January 3, 2003

Publisher’s Statement

La Prensa Up-Grades to 2003 Look

After 27 years of maintaining the same look and manner of publishing La Prensa San Diego, it was decided to make some innovative changes in the “look” and update the technology by which the paper is created and produced. Some of the changes will be very noticeable our readers will not see others.

The most dramatic change is with our logo. After 27 years, Tezozomoc needed a face-lift. A more modernistic look was needed to reflect that La Prensa San Diego was a media reflecting today’s world as well as the past. Towards this end a highly talented team of Olinka Domínguez Torres and Haydee Aceves of Diseño Gráfico were contracted to develop our new look. We maintained the same elements of the logo that hark back to our beginnings. We updated our logo, Tezozomoc, and the Tenocha king and replaced the Sun Dial Emblem with a Mexican Pyramid.

Other changes to our paper will be the use of more color and pictures and the addition of the professional work of other writers to broaden the appeal of our newspaper. Technically, the paper will see a reduction in its width to conform to industry standards. La Prensa San Diego will go from a 13. 5 by 22 inch broadsheet to 11.5 x 21 inche broadsheet. This change brings La Prensa San Diego in line with all other broadsheet dailies. With the change in our paper size, our production staff will be experimenting with different type fonts and sizes to improve the quality and readability of our product. Our current and new advertisers will now be able to provide industry standards to the development of their advertisement, as one size will fit all!

Modernization will also occur internally. Our internal telephone system has been reconfigured, modernized and is now providing a far more proficient service to our readers, customers, and clients. The production of the paper will be updated and the actual layout will go from a manual cut and paste system to a complete digitalized process. La Prensa San Diego will be aided and abated with the assistance of Cindy Rothstein and the professional staff from Advanced Web Offset located in Vista, Ca.

These changes will become obvious in our hard copy editions of La Prensa as well as in our Web-Site Edition We hope you enjoy the changes to La Prensa San Diego, as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Daniel L. Muñoz

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