Volume XXIIII Number 02 ~ January 14, 2000

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Martin Luther King - A Different Drum Major

By Paul Rosenberg.

(Editors note: This commentary was written on 13 January, 1995. We find it still applicable and noteworthy).

It's fashionable today to pose the theme of personal responsibility in opposition to the continued quest for social justice. We even hear Reverend Martin Luther King quoted out of context, as if judging people by the "content of their character" was meant to endorse the idea that some of us should starve, some should go homeless, and some should shiver naked in the midst of winter.

But Dr. King didn't think that the content of our characters was something coldly quantifiable, capable of being determined by the marketplace, like the price of pork rind or pig iron. When he spoke of personal responsibility he had a much more lofty view in mind: that we are each responsible not just for ourselves, but for each other, and for our collective redemption from the sins of our past that stain us still. He did not falsely oppose the ideas of personal responsibility and commitment to social justice. Rather, he saw the commitment to social justice —rooted in the Gospels— as a means for transforming mere egotism and blind ambition into engines of individual redemption—the crowning reward of personal responsibility.

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Martin Luther King, Man of History
By Nelson Peery.
A person becomes a historical figure by bringing to a crisis the personal qualities needed for its successful resolution. What was the crisis and what were the qualities that propelled Martin Luther King Jr. to the level of a historic figure?

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney
¿Podemos Realmente Decir `Mision Cumplida'?

El Día de Martin Luther King, Jr., fue establecido en honor al héroe del movimiento de los derechos civiles. Pero como a veces ocurre con otras fiestas nacionales, se corre el riesgo de que se pueda convertir en simplemente otro fin de semana largo. Sí, a mí también me gustan los fines de semana largos. Pero ése no es el caso.

'A Day On, Not a Day Off' Rallies Atlanta Parents in Remembrance of
Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday
ATLANTA -- In a living tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's, Jan. 17, 2000 birthday holiday observance, many parents of Atlanta public school children will NOT be taking a day off from learning.

Cultural Diversity to be Celebrated Downtown at Martin Luther King Jr. Parade,
Festival and Candlelight Walking Tour
The 20th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade sponsored by Zeta Sigma Lambda Scholarship (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity) and themed, "Let's All Come Together," will take place on Saturday, January 15, 2000 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Turn to the Sea—Fish Replace Strawberries as Primary Crop
for Mexican Migrants
By Peter S. Cahn
PATZCUARO, MICHOACAN — Strawberry-picking is no longer what draws workers north to the United States from this state in north-central Mexico. As the year begins, many who returned home for the holidays are gearing up for crab season.

Noticias de México...
Pinochet deberá enfrentar los tribunales chilenos, asevera Frei
El presidente Eduardo Frei aseveró que Augusto Pinochet deberá enfrentar los tribunales chilenos, en caso de que sea ratificada la intención del gobierno británico de liberarlo por razones de salud.


President Clinton Appoints California Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante
to Serve on U.S. Census Monitoring Board
Sacramento — President Clinton today appointed Lt. Governor Cruz M. Bustamante to serve on the eight-member U.S. Census Monitoring Board.

President Clinton Proposes To Expand The Earned Income Tax Credit
Wednesday, President Clin-ton announced, in his Address to the Democratic Leadership Council, A New $21 Billion Plan to Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit — A Key Part of His "New Opportunity Agenda."

Cuomo Announces Higher FHA Home Mortgage Loan Limits to Help More
American Families Become Homeowners
Washington — In a move that will help thousands more families become homeowners each year, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo today announced that HUD has begun insuring larger home mortgage loans across the country — up to nearly $220,000 in some area for single-family homes. In San Diego County HUD will ensure mortgage loans up to the top limit of $219,849.

More Than 1,000 California Democrats Apply to be Gore Delegates
SACRAMENTO - In support for Al Gore's Presidential campaign in the Golden State, an impressive 1,037 California Democrats have applied to be Gore delegates and run in the January 23 caucus. Since only 239 slots are available, an average of more than four persons will be competing for each delegate slot and the chance to be an Al Gore delegate at Democratic National Convention.

Museum, California Center for the Arts, Escondido Names Rudy Sanchez
as Exhibitions Assistant
The Museum, California Center for the Arts, Escondido announces the selection of its new Exhibitions Assistant, Rudy Sanchez. As the Exhibitions Assistant, Sánchez assists in selecting and coordinating exhibitions. He is currently working on the upcoming Sites Unseen- Shimon Attie: Photographs and Public Projects, 1992-1998 which opens Feb. 13, 2000, and The Next Wave: New Painting in Southern California" opening June 4, 2000.

Census Bureau Begins to Recruit Hundreds of Thousands of Workers
for Census 2000
The Census Bureau today lunched a nationwide recruiting campaign to find workers to fill thousands of short-term employment slots during Census 2000. To adequately staff the temporary local census offices in every state, a pool of some 3 million applicants will be needed.

Localization of the Internet
by Joe Loehr
The holiday shopping season is finally over, and the clear winner is on-line shopping. In spite of some out-of-stock and back-end delivery problems, it is clear that shopping on the Internet is here to stay and will only become a bigger factor in next year's holiday season. But how can the local retail merchant take advantage of this trend?

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Yhamel Catacora
Detrás de todo gran hombre…

"Has llegado lejos", es quizás una traducción aproximada del famoso lema en inglés, "you've come a long way". Esta famosa frase se dirige a la mujer, refiriéndose a los logros de su género, en las últimas décadas.

State Children's Health Insurance Program Now Reaching Two Million
WASHINGTON - HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala announced that nearly two million children who would otherwise be without health insurance coverage were enrolled in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in fiscal year 1999 -- double the number reported for the first full year of the program.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Helping Her Succeed Where Millions Fail
Until recently, just walking her dogs left her uncomfortable and out of breath.
The soft-spoken woman carried 386 pounds on her six-foot frame. Her decade-long struggle with obesity was clearly a losing battle. But now, after taking a step many would consider drastic, Amelia Williams of Oakland is succeeding where millions continue to fail.

County 6th Graders Must Begins Hepatitis B Shots Now
State Law Requires All Students to be Immunized
Parents, schools and health care providers need to work together now to make sure all the county's 6th graders are immunized against hepatitis B before the end of the school year, urged Dr. George Flores, public health officer for San Diego County.

This Year's Flu Season: No Real Cure Except Time
Chances are you or someone you know has had influenza this year. The influenza virus, or the flu, can begin suddenly and hit hard. It is spread by hand-to-hand contact or by breathing in virus-containing droplets that are sneezed or coughed into the air.

Hot Chefs, Hot Chocolate!
America's Top New York Chefs Offer Winter Warm-Ups
Made With Lowfat Chocolate Milk


State of The City Message a Fairy Tale

Mayor Susan Golding's "State of the City Address" was a total figment of Maryanne Pintor's imagination. The City she spoke of is not the San Diego that we have inherited after 8 years of misrule by Mayor Susan Golding and her inept coterie of advisors and City Council. The recent issue of Ladies Home Journal (February 2000) calls it the way it really is.

Why Should Elián Be the Only One?

by Jacob G. Hornberger
At least the case of Elián González is helping to expose the hypocrisy of U.S. immigration policy. The INS says that the boy should be returned to Cuba so that he can be with his father. Republican presidential candidates and even Al Gore are expressing outrage, suggesting that the boy would be better off living in the United States than in communist Cuba.

Punto de Vista:
Nuestro personaje del siglo: César Chávez

Por José Ronstadt
A manera en que iniciamos un nuevo milenio - aunque este en realidad no de principio sino hasta el primero de enero del año dos mil uno - nos preguntamos quién sería el latino o latina de mayor impacto en nuestras comunidades en los últimos cincuenta años.

Tezozomoc Speaks

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

San Diego County Youth Winners of KPBS Reading Rainbow Writing Competition
Sixteen winners in grades 1 through 8, from throughout San Diego County, have been named award winners in the 15th annual KPBS Reading Rainbow Writing Competition. The youth were honored at a special ceremony January 12 at the KPBS Copley Telecommunications Center.

Calendar of Events:
By Berenice Cisneros

An Interview With TV Star/Heartthrob Mario Lopez
By John Philip Wyllie
It has often been said that Hispanic actors are under utilized in Hollywood, but finding employment has not been a big problem for Chula Vista's Mario Lopez.

The Hurricane
"Llega la historia del Huracán, El hombre que hubiera podido llegar a ser el campeón del mundo. Pero las autoridades lo acusaron y encarcelaron por un crimen que no cometió". Bob Dylan, "Hurricane/"Desire" 1975
El ganador del Premio de la Academia, Denzel Washington (Glory, Malcolm X), interpreta a Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, un hombre que en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, sus sueños de ser el campeón mundial de peso mediano de boxeo fueron destruídos, cuando fué arrestado junto con otro hombre por los asesinatos de tres personas en un bar de New Jersey.

From Basketball to Boxing Cylk Cozart in "Play It To The Bone"
By Dana Rosenfeld Gordon
In Touchstone Pictures' new comedy, "Play It To The Bone" starring Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson as best friends and professional boxing rivals, actor Cylk Cozart portrays Rudy, an ex-boxer gone corporate whose heart and soul is still inside the boxing ring.

Superbowl.com Inaugura Una Sección en Español
Superbowl.com, la sede oficial de la NFL del Super Bowl, brindará cobertura y contenido sobre el magno evento en español en una sección especial de la sede de Internet.

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