February 17, 2006

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Did Horn Speak for all Supervisors?

Good editorial on Bill Horn (February 10, 2006). As President of South Bay Forum, I have requested a meeting with Supervisor Cox (since he is the representative of South County) to hear what he has to say about an address that is supposed to be representative of ALL the supervisors. A ver qué pasa! 

 Norma Cazares
President of the South Bay Forum
Chula Vista

Plenty of BS in the Horn

Good editorial on SOB Supervisor Horn. Right on target. Shades of Susan Golding? Unfortunately like always, no one else in our community (to date) has said anything.

Herman Baca
President of the Committee on Chicano Rights
National City

Here we go again with the one-cent tax!

We must say no to the one-cent tax increase because our City Hall’s behavior is hurting us all together.

1. They continue pushing Eminent Domain on our citizens

2. In February of last year property owners were threatened to sell or lose their properties to a below market selling price. City Hall did not care one bit for their rights!

3. City Hall said they were going to file a lawsuit on a citizen for speaking out against eminent domain. This violates our rights to freedom or speech.

4. Lawsuits by the city would only abuse our tax dollars. Is this where they need the tax increase, to pay for their court fees? Their scare tactics should not deceive voters.

5. If condos are selling here in National City for $400,000, where is the affordable housing?

6. In February 4, 2005, the city raised fees and said that we still pay lower than other cities. The citizens pay taxes and vote here not in other cities, why are they concerned with what other cities pay? They should worry about keeping National City affordable for it’s citizens.

7. The city pays $80,000 to our parks and recreation manager, but cuts youth leader positions.

8. They lied about not having money for our police station and street cameras. Now they have the money then they should cut salaries on the council and city hall.

9. Now they want to shut down the new library on certain days. We need this library open everyday! That is why it was built, for the children and citizens. If they want to save money then they should cut salaries on the council and city hall.

10. Can anyone tell us how many people attend neighborhood meetings? How much do these council members get paid?

11. In 2000 voters passed Proposition AA thinking it was for our city schools not a college. Now we tax payers have a bill for 89 million. I would not be surprised if they ask for more next year!

12. Why should a certain family restaurant get first choice on the new condo’s becoming available? Who is getting paid?

13. If the Inzunza’s help some of the council with campaign money and show them how to wheel and deal on buying property, is it a pay back favor to vote together?

14. By closing a fire station, will it not cost the city to lose federal and county money? Will it not cost millions to reopen a new fire station?

15. Why would an Australian architect want to build here? Maybe they should remember the 2 hotels that were built in the 1990’s and see what a disaster that turned out to be.

16. There are many people who rely on rentals. It seems like city hall is closing the doors on them along with the seniors, disabled and poor families with children.

17. Why should anyone buy in National City when tomorrow some idiot from city hall will slam you with eminent domain! The cost of living is getting so high here, and our city is not fair to our poor.

18. If the one-cent tax passes, no one will want to buy cars here in National City. Buying an automobile just got more expensive.

19. Is our council going to tell our Mayor he should put his own property on blight? Since this is what they do best?

2- When the Declaration of Independence was signed, both the federal and state governments were given the power to collect taxes, borrow money and take property for public use after paying a fair price. This should not be left to small town Mayors and their city council. They should not impose taxes without our consent like putting the sewer bill on home taxes. Who changed this bill of rights to the mayor’s rights?”

Diane Salinas
National City

Pacific Beach needs a visible drunk tank in the nightclub district

There are hundreds of bars and thousands of drunks in Pacific Beach, and the locals should put up with what they create, not just profit off alcohol sales and push the drunk losers off into the downtown industrial slums for treatment. These drunks need to be seen to be appreciated and feared.

If more teens and adult drinkers would see the results of others’ overindulging, they might slow down and live longer. That’s called learning by example, and it’s even cheaper than learning by experience. Sober people can learn from the mistakes, mayhem, and murder by the drunks.

The liquor industry which spawns so many pregnancies and profits needs to see and accept the results of its overuse: degradation, dishonor, debilitation, and death. And of course the users themselves need to see the path clearly in order to avoid its pitfalls. Drinkers deserve to see the results of their drunkenness, and the rest of us need entertainment.

Child drinkers, social imbibers, beer bongers, desperate frats, depressed people, and alcoholics need sober role models to uplift them. . .but they also need to see staggering bad examples, smell urine soaked clothing, step over vomit in the parking lot, wake up next to an ugly stranger, and laugh at the drunk peer group surrounding them. Mean drunks assault you, sleepy drunks kill you, sloppy drunks embarrass you. . .and people need to see this clearly to avoid it.

This glass-fronted drunk display should not be hidden away by the freeway but placed amid the drinking district or across from Mission Bay High School as a beacon to warn drinkers and drivers that moderation is better than degradation. In order to try to change drinkers’ behavior-which benefits us all-this proposed treatment facility should not be removed from the party sounds and pretty lights, but placed there in prominence.

Loch David Crane
San Diego

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