February 22, 2002

Learning Spanish The Old Fashioned Way!

Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club, with help from the President of the Tijuana Rotary Club, Caesar A. Reyes, has been helping Casa Hogar El Faro Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, for several years. Rotarians Bruce Stewart and Bruce Pahl, Co-chairpersons spearhead the project with help from their committee persons, Juan Aguilar, Delta Collins and Mike Pfankuch. Rotarian, Bruce Jordan, DDS, gave toothbrushes for the children.

Casa Hogar El Faro, the bath.

Through the club's WEB page, a high school Spanish teacher, from Viborg, South Dakota (900 pop.), asked permission to bring his entire class to the orphanage. Students raised over $4,000.00 just to make the trip. They spent their day in Mexico, painting everything in sight together with other chores needed by the orphanage-all hands-on work. All the while they also practiced their "hands-on" Spanish among the natives and learned about Latin American Culture. Viborg, in the North-Central part of the USA and has little to no Spanish speaking persons with whom students can practice the language.

Through the WEB, Rotary has also stimulated other groups in California to help. Due to this cooperation, the buildings now have a second floor, laundry machines and a dryer. They still have a dire need for a FAX machine and some sewing machines for older girls to learn sewing basic skills. One special reason they look forward to our visits is they charge their tortillas and we are the deep pockets who pay the bill every few months. Contributions may be made by calling 760-730-0055.

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