Volume XXV Number 5 February 2, 2001

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West Coast Premiere of "Customized: Art Inspired by Hot Rods, Low Riders, and American Car Culture"

“Dave’s Dream”, Meridel Rubenstein. Irene Maria and Dave Jaramillo, San Juan New Mexico, 1980.

Escondido — "Customized: Art inspired by Hot Rods, Low Riders, and American Car Culture," which opens to the public on Sunday, February 11, 2001 at the Museum, California Center for the Arts, Escondido, examines the artists who have defined the imagery and attitude of American car culture as well as the contemporary artists who have drawn upon hot rod and low rider culture for inspiration. The thirteen artists included in the exhibition use a variety of mediums; including painting, installation, sculpture, poster art, photography, and drawing to interpret America's love affair with the automobile.

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Joe "Kiki" Ortega Taking on All Comers in District 8 Council Race!
By: D.L. Muñoz Sr.
The candidates for the vacant District 8 City Council seat are awake and eager to engage in political combat to see who among them will win the voters support. This week La Prensa's Political Chargé de Affaires des politicos engaged Joe Ortega in a ranging discussion on why he wanted to be a City Councilman.

Energy and Crisis — The Golden State of Contradiction
By Richard Rodriguez
Weeks of Stage Three alerts and rolling blackouts have made Californians gloomy. A recent Field Poll found by a 49-to-43-percent margin, Californians admit to being pessimistic about the direction of the state.

Visita de Juan Hernández, Coordinador de la Presidencia Para la Atención a
Migrantes, al Cónsulado General de México en San Diego
Señor Hernández, ¿cuál es el objetivo de su visita por California?
-Muy buena pregunta, eh... tenemos una oficina creada por el Presidente Fox que se llama Oficina Presidencial Para Mexicanos en el Extranjero. Es histórico, en cuanto a que Vicente Fox le ha querido dar un énfasis desde la campaña a los mexicanos que están fuera de las fronteras.

Noticias de México...
Analizan tarifas eléctricas
TIJUANA, B.C. — Las tarifas eléctricas de Mexicali se analizan a fondo junto con los subsidios que otorga la Comisión Federal de Electricidad a nivel nacional, de aproximádamenze 40 mil millones de pesos anuales. "Eso es muy caro, y tarde o temprano se tendrá que acabar", dijo el presidente Vicente Fox durante una reunión con directores de medios de comunicación de Baja California.


Elias Rojas Announces Candidacy For 8th City Council Race
Elias Rojas officially announced his candidacy for the eighth city council race. Rojas join eleven other candidates trying to succeed former Councilmember Juan Vargas.

Market Creek Plaza Architect Named "Young Architect of the Year"
A visionary architect who translated the cultural heritage of an urban community into an innovative commercial mixed-use and cultural center has been honored as the first recipient of San Diego's Young Architect of the Year Award.

Programa Juvenil Intensifica
Por Alberto R. Melchor
El Programa de Abogantes Juveniles, dedicado a prevenir el abuso de alcohol, tabaco y otras drogas, está a punto de comenzar su segunda fase. Abogantes Juveniles seguirán conduciendo evaluaciones de tiendas donde se venden bebidas alcohólicas.

Cambios en la Ley de Inmigración
El 15 de diciembre del 2000, el Congreso estadounidense aprobó una nueva ley de inmigración que ayudará a ciertos miembros de la comunidad inmigrante. Titulada el Legal Immigration and Family Equity (LIFE) Act, esta legislación representa el arreglo entre los republicanos y los demócratas en el asunto de inmigración por este año.

Owner of Border Insurance Services Arrested for Insurance Fraud
Investigators with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) Criminal Investigations Branch arrested a local insurance agent last week for selling bogus insurance policies.

Indian Earthquake Tragedy Demonstrates Need for Global Disaster Prevention
Palo Alto, CA
— Relief organizations and governments from all over the world are responding to the second major earthquake crisis in two weeks. In the tragedies that have recently affected India and El Salvador, more than 25,000 lives have been lost, and damage can be expected to run as high as billions of dollars. While response to these disasters should be the current focus, now is also the best time to plan for future disasters, say GeoHazards International (GHI) earthquake experts, who have helped cities find low cost ways to prevent wide spread devastation currently being experienced in India and El Salvador.

Sorprende la Causa Principal de Muerte en California
En las mujeres, las latinas son las más afectadas
En un reciente estudio del Departamento de Servicios de Salud de California, se preguntó a los californianos cuáles eran, a su entender, los problemas de salud más serios a los que se enfrentaban los habitantes de ese estado. Casi un 60% mencionó el SIDA y un 15% el cáncer, pero de hecho, ninguna de esas dos enfermedades es la principal amenaza para la salud de los californianos.

La Sobrepoblación y el Futuro de la Producción de Alimentos
La explosión demográfica experimentada en todo el mundo a lo largo del siglo 20 y el aumento de población que se proyecta para el siglo 21 requieren un estudio a fondo para lograr un balance entre la urbanización y la producción de alimentos.

New Food 4 Less in Southeast San Diego
Food 4 Less opened its newest price-impact, warehouse-format supermarket at 312 Euclid Avenue on Wednesday, January 31 at 8 a.m. in Southeast San Diego. The 59,000 square foot store is the first business to open in the new Market Creek Plaza, an innovative mixed-use development project located at the intersection of Market Street and Euclid Avenue in the area known as the "Diamond Neighborhoods."

Entrega de Reconocimientos Por A.I.C.I.
Por Paco Zavala
En un ambiente pleno de alegría y regocijo el pasado sábado 27 de enero, se realizó la entrega de reconocimientos a socios miembros, así como a quienes han colaborado de una y otra forma para lograr el engrandecimiento de ésta H. Asociación Internacional de Compositores e Intérpretes (de canciones) con su ya famoso logotipo de A.I.C.I., en un salón de fiestas de un famoso hotel en la ciudad de Tijuana, B.C.

Andrea Nicole Ortiz Celebró Su XV Aniversario
Con mucho orgullo el Sr. Arturo G. y Sra. Carmen S. Ortiz tuvieron el gran honor de presentar a su bellísima hija Andrea Nicole, a la celebración de sus Quince Años, el sábado pasado 27 de Enero, 2001.


Taxation without representation!
As we sit back and watch our political leadership go through the consternations of trying to fix the energy mess that they created, it is curious that the ones most affected, are slowly but surely the ones being forgotten and ultimately will be the ones who will have to bail out the energy companies.

Business Model Once Again Proves Inadequate
When will we accept the fact that what is good for business is not necessarily good for public policy? Bottom line thinking may work in business and industry where choices are limited and there is no democracy involved. But it does not fit in running a country, state, county, or city that are ruled and controlled in the interest of ALL THE CITIZENS! In the business model the owners of the means of production, be it factory, farm or business, their loyalty is a duality: Do what ever is good for the profit margin and be responsible only to a small cadre of owners or stockholders.

A Republican Contrast to the Democrats' View on the Republican Position on
by Luis Acle
Every time Republicans prepare to select a candidate for a national office, liberal Democrats lick their chops with malignant satisfaction, eager to prove that the GOP has painted itself into a corner. It happens when the GOP platform is discussed or when the President is selecting a member of the cabinet or choosing a nominee for the High Court.

Gurza's Lament: There is no Mexican Martin Luther King

By Julio C. Calderón
"Latino leadership has taken a double loss this month." Wrote Los Angeles Times' Agustin Gurza. "One on the political right, the other on the left. One on the East Coast, one here in the West. The big void is everywhere in between," went his lament. Mr. Gurza drew his observations from the death of Bert Corona and the political demise of Linda Chavez, President George W. Bush's original nominee for Secretary of Labor.

Clinton's No-Roads Rule Puts Common Sense to the Torch
By Russ Brooks
The movie, "Babes in Toyland," had the "Forest of No Return." Now the United States has forests of no entry, thanks to an appallingly misguided executive order by former President Clinton in the final weeks of his administration. To the applause of extremists in the environmental movement, the president decreed a ban on road construction on 60 million acres of federal land under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture.

El Foro Publico -- The Public Forum
Double Standard of Justice Alive and Well
Was justice served with the judicial wrist tap for Valerie Stallings and, for more important, the total exoneration of lavish gift-giving Padres owner John Moores? A simple test conclusively answers this question.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Saving Elián
On November 25, 1999, a five-year-old boy was plucked from the shark-infested waters off Florida. He soon found himself at the center of a social and political firestorm that would transfix the nation and rock Miami's Cuban-American community to its core.

Salvando a Elian
El 25 de noviembre de 1999, un niño de cinco años fue rescatado de las aguas infestadas de tiburones de la costa de la Florida. En poco tiempo se encontró en el centro de una tormenta social y política que dejaría atónita a la nación y que estremecería a la comunidad cubanoestadounidense de Miami hasta el tuétano.

El Instituto "Andres Soler" Anuncia Actividades en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Durante el presente año se activa y se incrementa en forma muy notable la actividad en todos los centros encargados de instruir, producir y proyectar las artes y la cultura en nuestro entorno; hoy le corresponde al Instituto "Andres Soler" adscrito a la Asociación Nacional de Actores, informar de sus proyectos y actividades que ha realizado y que realizará durante la presente temporada.

Premio Lo Nuestro A La Musica Latina Announces This Year's Special Honorees
- Mexican singer/songwriter Joan Sebastian, whose musical versatility and poetic style have made him one of Mexico's most popular contemporary artists, will receive the prestigious Premio a la Excelencia, or Lifetime Achievement Award, at this year's annual Premio Lo Nuestro A La Música Latina, Spanish-language Univision Network announced.

Calendar of Events...
Local Talent Performs
Area Cowboys and Cowgirls from San Diego and surrounding counties will be participating in the 1st Annual California Circuit Finals at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on February 2nd and 3rd. There will be three performances, Friday at 7:00 p.m. Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

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