February 22, 2002

Yolanda Escamilla to Bring Grassroots Politics to City Council

Yolanda Escamilla, candidate for City Council and member of the Raza Rights Coalition, will forever change politics in San Diego. Escamilla describes herself as the candidate of the people, the candidate with the power of reason, the candidate that will bring Justice and Dignity to the residents of the 8th District.

The campaign for Justice and Dignity is a continuation of the 2001 campaign for Social Justice and True Democracy. While the community rallies behind her platform, the bowerbrokers of San Diego will realize that business will not be as usual. "This campaign is the voice of the community and not a corporate interests. If the City Council doesn't act on the will of the Community then we'll do the job ourselves," says Yolanda Escamilla.

Yolanda Escamilla is the only candidate who holds the aspirations of all hard working families of the 8th district. The central points of her platform are the following:

Residents of the 8th district should have more power over the public institutions in our communities in order to build justice and dignity.

Promote ideas and programs that support the economic and cultural development of our communities.

To promote real progressive change in our public schools.

We must not tolerate further public fund rip-offs.

For more information please log on to www.yolandafor8th.org

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