February 20, 2004

A New Learning Center is Opening in North County

The new learning center will improve health services for women in residential treatment

Escondido – In order to improve the quality of women health services, North County Serenity House today announced the opening of a brand new 1500 sq. ft. Learning Center.

“The new Learning Center will provide the space and equipment needed to implement new health service, case management, vocational, and educational programs,” said Francine Anzalone-Byrd, Executive Director of North County Serenity House. “We invite the community to join us for the grand opening along with Supervisor Pam Slater, Supervisor Bill Horn, and Mayor Holt Pfeiler,” she added.

Funding for this project is provided with a two-year, $336,012 grant from The California Endowment, a private statewide health foundation. The funds will be used to help underwrite the construction of the Learning Center and the programs that will be provided there.

The $336,012 grant was awarded to North County Serenity Center on Friday, February 13, when The Endowment’s President and CEO, Dr. Robert Ross, M.D., presented the check to Francine Anzalone-Byrd.

“The Endowment supports the holistic approach that this program utilized to serve these particularly hard-to-reach group of women,” said Dr. Ross.

In addition to health care programs, women served by North County Serenity House will be offered computer training, GED classes, job search training, and certificated courses, among other services.

Health care education will be provided by professionals to teach residents about topics, such as: pre and post-natal health education, HIV/AIDS, STIs and other health issues, as well as parenting, domestic violence, and family relationship classes. The objective is to improve the health and well being of women and their children.

Until now, women in residential substance abuse programs in San Diego received limited health care education from program staff. Unfortunately there was a gap in the education they received and what was needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Results from research conducted with women who had completed a residential substance abuse program in North County indicated that there was a need to educate women about medical care providers, dental hygiene, self-examinations as well as medical and health care for their children. As solutions for these problems evolved it became clear that current facilities were not adequate to provide these new services.

In addition to improving women’s health and learning opportunities, the Learning Center will provide a large state of the art meeting facility capable of accommodating groups of up to 60 people for both the recovery community and local businesses. To date, limited-meeting spaces in North County has been a barrier to conducting these trainings, forums, and meetings. This large meeting space will offer greater opportunities to hold educational seminars for recovery service providers.

The Learning Center is located at 1341 North Escondido Blvd., in Escondido. If you have any questions please contact North County Serenity House at 760-233-4533 or via email at ncsh@sbcglobal.net

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