February 23, 2001


District 8 Election: A Choice Between Corruption & Morals and Ethics

The upcoming election February 27, 2001, may well determine who will replace former District Eight Councilman Juan Vargas, and complete his term or what two top vote getters will be in the runoff on April 17, 2001.

In the best of times, it could be expected that the campaign and election would be run in a scandal-free environment. The recent Presidential elections and its associated scandals in Florida along with the wholesale sell off of the Presidential elections to the highest bidders has left a bitter taste in the voters' collective minds. It is in this context that we note that the Presidential experience has evidently not affected those with the desire and means to buy and sell candidates in our nook of the country.

In the upcoming District Eight elections, it has become rather obvious, that the voters of District Eight will not have their needs and desires to have true representation on the San Diego City Council. One candidate, Ralph Inzunza Jr., is being financed by "outside" interests to the tune of $155,000 to date. Of these interests, one can make certain assumptions as to why they want to buy Inzunza's votes on the City Council. It quickly comes to mind the PADRE interests who are determined to build a stadium and take control of whole sections of city property at the expense and a terrible price will be paid by District 8 residents and the whole city.

The monied interests residing North of Interstate 8, who want to continue the legacies of Mayor Susan Golding, who allowed the wholesale raids on the public purse to build such things as monuments to Golding such as the downtown white elephant of a main library rather than building neighborhood libraries.

The Brown Field interests, who are determined to convert Brown Field build into a heavy cargo/duty airfield that will be disastrous to the residents of Otay, Nestor, San Ysidro, Chula Vista, and Tijuana, Mex. They know that Inzunza will be easier to vote for their interests than the other candidates.

Of greater concern is the lack of moral turpitude in his attitudes concerning the actions and behaviors of the homosexual community. He is actively going after their endorsement and is inconsistent with our morale and ethical Christian values. To run in District Eight with its large population of Mexican Americans and Philippinos who are devout Catholics and Christians makes it quite clear that Mr. Inzunza cares little for their sensibilities and betrays their fundamental morale and ethical values.

It is of grave concern that the Union on their Editorial page would endorse such a man for public office. In a word Inzunza has said he supports the Gay agenda. These are the same folks that protested and fought to try and force the Boy Scouts of America to allow Homosexuals to be Scout Masters. Failing that the Gay Lobby has turned to drive the Boy Scouts out of their Balboa Park location to punish them. INZUNZA publicly stated he would support that effort!

Yet, the UNION endorsed such a man for public office! ¿Por qué? Why? Was their a public mandate from the thousands of parents from Otay, Nestor, Palm City, Centre City East, Grant Hill, Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Memorial, Stockton, San Ysidro, Golden Hills, Shelltown or Southcrest that they wanted to turn their sons over to avowed Homosexuals? I think not.

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