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2002 Year End Review

The year 2002 was a year that the country desperately looked to for a change, a new beginning after the tragedy and shock of September 11.As a country our world had changed and we looked to see what would transpire, would there be a prolonged war, would the economy turn around, was the energy crisis behind us? Unfortunately year 2002 would not fulfill the hopes of a new year. Our fortunes did not turn around, the specter of war hung over our heads all year long, and our civil and constitutional liberties were threatened under the new Homeland Security Act.

As we look back in the year 2002, one of the highlight were the effort and accomplishments of our youth and students. A good example was "The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation Honors National Winners of the Youth Awards." Youth Award winner were (from left to right): Jesse Rodríguez, Linda Chavira Moreno, Karen Sosa, Nancy Fernández, Leslie Sánchez, and Brnadon Garcia.

For the Hispanic community 2002 would bring dramatic change and opportunity, as we chroni cled the events of the day in the pages of La Prensa San Diego. We now take a look back at the year and review some of the highlights, events, issues, and milestones that took place last year.

“Kidnapped!” read the headline in January. It was a story by our intern Lisa Marguet. She had just started working with La Prensa San Diego. She wanted to become a reporter, write news stories. Little did she know, at the time, that she and her family would be her first story!

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Reseña del Año 2002
Por: Paco Zavala
El próximo pasado año 2002 fue una continuación de dureza en acciones ideológicas mundiales, mismas que son una prolongación del año 2001. El mundo continúa muy convulsionado, casi podríamos decir que está a punto de estallar y no hay fuerza que pueda realizar la acción de detener esta casi segura hecatombe; los gobiernos, las gentes, las acciones, las ideologías, todo anda de cabeza.

Publisher’s Statement
La Prensa Up-Grades to 2003 Look
After 27 years of maintaining the same look and manner of publishing La Prensa San Diego, it was decided to make some innovative changes in the “look” and update the technology by which the paper is created and produced. Some of the changes will be very noticeable our readers will not see others.

New Research Casts Doubt on Value of High-Stakes Testing to Improve School Performance
TEMPE, Ariz. — The high-stakes testing policies adopted by many states and the new annual student testing required by the federal government in the 2001 No Child Left Behind legislation may be counter productive, according to two studies conducted by the Education Policy Studies Laboratory at Arizona State University for the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice, a Michigan-based think tank.


La Prensa Persa
Editors Note: We would now like to introduce and welcome the first biweekly column of “La Prensa Persa,” (The Persian Press), which we will publish as long as the Iranian-American community feels the need or until the day they have their own local newspaper.

It’s Not Yesterday’s Peace Movement
By Rene P. Ciria-Cruz
You don’t need a weatherman to see that grassroots opposition to a U.S. war with Iraq is gathering fast. Today’s peace movement already draws big protest crowds even before the shooting has begun, and its ranks are more diverse than the 1960s movement, which took a few years to grow. Fueling dissent is the perception that Bush’s call for a unilateral first strike against Iraq is arbitrary.

The Real State of the Union
By Scott McPherson
In late January, President Bush will speak to the nation from the House of Representatives in his annual state of the Union address. By the tens of millions Americans will tune in to hear the president outline his legislative agenda for the coming year and congratulate himself on his past year’s accomplishments — both of which are increasingly defined by greater and greater expansions of government power.

Por Yhamel Catacora
En el año nuevo
Felicidad y prosperidad, son generalmente los dos deseos que queremos se hagan rea lidad cuando llega un año nuevo. Son esos deseos  quizás, los responsables de habernos extraído de nuestras tierra natal para transplantarnos en el país donde los sueños se realizan. Sabemos que eso es cierto porque a diario escuchamos de historias de hispanos o latinos que triunfan.

Anderson Professional Services
Socorro Anderson recently hosted a ribbon cutting for the opening of her new Anderson Professional Services office at 3222 Roosevelt Street, in Carlsbad. It is located in the Barrio to provide services for those who need it the most.

Community Notes:
Fuller Ford & Honda Gives Back to the Community!
CHULA VISTA, CA — Fuller Ford & Honda has been a leader in customer service, quality, leadership and vision since 1946. Fuller Ford & Honda was honored to present 7 families in need with gift certificates, toys, clothing and Ralph’s Food Certificates for the holiday season. Fuller Ford & Honda is proud to give back to the community that supports them. Donating to these families in need means a lot to the Fuller Family. They are one of the few dealerships in San Diego County still operated by the original family members.

Applications Now Available For $21 Million in Funding For Community Development and Social Services Programs
Approximately $21 million in funding is now available for nonprofits and other eligible organizations, which provide services and projects that benefit low- and moderate- income residents in the City of San Diego.

Bilingual Reading & Discussion Series at The Library!
The community is invited to participate in the second of six Bilingual Reading and Discussion Series where stories of the love, life and work of Latino families in the United States and Latin America are read and discussed on the second Thursdays of each month at 7 PM in the Turrentine Room of the Escondido Public Library, located at 239 South Kalmia Street.

City Offers Training Seminars For Small Businesses
The City of San Diego’s Community and Economic Development Department, in partnership with the Small Business Development and International Trade Center at Southwestern College, is offering business assistance seminars to inform small business owners and entrepreneurs how to develop a small business into a successful enterprise. Admission is free for all seminars


Adios Year 2002 it Has Not Been The Best of Times Nor The Worst
The passage of time often has the effect of blunting the sharp edges of reality causing the mind to overlook the worse of ones experiences during the year. Fading memories, often times, are used to recall the passing years. As a Publisher, of La Prensa San Diego, I have published editorials that afforded a panorama of how we viewed and expressed our professional opinions on the issues that we perceived as being important to our City.

A Chicano Looks at the Trent Lott Affair
By Jorge Mariscal
Now that Senator Trent Lott (R. Miss.) has resigned as Senate Majority Leader, the news cycle has already moved on to other issues. But the Lott Affair ought not to be shoved under the rug so quickly. Despite Lott’s numerous apologies in recent days and his attempts to distance himself from recent remarks about Strom Thurmond and his own past, hais act of contrition seems half-hearted. On Christmas Eve, he claimed he had simply been “trapped by his enemies.”

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Up Close and Laughing With Lalo
by Raymond R. Beltran
“I was an art major and an editorial cartoonist for the Daily Aztec newspaper, and I went studying with two friends of mine, one being a reformed homeboy. We were in the Chicano collection [at the SDSU library], where they got, like ... three Chicano books,” says Eduardo Lopez with a mischievous grin between his goatee. “I went to the men’s room in stall number three. I sat down and looked up, and the toilet paper dispenser said, ‘Eduardo Lopez is a greasy, wetback, spick who should go back to Mexico. His mom, too.’ I said, ‘That’s messed up ... they don’t even know my mom.’”

Joel Casamayor Moves Closer To World Title
By Fiona Manning
IBA 130 pound world champion Joel Casamayor has landed a huge fight on January 26 - inching ever closer to his real goal: a world championship, thanks to his stunning and devastating fifth round KO over Yoni Vargas in Miami, Florida 10 days ago.

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