February 24, 2006

Pos where are all my Raza Skiers? Hocky Pucks y Skaters ? Pos este Indio missed not seeing all our Hot Rodders laying rubber on the slopes at Turin! Pues we did see Jennifer Rodriguez, from Miami in the 1500 Long Track Speed Skating event. Didn’t win but she came in 8th! Other Hispanics seen around the Town Square in Turin were Davis Parra. Guess our Amigos Los Italianos didn’t let anyone know that they would have tacos and enchiladas for all the Raza Skaters! Pos este Indio can’t stand the ice and snow… NI MODO... I rather swim in Can Cun!

A little bit of History. In case you wondered whether Spanish language newspapers existed in the old days. Here are a few that saw the day of life before La Prensa San Diego, (1976): Sancho Panza (1891), El Latino Americano (1891), Valle del Bravo (1892), El Hispano Americano (1893), La Justicia (1893), La Opinión Pública (1895), El Independiente (1896), Eco Fronterizo (1896), El Monitor (1897), Las Dos Amerikas (1898), Las Noticias (1899)… These newspapers saw the light of day in El Paso, Texas! (Thanks to David Dorado Romo who Published “Ringside Seat To A REVOLUTION~ An Underground Cultural History of El Paso and Juárez: 1893-1923 for the information).

Pues what’s happening in Tijuas? Tunnels being dug from there to here to push drugs and perhaps immigrants! Qué pasó? Getting to where La Gente is afraid to cross La Línea! If you can’t cross there’s no business going to be conducted!

Pregunta: Don’t forget who needs your VOTE politically! Nuestra Gente has the votes to control one or two Cities, Council Districts and or Supervisor seats. With the Republicans tanking in, we have a good chance to influence who rules! Of course the Democrats are so busy selling out to the Gay Community that they have forgotten YOU! Ni modo gente. It’s up to you not to sell yourself cheaply!

Pues, ya me voy for now. Chao.

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