Volume XXVI Number 08 February 22, 2002

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One Step at a Time: San Diegan Walks World for Children

By Yvette tenBerge

It is the stuff of which Hollywood films are made - a story told and retold in the pages of religious texts throughout the world. A lone man embarks upon a journey. As he walks, he speaks with God. As he walks, he passes on a message of peace and touches the faces and hearts of men, women and children.

Garcia walked from Tijuana to San Diego. Then Mayor Susan Golding, proclaimed January 25, 1998 "Danny Garcia Day.

It seems that modern day America has found its messenger in Danny Garcia, 56, a San Diegan and former United States Marine who has walked more than 29,000 kilometers over the past five years promoting peace and raising awareness of children's rights.

"When I first started walking, I think I was walking for my own healing and salvation. The only person I knew who could give me this love was Jesus," says Mr. Garcia, who describes himself as "a dead person who needed life" after going through a painful divorce in 1996. "I started walking, and the love that I experienced from [Jesus] through other people was a gift. Not only did it heal me, but it continued through me, and I was able to touch others."

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Mayor Hahn Builds a Bridge With Ethnic Media
By Anna Sophie Loewenberg
Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn met with members of California's ethnic media earlier this month in an unprecedented gathering of more than 50 organizations representing multi-lingual and multi-cultural residents of California.

Bush Abandons National Strategy to Bridge the Digital Divide
Washington, D.C. — The Bush administration, in a stark about-face, has abandoned the decade-long national fight to bridge the digital divide.

Aumentó el Nivel de Hispanos que Tienen Casa Propia
NAHREP Cierra el 2001 Con Broche de Oro
Henry G. Cisneros, ex Secretario de HUD, declara que "el mayor esfuerzo profesional en el mercado latino en los Estados Unidos de America hoy día es el de la National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)".

Mujeres Mariposas: Helping Women Work in the Colonias
by Greg Bloom
Mujeres Mariposas, a not-for-profit organization active in the Southern New Mexico colonias (low-income areas lacking infrastructure like sewage and water and gas lines), is dedicated to helping women get jobs and become self-sufficient through a training and employment program that is closely linked to vendors of high-end home and wearable art accessories. According to Deana Kessin, administrative director of Mujeres Mariposas, the organization provides daycare and transportation for women from Doña Ana County colo-nias so that they can train with the owners of small businesses that produce and sell luxury items such as jewelry, throws, weavings, and pillows. Kessin says that by the end of the twelve- to fourteen-week training period the women are ready to begin producing the high-quality items that vendors want and vendors have a work force that understands exactly how to make the goods they need.

$10.5 Millones Donados Para Servicios Médicos Para Campesinos
Los Angeles — The California Endowment anunció que ha dado $10.5 millones en fondos a 30 organizaciones para servicios médicos a los trabajadores agrícolas y sus familias en California.


California Labor Federation Rescinds Endorsement of Susan Davis For 53rd Congressional District
In a very rare decision, the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO announced that it has rescinded its endorsement of Susan Davis in her effort to win re-election to office in the 53rd Congressional District.

Statewide Mobilization Forum on the Appointment of a Chicano/Latino UCR Chancellor and UC Regent
The movement for the appointment of a Chicano/Latino Chancellor at the University of California, Riverside and a regent for the UC Board of Regents is now statewide. Under the auspices of the National Alliance for Human Rights (NAHR), an advocacy-oriented network of organizations and individuals, an unprecedented statewide mobilization was initiated last month, January 26, 2002 at a meeting held in Riverside.

For Mexicans, A Heavy Baby is a Healthy Baby
By Magin McKenna
In the pediatric clinic of Midland Memorial Hospital, folklore stands even ground with science.

NAHP Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in Dallas Next Month
The National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) will hold its annual conference at the Fairmont hotel in Dallas, Texas from the 13th to 16th March, 2002.

Convención Anual de la Asociación de Publicaciones Hispanas en Dallas, Texas el Próximo Mes de Marzo
La Asociación Nacional de Publicaciones Hispanas celebrará oficialmente sus 20 años de creada durante la celebración de la Conferencia Annual en Dallas, Texas entre el miércoles 13 y el sábado 16 de marzo del 2002.

Por Yhamel Catacora
La mifepristona: Un hito en los derechos reproductivos de la mujer
En el año 2001, la píldora anticonceptiva cumplió 50 años, marcando una revolución en lo que se refiere a los derechos reproductivos de la mujer. El año pasado cumplió un año la aprobación para el aborto médico de la mifepristona, de parte de la Administración de Drogas y Alimentos de los Estados Unidos, FDA por sus siglas en inglés. Ambas marcaron un hito importantísimo en lo que se refiere a brindar una nueva opción a la mujer; la opción de decidir si quieren o no tener un hijo. Claro está decidir cómo planificar sus embarazos o bien, concluir uno no deseado.

Latino Lawyers Endorse Davis
San Francisco — Recognizing his first term in office as a time of "commitment and service to the Latino community," La Raza Lawyers Association of California voted unanimously last night to endorse Governor Gray Davis for re-election to a second term.

Latino Candidate Vies for Mayor of Lemon Grove
The March 5th election will give citizens of Lemon Grove the opportunity to elect their first Latino Mayor. Ricardo Luna, 47, is a Lemon Grove resident who has lived in San Diego County since 1972, if elected, Luna would become Lemon Grove's first Latino Mayor. Mr. Luna has been employed by the United States Postal Service for 14 years, is an honorable discharged veteran of the United States Navy with 12 years of honorable service, and attended the University of San Diego prior to entering into the Navy.

Top Businesswoman Seeks Seat in San Diego City Council, District 4
San Diego business entrepreneur Marissa B. Acierto is running for the city council seat in San Diego's District 4.

Yolanda Escamilla to Bring Grassroots Politics to City Council
Yolanda Escamilla, candidate for City Council and member of the Raza Rights Coalition, will forever change politics in San Diego. Escamilla describes herself as the candidate of the people, the candidate with the power of reason, the candidate that will bring Justice and Dignity to the residents of the 8th District.

The California Wellness Foundation Anuncia la Elección del Presidente y Vicepresidente de su Junta Directiva
Woodland Hills, CA - Luz A. Vega Marquis y Douglas X. Patiño, Ph. D., han sido nombrados presidente y vicepresidente de la Junta Directiva, respectivamente, de The California Wellness Foundation (La Fundación o TCWF por sus siglas en inglés). Ellos fueron elegidos por la Junta Directiva de la Fundación e iniciaron su período de dirección en di-ciembre de 2001.

New Teacher Assistance Center Eases Transition for Beginning Educators
The Sweetwater District has officially opened the New Teacher Assistance Program Center at Montgomery Adult School. The district and the Sweetwater Education Association jointly developed the program and more than 650 teachers have received training and support through the service since its launch in 1996..

GCCCD hosting launch of customer service training academy
EL CAJON - In these days of a soft economy, when keeping customers happy is more critical than ever, the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District is introducing a tuition-free customer service training program to businesses and employers.

Learning Spanish The Old Fashioned Way!
Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club, with help from the President of the Tijuana Rotary Club, Caesar A. Reyes, has been helping Casa Hogar El Faro Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, for several years. Rotarians Bruce Stewart and Bruce Pahl, Co-chairpersons spearhead the project with help from their committee persons, Juan Aguilar, Delta Collins and Mike Pfankuch. Rotarian, Bruce Jordan, DDS, gave toothbrushes for the children.


Salas for Mayor of City of Chula Vista
One thing is certain in the race for the mayor of Chula Vista, whomever it is, it will be a Hispanic. This will be first time in memory that we will have a Hispanic as a mayor of a major city in San Diego. The three candidates running for office are Petra Barajas, Steve Padilla, and Mary Salas.

The City of Chula Vista Council Seat Recommendations
The residents of Chula Vista will have the opportunity to select their representative, out of six candidates, for Seat No. 1 and Seat No. 2 on the City Council. The candidate who receives over 50% of the vote will win the seat. If no candidate receives over 50% the top two vote getters will face-off in the November General Election.

State of California
Proposition 40
PROP 40: Would authorize the state to issue bonds totaling $2,600,000 billion to supposedly protect rivers, lakes and streams. Among the things this money will do: improve water quality, protect beaches and coastal areas, improve air quality, preserve open space and farmland, protect wildlife, restore historical and cultural resources, and improve the safety of state and neighborhood parks.

Elecciones Primarias
Prop R: Protección Contra Fuego del Distrito Lower Sweetwater
(FPD) (Propuesta de Servicio Comunitario Area No. 137 Lincoln Acres)

PROPOSITION H: The City of National City is asking voters to approve $6,000,000 in general obligation bonds to acquire a new City Library.

Chismes De Mi Gallinero
Politics — The Art of Making the Irrational Rational
By Julio C. Calderón
After more than 30 years of political involvement, going from idealistic days as a member of La Raza Unida Party, a few years as a Democrat and some now as a Republican, I have found the only things that have improved with time are the tacticians of the game. While the quality of the rhetoric in terms of oratory has not improved, the destruction of opponents has, as has the gullibility of the voting public and the press.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

La Jolla Playhouse Presents Three Free Public Performances of Luis Alfaro's "LADYBIRD: The Life and Times of a Roller Derby Queen"
La Jolla Playhouse continues to make a difference to the youngsters of San Diego and their families by presenting three free public performances on February 23, March 2 and March 6, of Luis Alfaro's LADYBIRD: The Life and Times of a Roller Derby Queen, having its world premiere as the Playhouse's 2002 Performance Outreach Project ("POP") Tour.

Ante la presencia de decenas de niños, Norma Bustamante presentó su libro Naty en la frontera
En el marco de las actividades que se suman al Programa Nacional de Cultura, hacia un país de lectores. El Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, a través del Centro Cultural Tijuana presentó el 21 de febrero, a la escritora Norma Bustamante con su primer libro dirigido a niños: Naty en la frontera, comentado por Berta Alicia Sandoval.

"Corridos sin Fronteras" A New World Ballad Tradition" Premieres in Washington, D.C.
The Smithsonian Institution and the Chicano Studies Research Center of University of California, Los Angeles have created a music-based exhibition that celebrates the "corrido" (ballad) tradition in the United States and Mexico. "Corridos sin Fronteras: A New World Ballad Tradition" that opened on Feb. 14 at the Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building and travel to 10 other venues over the course of three years.

Upcoming Events at Voz Alta
San Diego's Premiere Chicano Latino Literary Performance Space and Gallery
917 E St., San Diego, Califas 92101. (619) 230-1VOZ info@vozalta.org

Bojado: The 140-Pound Mike Tyson?
By Dave Hicks
No, there aren't any reports of "Panchito" causing a riot in Uncasville or mistaking any-one's ear for an appetizer. Sorry to disappoint, but Bojado didn't take a swing at somebody outside the ring following his first professional loss, or go on an expletive laden tirade that would make the producers of Goodfellas blush.

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