Volume XXIII Number 08 ~ February 26, 1999

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On February 15, 1999, President William J. Clinton traveled to Mexico and held a bilateral meeting with President Ernesto Zedillo. They discussed ways in which the two nations could strengthen their partnership through cooperation in expanding trade, deepening democracy, controlling illegal durgs and migration, protecting the environment, and responding to natural disasters. President Clinton and President Zedillo signed an agreement, at the Peon Contrearas Theatre in Merida, between the two countries including: Counter-Drug Cooperation; Economic Cooperation; Civil Aviation Agreement; Cooperation Against Border Violence Cooperation in Law Enforcement; Support for Fire Prevention and Restoration; Cooperation on Tuberculosis Control.

Secretary of Labor Herman Touts Hispanic Low Unemployment Rate
By Daniel L. Muñoz

Mexican Immigrants Look For New Route Into United States
By Ignacio Ibarra

EEOC y Tanimura & Antle Arreglan Caso de Hostigamiento Sexual en la Industria

Racial Tensions Flare in L.A. Area's Changing Neighborhoods
By Amanda Covarrubias

Noticias de Mexico


Ricardo O. Alvarado: Past Photographs, Ever-Present Visions
By Dr. David Matsuda

Estados Unidos y México Suscriben un Pacto Para Liberalizar los Servicios de

An Increasing Number of Californians, Especially the Working Poor, Have No
Health Insurance Coverage
By Janet Gilmore

Meeting on the Environment Attracts Hundreds of Borderlanders
By Jeff Banister

Emerson-Bandini Elementary School Receives Insight On Newspaper Business
By: D. Muñoz

Latest Attempt for Majority Vote Clears Senate Committee

SDSU Ofrece Becas a Futuros Maestros de Educación Especial
UC and College Board Create Joint Outreach Effort
La UC y la Junta de Colegios Comunitarios Colaboran Para Preparar a Estudiantes a

Ingresar a la UC
Southwestern College Short Session Business Classes Begin March 15

Medio Millón de Estudiantes Hispanos de Octavo a Doceavo Grados Abandonan
los Estudios Anualmente

Worms and Green Jell-O Inspire Children To Read

UCSD Senior Health Plan Adds More South Bay Physicians to its Network

Coalición Para Establecer Grupos Familiares de Apoyo en Español

Community Notes:


Hablando con las Personas Equivocadas
Por Daniel H. Muñoz, Jr.

Your Money - Their Endowment
By Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian

Tezozomoc Speaks

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

At the Movies:
The 24 Hour Woman

FIFA World Youth Championship: The big premiere

Resultados Del La Semana Pasada: Mexico Gana Torneo Asiatico

Surf Soccer Tryouts

Calendar of Events:

WBC FECARBOX Bantamweight Championship

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