Rafael Ponce de León
Donald Trump y el negocio de mostrarse
Estados Unidos es sin lugar a dudas el lugar en donde el dinero reluce de una manera distinta. El dinero es el tema desde Wall Street hasta Arizona, y para tener un ejemplo de lo que el dinero compra y vende basta con mirar a

Se Instala Consulado Móvil y Feria de Salud en Escondido
· El próximo sábado 24 de enero la comunidad mexicana será informada sobre la posibilidad de acceder a servicios médicos, incluso gratuitos, sin importar su estatus migratorio.

Free Database Specialist Training Begins Feb. 2
Grossmont College Program Prepares Workers for New Careers

El Cajon — Are you interested in a computing career? Are you creative yet detail-oriented? Do you work well with others and alone? If so, you may be a candidate for the free Database Specialist training program offered by Grossmont College’s Computer Training Center (CTC) located in El Cajon.

Senior Drivers: Safety Versus Freedom
Town Hall Meeting to Address Critical Issues for Older Drivers

“Older Adults: Staying Safe on the Road” is the topic of a free town hall meeting on January 19, 2003, from 4:00 pm to 6:00pm at Scripps Mercy Hospital West Auditorium, 4077 Fifth Avenue in San Diego. Co-sponsored by ScrippsHealth and the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County, this informative meeting is open to the public and will include a discussion of the recent Santa Monica “Farmers Market” disaster and the resulting outcry for increased regulation of older drivers.

Southwestern College Launches WebAdvisor
On-Line Program Makes it Easy to Register; Eliminates Wait Lines

Chula Vista—For the first time in the history of Southwestern College (SWC), students will be able to apply for admission and register for classes without leaving home.

Se Busca Reina y Rey para el Cinco de Mayo con Orgullo 2004
Jóvenes Tienen la Oportunidad de Demostrar su Orgullo Latino

Para Berenice Sotelo, el ser coronada la reina de Cinco de Mayo Con Orgullo 2003, fue más que un lindo vestido y una recompensá monetaria. La joven de 17 años de edad alumna de la escuela El Cajón High School, nos dijo, “Para mí, representa la fuerza de la comunidad latina y el respeto que se merece. La cantidad excesiva de publicidad del alcohol está destruyendo mi cultura latina.” Este año la Coalición Cinco de Mayo con Orgullo busca una nueva reina y un rey para el Desfile y Festival Cinco de Mayo con Orgullo 2004, mismo que resalta el verdadero significado del Cinco de Mayo y lo rescata de las garras de la industria de alcohol que lo ha convertido en un día festivo saturado por el alto consumo de alcohol.

Youth have chance to demonstrate cultural pride in ‘Cinco de Mayo’ royalty contest
For Berenice Sotelo, being crowned the queen of Cinco de Mayo Con Orgullo 2003 was more than beautiful gowns and prize money. The 17-year-old El Cajon High School student said, “For me, it is about the community being strong and respectable. The overflow of alcohol advertising is destroying my cultural heritage.” This year, the Cinco de Mayo Con Orgullo Coalition is looking for a new King and Queen to reign over the Cinco de Mayo Festival and Parade, shedding light on the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo and the alcohol industry’s effort to turn it into a holiday for drinking.


Governor Schwarzenegger’s ”Final Solution” on State Budget Would Sacrifice the Working Class, Minorities, the Poor!
The Governor’s Budget proposal, rather than being innovative, puts forth the same old solutions that have been championed by ruling despots, i.e. “sacrifice the poor, the under classes,” the economic dispossessed, and oppressed! Of course this solution comes as no surprise, fanatical DESPOTS, since time immemorial have been very willing to sacrifice those who have very little means to defend themselves.

La Pobreza y la Cumbre Extraordinaria
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Un cónclave ecuménico de presidentes de América Latina, Canadá y los Estados Unidos no pudo tener la repercusión esperada en una región de más de 250 millones de pobres, una vez que su organización tuvo más fines políticos que económicos. No obstante que la Declaración de Nuevo León, supuesto acuerdo económico-político que cerró la no-emotiva reunión, incluye, entre otros, la reducción de la pobreza, el proceso del encuentro cristalizó la falta de entendimiento de los líderes latinoamericanos y el presidente George W. Bush en la focalización de este problema.

Fewer students can afford skyrocketing costs of college
By Adolph L. Reed Jr.
Higher education ought to be a right, available to every student who makes the grade, without regard to that student’s ability to pay.

Latinos: A Growing Independent Political Group?
By Emmanuelle Le Texier
In the last fifty years, American politics has been through a silent and rarely described political change. The fact is individuals that identify themselves as politically independent now outnumber Democratic and Republican parties’ identification. All surveys carried out show that Independent affiliation grew tremendously from 24% of the population in 1952 to 40% today. Although these results do not mean the end of bipartisan politics, they might announce that Independent are today a swing vote in American politics. Interestingly enough, when studies identify Latinos in majority with the Democrats (usually about two thirds), their partisanship followed the same general trend since the 1970s. Latinos are increasingly choosing an Independent line.

Integración Americana
By Andrés Lozano
La historia no se repite, ciertas condiciones sí. Cuando los españoles primero y otros europeos después, conquistaron y colonizaron América, tenían ventaja de diez mil años respecto a los naturales. Medidos en años tecnológicos, EUA tiene hoy delantera de eones frente a Iberoamérica: abrumadora e inalcanzable. Esta es una aserción crucial: Iberoamérica precisaría reinventar lo inventado, absurdo a todas luces. La coyuntura eficaz es la cooperación. Formar parte de proyectos de descubrimiento.

American Integration
By Andrés Lozano
History does not repeat itself, certain circumstances do. When the Spaniards firstly and other Europeans afterwards conquered and colonized the Americas, carried along with them 10,000 thousand years of progress ahead of the natives. Measured in technological years, the US has a lead measured in eons compared with Latin America: awesome and unreachable. This is a crucial assertion: To catch up, Latin America would require to reinvent the already invented, an absurdity on its own terms. Cooperation is the efficient choice, join and be part of research and discovery projects.

Prepárese hoy para prevenir el Monstruo del fuego de mañana
Por Thomas Bonnicksen, Ph.D.
En el año 2000, los americanos estuvieron pegados a sus televisores mientras el monstruo del fuego rugía en el oeste. Sucedió nuevamente en los años 2001 y 2002. Estos horribles incendios mataron gente, destruyeron hogares y hábitats silvestres, despojaron a la tierra de vertientes de agua, atoraron los arroyos y los embalses naturales con desechos y convirtieron millones de acres en carbón.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Acción descerebrada
Torque es otro vehículo de mercado

Por Jose Daniel Bort
La pasión por el volante tiene su pedigree cinematográfico en los vehículos fílmicos de finales de los ’60 y los ’70. Pero por cada “Easy Rider”, que comentaba sobre el actual espíritu del renegado y libre-pensador, o por cada Steve McQueen en “Bullit”, estaba Burt Reynolds y sus versiones de “Cannonball”.

Running out of steam
Along came Polly feels like a little of the same

By Jose Daniel Bort
It’s been a long marriage between comedian Ben Still-er and Writer/Director John Hamburg, in terms of artistic collaboration. Along came Polly marks the first time the writer steps on the director’s chair in front of the actor. The result proves one more time that, with very few exceptions, writers should not direct their own material. Along came Polly is the lamest Ben Stiller comedy in years.

Cambio de Delegado Nacional en la ANDA Sección 4ta
Por: Paco Zavala
El pasado sábado10 de enero de 2004, asistimos a un acto en el que se realizó una doble Asamblea en la Asociación Nacional de Actores, en la que trataton asuntos inherentes a la problemática que vive esta organización, incluído el asunto del cambio de Delegado Nacional, por encontrarse enfermo el anterior Delegado Sr. David Nevarez Blanco, el que es sustituído por César Manjarréz, actor egresado del Instituto Andrés Soler y con muchos años de militancia en las filas andistas.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Entrados ya con el año, iniciamos nuestra búsqueda de información de eventos y actividades vinculados con el quehacer artístico y cultural en la comunidad y como dicen para abrir boca les presentamos las primeras noticias al respecto.

Southwest’s Cortez has Raiders Off to a Promising Start
By John Philip Wyllie
Ranked among the county’s scoring leaders, Southwest High School’s Allen Cortez has been around basketball ever since he can remember.

Antonio Margarito: Dark Shadows of a Champion
By Fiona Manning
WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito has often been overshadowed by some of his flashier counterparts.

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