February 22, 2002



March 5, 2002

PROPOSITION H: The City of National City is asking voters to approve $6,000,000 in general obligation bonds to acquire a new City Library.

The current library was built in 1954 when the population was 28,000 and the schools were dealing with only 6,000 children. That library is now old and falling apart, and it does not have state of the art computers capable of serving the needs of its 11,500 student and 56,000 person population!

The City needs a larger, comprehensive library that will bring our children into the 21st century and prepare them to meet the challenges of life. Our seniors, parents, and working young adults need a gathering place where they can get the latest books, publications and periodicals and have access to the latest hi-tech computers to do research and keep in touch with the world! The community needs rooms in which to hold organizational meetings and conferences. In a word, National City needs to join the 21st century.

The City is asking for approval to issue General Obligation Bonds for six million dollars. The cost to property owners will amount to $22.81 per $100,000 assessed valuation per year. If PROP H passes, the City will then qualify for state funding for up to $11,000,000 under the California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction Renovation Bond Act of 2000. The City will then have a total of $17,000,000 for the new library!

A 2/3rds vote is required to pass PROP H . Your vote is needed for this proposal!


¡For your Kids - Para sus Hijos!

PROP R: LOWER SWEETWATER FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT (FPD) (Proposed Lincoln Acres Community Service Area No. 137)

The voters are being asked to place the contracting authority for fire and emergency services for the unincorporated community of Lincoln Acres, under the supervision of the County of San Diego. The National City Fire Department would provide these services through contracts overseen by the County. The Lincoln Acres Community Service Area No. 137 would replace the Lower Sweetwater FPD at substantial savings.

No additional property taxes, assessments, or fees will be charged to the property owners.

Savings will come from eliminating the $13,000 per year that is paid by the property owners to the Lower Sweetwater Fire Protection District (FPD). The County will save $11,000 dollars per year that is currently being paid to the Lower Sweetwater FPD. Rather than being spent in some very suspect ways by the Lower Sweetwater FPD, these savings could be allotted for other uses in Lincoln Acres.

The Board of Supervisors will serve as the Board of Directors once the new County Service Area is formed. They will service the contracts for $2,000 per year.

La Prensa San Diego recommends that the residents of Lincoln Acres vote YES ON PROPOSITION R. It is time that they take advantage of the services that can be provided by the County. They need to liberate themselves from the clutches of perhaps well-meaning citizens, and turn over the provision of fire and emergency medical services to the supervision and oversight of the Board of Supervisors. They will have competent and professional contract administrators to negotiate for their fire and medical service... You will sleep better at night.


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