February 24, 2006

SUPERFIGHTER: truly a “Heavyweight” event!   June extravaganza set to rejuvenate the sport of Boxing

By Mike Indri

For the longest time the talk within boxing has been revolved around the sad state of the heavyweight division; and its’ inability or unwillingness of the division’s four champions (IBF: Chris Byrd, WBA: Nicolay Valuev, WBC: Hasim Rahman, and WBO: Lamon Brewster) to step up and unify the title. In a sense, restore the pride, luster and respect to what was once the most revered and cherished title in all of sports…being know as the world heavyweight champion! 

  The entire heavyweight division has suffered; to the point where champions  defending their titles don’t even warrant main event billing (Byrd out pointed DaVarryl Williamson over twelve disappointingly languid rounds as the co-feature to James Toney’s defeat of Dominick Guinn: 10/01/05).

Even Don King, “the undisputed world champion amongst heavyweight promoters”, feels the current financial need to host heavyweight title fights outside the U.S., relegating his champions to “opponent” status abroad (Brewster retained his crown, knocking out Luan Krasniqi in dramatic fashion, TKO 9: 9/28/05,  while John Ruiz lost a highly disputed majority decision to new WBA title holder Nicolay Valuey on 12/28/05).

It’s gotten to the point where even the divisions top contenders: Samuel Peter, Calvin Brock, Shannon Briggs, David Tua, are reluctant to fight each other!

Up until now the sorriest aspect of this entire situation is the fact that it’s all been talk, no action, just talk.

The fighters always seem to be talking about fighting the best; also just talk. All the while, the boxing fan is SCREAMING, begging and pleading for someone to step up, stop all this disdainful chatter and return the pride and dignity to boxing’s most glorified division.

Simply put - get these fighters to rise to the challenge.

The need is obvious; yet to get the fighters, and their promoters, to commit to finally “walking the talk” it would take a monumental, innovative and truly grand event. 

As giant of an event as planned, while truly MONUMENTAL, could not be accurately described as “grand.” The more precise description, financially, would be “MILLION”, as in 30 Million (already secured and budgeted) dollars, with 20 million dollars going to the fighters in prize money and guarantees!

Now does that get your attention? Welcome to SUPERFIGHTER, and the WORLD SUPERFIGHTER CHAMPIONSHIP!

There is no unexcited or non-exhilarating way to describe SUPERFIGHTER.  Simply put it’s an elimination, gladiatorial event which presents the talents of eight international boxers, all on one fight card, all on one day, but with only one champion at the end.

Scheduled for June 4, 2006 at the Melbourne Vodafone Arena in Mel-bourne, Australia (telecast live into the USA on the evening of June 3rd), SUPERFIGHTER will bring to boxing an event unequalled and surely unparallel. It’s magnitude - no less than Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson; it’s innovative concept, new values for the sport and technological & theatrical atmosphere - unprecedented.

“We are not about doing this one event and leaving, we’ve been working on this SUPERFIGHTER event for three years, this is a long term plan,” stated Duval, adding “SUPERFIGHTER will revolutionize boxing. We will be using our innovative scoring system, a video reply system which will allow for greater viewer interaction and a 21st Century technology that includes a 14 camera High Definition Telecast, new camera angles and telecast technology, including Super Supreme Slow Motion for a more informed adjudicated procedure.  At the venue you will get the feeling at home and the viewers at home will get the feeling of being there live!” 

Spooner and Duval also stressed the importance of safety (using 12 oz. gloves, more time for medical attention to the fighters, shorter fights, etc..) and while appreciating the greatness of professional boxing both do see a need for a fresh approach, which will bring the people back to it, and an opportunity to add great value to the sport along the way.

They also want to do what is right for the fighters, as is evidenced by SUPERFIGHTER’S support of the Retired Boxers Foundation.

With former heavyweight contender Lou Savarese present, Stephen Duval spoke in high regard for the boxing non-profit organization which helps former boxers, in need, restore their pride and dignity.

“We have so much respect for the Retired Boxers Foundation, and for Alex (Ramos); who has started the RBF to help other fighters. He has dedicated his life to the success of the RBF,” admirably proclaimed the Australian-born Duval, “SUPERFIGHTER is now also dedicated to this great cause.”

Only adding to the credence and validity of “SUPERFIGHTER” is the World Boxing Council, the largest, most respected organization and sanctioning body in boxing; which has given “SUPERFIGHTER” its’ full endorsement.

Not looking in any way to “replace” the traditional sport of boxing, this highly intense and entertaining SUPER-FIGHTER concept will in fact only enhance its greatness; providing an arena for the best to fight the best in each weight class - across the globe - each year!

For further information: www.superfighter.tv.

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