Volume XXIIII Number 01 ~ January 7, 2000

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1999 Year In Review

A Year of Promise and Hope

By Daniel H. Muñoz

1999 is history and what most people will probably remember will be the two most overused terms ever, Y2K and millennium. Thankfully we can now bury Y2K as the most overhyped event that never occurred. Millennium, however, is still here and will be used again at the end of this year when the next millennium really begins.

For the Hispanic community 1999 was a big year. A year that marked a change of direction for the community, a year of promise - some realized, most not.

1999 was also a year that, for the Hispanic community, was an enigma, the economy was booming, yet minority contractors were left behind. There was much talk of political power, but the Lt. Gov. of California, Cruz Bustamante, was being taken to the woodshed by Governor Grey Davis and the Hispanic Republican leader, Rod Pacheco, was being dismissed. Education was the number one mantra heard, yet the number of Hispanics enrolling in higher education was down.

1999 also held much promise, there was the Latin explosion in the music industry - we were all livin' la vida loca. Political appointments were made, and there were some opportunities made available to Hispanic business, and presidential candidates were talking in Spanish. So let's take a look back at 1999 and review some of the high and low lights.


The month of January was a breath of fresh air. We could now call Pete Wilson the ex-Governor of California and the Hispanic community looked to Democrat Grey Davis to steer California away from the divisive politics practiced by the Republican Party.

In Sacramento Sergio Martinez and Lisett Labra with Senator Richard Polanco.

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A lo Largo y Ancho del Continente Los Latinos Recibimos el 2 Mil
Por Miguel Garcia
Supervivientes de desastres naturales y humanos que el 99 nos deparó, los millones de latinoamericanos que poblamos este mundo festejamos la llegada del 2 mil con fuegos artificiales, música y los deseos de siempre de que, ahora sí, las cosas marcharán mejor

Governor Davis Approves San Diego Area Public-Private Land Transfer
Los Angeles — Governor Davis announced his approval of a bayfront land transfer agreement between the San Diego Unified Port District, the City of Chula Vista and BFGoodrich Aerospace Aerostructures Group (BFGA/AG) which will launch plans to revitalize the city's waterfront.

Cities of Irvine and Santa Ana Host California/Mexico Summit of Mayors
Irvine, Ca. — On February 13-16, 2000, Irvine Mayor Christina Shea and Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido will proudly host the Summit of Mayors, "California and Mexico: Doing Business Together through Technology, Government Services, Trade and Commerce." Over 200 mayors from California and Mexico have been invited to attend this Summit with invited keynote speakers including California Governor Gray Davis and Chihuahua's Governor Patricia Martinez.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Consuelo Luz
¡Tienes la palabra!

¿Qué pasó? Entró el temido año 2000, con sus pronósticos de terrorismo y calamidades computarizadas, y en vez de violencia y caos lo que vimos fueron impresionantes celebraciones por todo el mundo festejando la vida y la esperanza que trae la entrada de un nuevo milenio.

Many California Teens Left Out on Sex Education
New Law May Mean Changes for Schools That Teach Sex Ed
Many of California's teenagers are being left out when it comes to vital health information, according to a survey released today.

Muchos Jóvenes Californianos no Recibirán Educación Sexual
Muchos jóvenes californianos no recibirán información vital acerca de su salud, según un estudio dado a conocer hoy.

El Departamento Estatal de Servicios de Salud Hace Conocer que los Beneficios
de Medical Pueden ser Restaurados a Todos los Inmigrantes
Sacramento — A todo inmigrante que le fué negado o suspendido los beneficios del MediCal por el hecho de haber tenido una visa temporal o una tarjeta para pasar la frontera puede ser que ahora sean elegibles para obtener esos beneficios, de acuerdo al Departamento Estatal de Servicios de Salud (DHS por sus siglas en inglés).

Compañías Importantes Asistirán a la Sexta Conferencia y Taller Anual de
Mercadotecnia Para Hispanos de los Estados Unidos y América Latina
Nueva York — La Sexta Conferencia Anual de Mercadotecnia y Taller de Internet de Strategic Research Institute N.Y. para Hispanos de los Estados Unidos y América Latina tendrá lugar del 24 al 25 de enero del 2000 en Miami Beach, Florida.

Students Reach Educational Goals
Free workshop focuses on adults heading to college
El Cajon — Adults often put off their dreams and goals of earning an education due to family and other responsibilities. Grossmont College's Adult Reentry Center offers a free workshop to welcome those students entering or returning to college.

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney, Director of The Christophers
El Camino de los Reyes Magos

En el mundo de hoy, en cuanto llega el nuevo año, los adornos navideños son quitados de los negocios y de los centros comerciales para dar paso a la moda de primavera; árboles de Navidad, y hasta quirnaldas, son arrojados a la basura; y los pesebres y las decoraciones se guardan en alguna caja hasta el próximo año.

Community Notes:
Family Resource Center Offers Free Violence Workshop
On Saturday, January 15th from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., the Kimball Family Resource Center, is offering a free workshop where you can learn about the roots of violence, positive resolutions, mediation and communication. Paul Wetson, President of the Institute for Multicultural Success International, will teach the workshop to held at the Kimball Family Resource Center 304 West 18th Street in National City.


State of the City Report

It is the custom for the nominal leader of the nation, state, city or county to issue a report on the state of the entity over which they have political jurisdiction. We can assume that Mayor Susan Golding will deliver such an address shortly. As has been her modus operandi, she will hold it on stage at the Civic Theater or in Golden Hall surrounded by all the members of the City Council and her principle appointed officials.

Where Did La Prensa Stand In 1999
A quick review of the major Editorials on issues and concerns that the Editors took an editorial stance on, during the year 1999.
January 8: "Governor Gray Davis Ignores Mexican Americans"

Latino Youth in Crisis: Curbing a Social Epidemic

By Julio Calderon
I returned to the Youth Authority after a stint with the California Labor Commissioner's office in 1992, that had lasted 3 years. One of the first changes that jumped out at me was the high number of Latino youth in our institutions and camps. Almost half of the YA's ward population, 49 percent, is Latino. There is something terribly wrong with this picture. In 1980, the YA Latino population was just under 29 percent, lower than the 37 percent White and 35 percent African American. What has happened in the Latino community over the last 10 years?

Letters To The Editor
All Political Power is Inherent in the People!
San Diego City Attorney Casey Gwinn hired outside counsel to address the question of whether the ballpark re-initiative is legal...

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Magic of Mata Ortiz Exhibit to Open at San Diego Museum of Man
The exquisite pottery of Juan Quezada, a legendary, self-taught Mexican artist credited with launching an enduring revival of an ancient art form, will be showcased during the San Diego Museum of Man's "Magic of Mata Ortiz" exhibit, Jan. 15, 2000 and continuing through Jan. 14, 2001.

Calendar of Events:
By Berenice Cisneros

"Play It To The Bone"
From acclaimed writer/director Ron Shelton, Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas star as best friends and professional boxing rivals Vince Boudreau and Cesar Dominguez, both of whom haven't worked in years. Finally, from out of the blue, they get the chance of a lifetime:

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