February 27, 2004



In this the March Primaries, we are only endorsing in selected races. In races such as the Presidential race, we will defer until the General Elections and make our endorsement at that time. In other races, such as the Judge’s Office, we will not endorse in these races or in any races where the candidates are running unopposed, until the General Election. In the races below, we present our Ballot Recommendations for the March 2003 Primaries:

US Senate
Republican Party
Rosario Marin

State Senate
Larry Stirling, Republican

State Assembly
District 76; Democratic Party
Lori Saldana, Democratic

District 78; Democratic Party
Maxine Sherard, Democratic

San Diego Unified School District

Trustee Area A
Miyo Ellen Reff

Trustee Area D

Trustee Area E
Sharon Whitehurst-Payne

County Supervisor; County of San Diego
Supervisorial District 1
Greg Cox

Council Member;
City of Chula Vista
Seat 4
Rudy Ramirez

Mayor; City of San Diego
Peter Q. Davis

City Attorney; City of San Diego
Michael J. Aguirre

City Council Member Council; City of San Diego
District 3
Gonzalo Garcia

District 7
Irene Stallard-Rodriguez

State Propositions

Proposition 55 Kindergarten -University Public Education Facilities Bond Act
Should the state sell $12,300,000,000 in general obligation bonds for construction and renovation of K-12 school facilities and higher education facilities? VOTE NO

Proposition 56 State Budget, Related Taxes, Reserve, Voting Requirements, Penalties
Should the State Constitution and certain statutes be amended to allow the state legislature to pass the state budget and budget-related tax and appropriation bills with a 55 percent vote, and to make other changes to the budget process? VOTE NO

Proposition 57 The Economic Recovery Bond Act
Should the state of California borrow $15,000,000,000 through the sale of bonds to provide financing for California’s budget deficit? VOTE NO

Proposition 58 The California Balanced Budget Act
Should the state Constitution be amended to require that the state adopt a balanced budget and provide for mid-year adjustments if the budget falls out of balance? Should the Constitution also include state budget reserve requirements and limits on future borrowing to finance budget deficits? VOTE NO

Local Measures

Measure A The Rural Lands Initiative — San Diego County
Shall the Rural Lands Initiative, which requires newly subdivided parcels on approximately 694,000 acres of rural land in northern and eastern San Diego County to be a minimum of 40, 80, or 160 acres, be approved? VOTE NO

Measure B Construction Manager At Risk Contracts — City of San Diego (Charter Amendment)
Shall the City Charter be amended to permit the award of public works construction contracts using a combination of (1) design review and management services, and (2) construction and construction management services; for a guaranteed maximum price pursuant to a process of competitive negotiation conducted as required by the Charter or Municipal Code? VOTE NO

Measure C Transient Occupancy Tax Increase to Fund Emergency Services, Roads, Parks, Tourism, and Other Specified Uses — City of San Diego
Shall the City increase the transient occupancy tax (TOT) paid by hotel and motel visitors by 2.5%, and shall these funds, along with some current TOT funds, be earmarked to fund Fire-Rescue and Police emergency services, equipment and facilities; road improvements; park and coastal improvements; tourism promotion; and library and arts programs; and shall public audits be conducted of the uses of these funds? VOTE NO

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