February 26, 1999

Tezozomoc Speaks

Q-VO Gente, pos chale con el clamor de Propa L. Ni modo, have to struggle every day to find refin for la familia and be able to buy garras para la Ruka y los escuincles! Orale Carolina happy now? El Indio is back con su gente. Era de la jodida to make it across La Línea... Hay más chuposos con traje verde en la línea trying to catch la gente cruzando. But, ni modo, este Indio was trained by the Yaqui Indians!


My íntima amiga Maria de Tijuas will be gone for a while. She left for Columbia. She will be dando lata a los Narco-traficantes. Bad omen.

Terremoto hit shortly after she got there. Pero that is nothing when you are from Tijuas.


Big Chingones from the Hisssssspunic Chamber Nacional came to town. Immediately did what all-respectful Hispanics do. They held a press conference with our íntima amiga the Golden One. El Jefe tooooo busy to go.


The Tejas war verses former Superintendent Antonio Trujillo (Crocket Vs Santa Ana) is almost over. Trujillo got run out of El Pueblo of Ysleta, where he tried to lay claim to the entire town and become El Caudillo of the school system. He nearly got scalped. They recognized someone that was chueco. El Trujillo then made a sneak attack on (Fort) Dallas where he laid siege on the DISP (Dallas independent School system). Pero, Indian scouts from El pueblo of Ysleta, Chula Vista and San Diego made mucho smoke signals to the Apaches & Tejanos of Fort Dallas and tellum him big bad medicine. The ruling council at DISP made big powwow and are going to send Trujillo packing way out of their territory to never, never land.


P.S. They (DISP) looking for one good Chicano Superintendent.


The Chicano/Latina Coalition is sending out to la gente de lana an invite to honor Denise Moreno Ducheny at a fancy "gala." All you lucky folks that go have to pay $500 pesos por mesa or $75 pesitos (a-la cheapo) to hear Denise. But you have to go de Pipa y Guante." Line forms to the left. Este Indio will hear her on the cheap and listen to an old speech of hers where it didn't cost me no lana!


Tom Toms from Arizona Hopi tell me El Vato Luis Alberto Urrea former local boy from barrios of Tijuas and Logan will be coming to San Diego el 10 de Marzo. El Homey is coming to read from his latest two books "Nobody' s Son" and "Wandering Time." It's free No Lana to hear this homey Call Bay Books, in Coronado for more info.


Local Chicana, Elia Esparza, worked on the Vikki Carr production Memories, Memorias that will be airing Monday night at 8pm on KPBS. Elia now working with Ricardo Montalban on a $10 million dollar project. She is also busy working with the Los Angeles Unified School District establishing a Performing Arts High School Academy for Latinos. Way to go Elia!


La Tejana Bea Estrada, with her Ruco in tow, returned from los llanos de Tejas after visiting with her mamacita who is very ill. We will send our heartfelt sentimientos to the big Chief in the sky.


Bueno amigos, tiempo to lite up la mota, drag on a botella de cheve and get with it. Orale beats Camels. Hay los watcho! love each other y no se dejen.

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