Volume XXV Number 7 February 16, 2001

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Caldera honored at Myer

By Sgt. Bradley Rhen

WASHINGTON — As he stood in front of the troops assembled to honor him at his farewell tribute, Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera explained why one of the platoons stood out from the rest.

Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera, his wife, Eva, and their three daughters, from left, Allegra, Sophia and Camille (in her mother’s arms), sing the National Anthem at a Fort Myer farewell ceremony honoring them.

"I asked if at this ceremony, one platoon of The Old Guard could be dressed in BDUs, because as I look out at them — that's how I remember our soldiers," he said.

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Farewell message to soldiers
By Louis Caldera
Secretary of the Army
It has been a tremendous honor to serve as your Secretary. President Bush will undoubtedly choose an outstanding individual to be the 18th Secretary of the Army, and I know you will support him or her as well as you have supported me.

Estableciendo Una Nueva Relación de Cooperación Entre Estados Unidos y México
Por: Raul Yzaguirre
y George R. Vickers
Desde su campaña presidencial, George W. Bush ha manifestado su compromiso fundamental a América Latina. Señalando la importancia de la región en los temas que más afectan la vida de los ciudadanos estadounidenses, esta semana Bush hará su primer viaje al exterior a México donde se va a reunir con el presidente Vicente Fox. Esta reunión puede ser el cumplimiento de lo prometido durante la campaña de establecer una relación "especial" entre México y los Estados Unidos. Si es así, se espera que uno de los temas principales será el proceso anual estadounidense de certificación antidroga, una política que ha causado fricción entre Estados Unidos y sus aliados del sur. La persistencia de este proceso podrá perjudicar la meta de Bush de mejorar relaciones con Latinoamérica ya que la certificación ha impedido la colaboración entre los EE.UU. y América Latina.

Mexican Baseball Teams in the Midwest, 1916-1965
By Richard Santillán
Sports have been a major presence in the lives of Mexican Americans since the early 20th century. This has been particularly true of Mexican Americans in the Midwest, where sports such as baseball took on a special significance. More than merely games for boys and girls, the teams and contests involved nearly the entire community, and often had political and cultural objectives...

Noticias de México...
Enfrenta a policías fuga de "Gillillo"
Traía "charola" narco
El acompañante de Gilberto Higuera "Gilillo", lugarteniente del cártel de los Arellano detenido en Villafontana el martes pasado, portaba documentación y acreditaciones de la Procuraduría de Justicia del Estado, afirmó el director de Seguridad Pública Municipal, Francisco Iribe.


African-American Role Models Unite for Education
More than 600 parents and students are on their way to building a stronger team for education after attending the second annual African-American Conference held at Hilltop Middle School in the Sweetwater district.

San Diego Sailor Supports Interdiction Efforts
Story by David Hayes and J.L. Chirrick
By maintaining a forward deployed presence, the U.S. Navy supports several presidential objectives that protect the interests of the United States. These objectives range from enforcing U.S. sanctions against Iraq to drug interdiction operations. In order to meet these objectives though, Sailors like Jerry R. Rodriguez must first volunteer for naval service.

UCSD Joins With Community in Sponsoring Cesar Chavez Essay Contest
The University of California, San Diego is joining with the San Diego Cesar E. Chavez Commemoration Committee in sponsoring an essay contest for San Diego County students to honor the life and achievements of Cesar Chavez.

Sen. Bond Address National Women's Business Council on Federal Contracting
, Feb. 14 — Speaking to the National Women's Business Council (NWBC), Senator Christopher S. "Kit" Bond said he is continuing his work to boost federal contracting opportunities for women-owned businesses and to provide tax relief for all small businesses this year.

F.O.P., Congress Unveil `Homeownership Opportunities for Uniformed Services
and Educators (HOUSE) Act'
, Feb. 14 — Today the National Fraternal Order of Police joined Sen. Charles Schumer and Reps. John LaFalce and Jim Leach in announcing the introduction of legislation to make it easier for law enforcement officers and other public employees to purchase homes in the communities where they work.

City Okays Unsolicited Handbills Policy
The City of Oceanside has issued an administrative directive governing the distribution of unsolicited printed materials to City staff at City Hall. This Unsolicited Handbill Administrative Directive takes effect immediately.

Community Volunteers to Plant Hundreds of Trees in Southeastern San Diego
Over 75 southeastern San Diego residents and volunteers will gather on Saturday, February 17, in a community effort to plant 270 trees along Euclid Avenue and Market Street as part of a beautification program designed to complement the thriving development in the area.

Paradise Valley Hospital, First in San Diego to be Certified to Provide Newborn
Hearing Screening Tests
Every day thirty-three babies nationwide, that's one to three infants per 1,000, are born with significant hearing loss. However, thanks to Paradise Valley Hospital and the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program, newborn babies can now be tested for hearing loss by certified staff soon after birth. San Diego join 28 states that offer this program, and Paradise Valley Hospital is the first in San Diego County to be certified for providing these tests.

Oceanside Harbor Board/City Council and Pfleger Institute of Environmental
Research Agree to End Harbor Beach Project
The Oceanside Harbor Board/City Council has determined that its effort with the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research (PIER) to build a marine research/aquarium project in the harbor beach area has reached a final conclusion. Both parties have agreed not to pursue that specific project as an element of the overall Harbor Improvement Project.

Efrain Avena & Elizabeth Bonner Exchange Marriage Vows
The El Cajon Apostolic Church was the chosen site for the marriage of Efrain Avena of Otay, Tijuana and Elizabeth Bonner of New Mexico this past February 3, 2001 at 12 Noon. The Bride, dressed in shimmering Chiffon wedding dress with Vail, embracing a beautiful Bouquet of white flowers, slowly walked down the center aisle on the arm of her Father, George Bonner.


The meeting between President G.W. Bush and Mexico's Presidente Vicente Fox may well go down in history as the first major "Encuentro" between the old world and the new. Perhaps a "choque" as momentous as significant as the choque between Hernan Cortez and Moctezuma. Cortez with great courage chose to conquer and bring to that undeveloped continent the modern day miracles of Old Castille. In the long process in which the old and the new worlds created a synthesis that has lasted all these centuries.

New Rules: New Game
By Enrique Davis-Mazlum
When the Spaniards arrived to Yucatan the Mayan civilization was at its downfall. The firsts Spaniards to arrive were the castaway of the expedition of Pedro de Valdivia which had left Panama in 1511 towards Santo Domingo. On June 26, 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the coast of Yucatan. Three hundred and eight (308) years later (1821) Governor Juan Maria Echeverri called a meeting to order in which the yucatecos expressed their feelings in which they wanted independence from Spain and their desire to be part of Mexico. On November 21, 1824 Yucatan was accepted as part of the republic and the local legislature swore to follow the Federal Constitution.

By Timothy Lynch
The new movie "Traffic" paints a devastating portrait of America's war on drugs. Director Steven Soderbergh cuts through all of the sanctimonious cant about the drug war to pose a rebellious question: Who are we waging this war against?

Mexican Immigration and U.S. Sovereignty Concerns
By David Conde
Less than a month ago, George W. Bush was inaugurated as our new President. To be sure, the election process which brought him to the swearing in ceremony was complicated and at time, inconclusive.

... Hijole que agüite. If it isn't one election es otra! Now its Council District Ocho (8) y Seis (6). As usual there are candidatos buenos (good candidates), unos sin idea what its all about (completely clue less), otros completamente vendidos (others are complete sell outs).

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

My 1st Carnaval in Rio
By Steve Spencer
My first Carnaval in Rio has had an enormous impact on my life. It was 1987, and I had just spent an incredible two weeks in Bahia. My friends in Salvador could not understand why I was leaving them to go spend Carnaval in Rio. They all assured me that their Carnaval was the best Carnaval in Brazil. I arrived in Rio and was awestruck by the natural beauty of the City.

Easy Cajun Recipes Add Festive Flavor to Mardi Gras Celebrations
Mardi Gras, French for Fat Tuesday, is a New Orleans tradition that is one of the liveliest and most colorful festivals in the country. Mardi Gras has been celebrated for more than 100 years and is known for its riotous parades, jazz and Dixieland music, masquerade balls, pageants, floats, street festivals and, of course, delicious Cajun food.

Calendar of Events...
A Tribute to a Living Legend
The African American Museum of Fine Arts (AAMFA) is proud to present its Black History month Exhibition at the Lyceum Theatre during the month of February, "A Tribute to a Living Legend: The Works of Eddie Edwards". This year we give tribute to Eddie Edwards and hope to garner support from the community at large in efforts to assist Mr. Edwards in his quest to prepare for a renal transplant.

Si el Amor es un Juego, Estas Son Las Reglas
Por Paco Zavala
Después de leer detenidamente el libro "Si el amor es un juego, estas son las reglas", concluímos que es una excelente edición.

Poet's Corner
Este Amor
Porque fuerte es como la muerte el amor,
las muchas aguas no podrán apagar este amor.

Poet's Corner
Herencia de Tonatiuh (Herencia del sol)
Por Elizabeth Rios de Pastrana
¿Dónde están
Guerreros de Anáhuac y Aztlán?

En Escenarios
Por Arnoldo Varona
* * * * * Eran la pareja soñada y solo vista en telenovelas. Ricos, hermosos y famosos, hace apenas dos meses habían reafirmado sus votos matrimoniales.

Winners Of The 13th Annual Premio Lo Nuestro Awards Illustrate The Tremendous Diversity of Latin Music

Los Ganadores De La Decimotercera Edición de Premio Lo Nuestro Ilustran La Enorme Diversidad De La Música Latina

Invitación a Mariachis de la Región a Participar en el 2do Festival
"Batalla de Mariachis"
Alpine, Ca. — Viejas Outlet Center invita a mariachis de la región a participar en el 2do Festival Batalla de Mariachis. Las inscripciones están abiertas para mariachis juveniles y profesionales de ambos lados de la frontera. Unicamente cinco mariachis en cada categoría serán seleccionados para participar en la competencia que se llevará a cabo el domingo 20 de mayo en las instalaciones de Viejas Outlet Center en Alpine, California.

Method Fest Seeks Quality Films For Upcoming Festival
The 3rd annual The Method Fest Independent Film festival, June 15-22nd, 2001, at Laem-mle Playhouse 7 Theaters in Pasadena, CA, is seeking feature films and short film entries. The early entry deadline if February 20, 2001 and the late entry deadline is April 1, 2001. The following formats will be screened at the festival: 16mm, 35mm, Beta SP, and digital.

Tijuana Recibe a Notables Artistas
Por Paco Zavala
El Teatro del CECUT, siempre atento a las inquietudes del selecto público de la región recibe en su sala a la connotada actriz y cantante Angelica María, al indiscutible primer actor Julio Alemán, al extraordinario comediante César Bono, a la guapísima Elizabeth Aguilar y a un elenco de indiscutibles excelentes actores como son:

Disappointing Mexican season a distant memory for Angels' Benji Gil
by John Philip Wyllie
Prior to the start of the Mexican League baseball season last November, Anaheim Angels infielder, Benji Gil, who plays for Culiacan in the MLB offseason, spoke with optimism about the upcoming Tomateros season.

Spirit Names Martin Vasquez As Assistant Coach
The San Diego Spirit of the new women's United Soccer Association (WUSA) named Martin Vasquez as the club's new assistant coach, General Manager Kevin Crow announced today.

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